Dior Vernis Gris City Collection: Gris Montaigne, Bond Street & NY57th

January 6, 2011

The Dior Vernis Gris City Collection has finally been released on Dior.com. Each shade was inspired by the three greatest fashion capitals in the world, Paris, London and New York. As far as I know the Gris City Collection has been released in very limited supply. In the US, the Dior Gris City colors are exclusive to the NY boutique and Dior.com. They were released in NY for the Dior Boutique re-opening, but I did have several women tell me they were unable to place phone orders. They were told the colors were reserved for sale only for those who attended the event. However, one told me she was persistent and was able to find a sales associate who did a phone-order. I haven’t tried myself. Check out this link here on Chic Profile for additional availability information.

The limited edition collection contains the following shades (L to R in photo directly above and below):

  • Gris Montaigne – inspired by the color theme of the Dior Boutique on Avenue Montaigne in Paris (also part of the Spring 2011 collection, reviewed here)
  • Bond Street – inspired by the chic & urban style of London
  • NY57th – designed for the grand re-opening of the New York Dior Boutique on 57th Street

The nail colors by Dior have been revamped in a strengthening formula. I haven’t tried them long enough to notice a difference in the hardness of my nails, but I am impressed with the formulas of these shades. They do require two coats, but the application is flawless, smooth and fast drying. I’m not usually a fan of revamps, but I like the direction Dior is going with their product innovations and newer formulas.

Many have asked me what I think about the new tapered brush. Two different manicurists I go to did not like the brush. They applied it with the skinny side on the nail, instead of flat and wide. I’ve tried application on my own now about 6 times and I am slowly getting used to it, however, I find the pointy tip makes it a bit challenging to get the color even along the cuticles. It’s perfect for my pinky because it just happens to be the same size as my little finger. For the others it definitely takes practice.

I’m going to split my review up into two parts. Part 1 will feature the Dior Gris City Nail Polishes. Part 2 will feature comparisons. I felt like putting everything into one single post would be overwhelming for you.

I featured Gris Montaigne a few days ago (here) but here are a few more photos. I really love this color, it’s a perfect straight neutral gray.

Bond Street is a deep blue with the slightest hint of teal. It’s not so dark that it looks navy, but it’s close to navy. It’s cream-finish perfection. You’ll see it compared to RBL Teal, Chanel Blue Satin and a few others in Part 2 (coming soon).

NY57th is a steel gunmetal frost with silver pearl. Even though it’s a frost, the brush strokes aren’t too visible which is definitely a plus. Not quite silver and not quite black. This is a true gunmetal color.

Each color retails for $21 each and are listed as limited edition. I bought mine on Dior.com in the US. Gris Montaigne is part of the Spring 2011 collection and I found that color at Nordstrom instore. Are these must haves? Are there dupes? Wait for my Part 2 to see, it will be up very soon so check back around 10:00 am PST.

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