Dior Vernis Gris City Collection Review Part 2: Details & Comparisons

January 6, 2011

Here is Part 2 featuring a more detailed review of the Dior Gris City Collection. Up first is Gris Montaigne. As mentioned in my Dior Spring feature, I don’t have many cream finish grey colors. The formula is on par with RBL in the sense that you get full smooth application with 2 coats. The color is similar to RBL Stormy, only the Dior is slightly darker and more neutral (RBL’s stormy is cooler in undertone). The NARS and Butter London have sheerer formulas and require three coats for full coverage for me.

L to R: Rescue Beauty Lounge Stormy, Dior Gris Montaigne, Dior Silver Pearl, Butter London Chimney Sweep and NARS Full Metal Jacket

Bond Street is a beautiful deep blue. Compared to the other shades below you can see that it does seem to have a unique undertone that prevents it from being a straight navy or pure teal. I love it. I find that it’s closest to Rescue Beauty Lounge Teal in depth/darkness, but the color is different since Bond Street is not really teal. Note how interesting it is that the MAC Blue India looks darker in the bottle but on the nails is significantly lighter than the other blues. All shades here featured with 2 coats.

L to R: Chanel Blue Satin, Dior Bond Street, MAC Blue India, Rescue Beauty Lounge Teal, Rescue Beauty Lounge Under the Stars

Finally, below you will see why I described Dior NY57th as a true gunmetal. Compared to other steely blacks and greys, Dior NY57th is one of those deeper silvery gunmetals that really shows up as a “gunmetal” on the nails. It’s nice to add to your collection if you want a dark shade but don’t want something too dark. You can see the contrast to the bottle photos to what you get on the nails. NY57th is lighter than Chanel Steel but darker than NARS Full Metal Jacket. If you think Essie Over the Top is a dupe, the Essie required 5 coats for the same coverage that Dior got with only 2. Also the Essie has more visible silver shimmers in real life.

L to R: NARS Full Metal Jacket, Dior NY57th, Dior Black Sequins, Chanel Steel, Essie Over the Top

Overall I’m very pleased with these colors. Looking at other web photos and blogs were extremely helpful but I still wasn’t sure that these were must-haves. As I discussed with a few blogger friends, I wasn’t convinced that spending $68 (included tax) on three colors I might have dupes for would be justified. But my curiosity got the better of me. If you’re a Chanel or Dior collector, definitely get these while they are available. They are listed as Limited Edition but I am not sure how limited they really are. If you already have a lot of similar shades you definitely won’t find these to be must-haves. However, do note the undertones may be different than your current stash. I really like the formula and hope Dior continues to release more!

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