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Tom Ford Lip Color New Shades: Bad Lieutenant, Sugar Glider, Autoerotique, Spiced Honey, Open Kimono and Devore

October 24, 2017

Tom Ford Lipstick Bad Lieutenant, Sugar Glider, Autoerotique, Spiced Honey, Open Kimono, Devore | The Beauty Look Book

There have been a lot of lip launches from Tom Ford Beauty this fall with the Boys and Girls and also 40 new shades of their Lip Color and Lip Color Matte. I ordered a few online sight unseen from Sephora and one turned out to be a lot lighter than the online stock photo. Since these are extremely pricey I waited until these arrived at Neiman Marcus and picked up some more shades. In total I bought six colors. There were a lot of neutrals, light nudes, light pinks and some deeper color options as well. I found the mattes to be very matte so I decided to stick with the regular lip color creams.

Tom Ford Lipstick Bad Lieutenant, Sugar Glider, Autoerotique, Spiced Honey, Open Kimono, Devore | The Beauty Look Book

For the most part I’ve found the Tom Ford Cream Lip Colors formula to be fuller coverage than the average lipstick. With the new shades I tested I found a few slightly different finishes. Some were sheerer than I’ve normally experienced. If you’ve missed previous reviews on Tom Ford Lip Colors, they are among my favorites for formulas. They have smooth even coverage. They’re super luxurious and don’t dry out my lips like some formulas do from other brands. Lasting power is pretty average. They will stay put as long as you don’t have contact with snacks or drinks, but they don’t stay put all day long. I find I have to reapply within a few hours. They feel comfortable on the lips without being heavy. The creams have a very natural looking sheen to the finish which I adore. My haul picks:

  • Bad Lieutenant is a medium light neutral beige pink cream, this one has full coverage
  • Sugar Glider is a gorgeous light mauve, I’m beyond obsessed with this one! Finish with this one is semi-sheer, it’s not as opaque as some of the creams
  • Autoerotique is a medium peachy tan cream, this has medium coverage
  • Spiced Honey is a pale nude pink, this has full coverage, the contrast with my natural lip color made it look a tiny bit streaky but it smooths out nicely
  • Open Kimono is a shimmering light gold beige, this is the first Tom Ford shimmer lipstick I’ve tried that has some texture in the tube, the shimmer has some grit but on the lips there’s no gritty feel, this one is sheer but buildable
  • Devore is a sheer neutral brown with pink tones

In sunlight with flash:

Tom Ford Lipstick Bad Lieutenant, Sugar Glider, Autoerotique, Spiced Honey, Open Kimono, Devore | The Beauty Look Book

In sunlight without flash:

Tom Ford Lipstick Bad Lieutenant, Sugar Glider, Autoerotique, Spiced Honey, Open Kimono, Devore | The Beauty Look Book

Below wearing Laura Mercier Flawless Fusion Foundation in Buff and La Mer The Powder (loose) to set. All lip swatches done on bare lips. It’s been a while since I’ve swatched Pink Dusk and Sable Smoke. I find both to be classics and still the best two colors in the lineup so I added them in lip swatches below.

Tom Ford Lipstick Bad Lieutenant, Sugar Glider, Autoerotique, Spiced Honey, Open Kimono, Devore, Pink Dusk and Sable Smoke | The Beauty Look Book

Additional swatch comparisons to Boys and Girls in Katherine (lip swatched here), NARS Audacious Lipstick in Barbara (lip swatch here) and Tom Ford Ultra Rich Lip Color in Revolve Around Me (lip swatch here):

Tom Ford Lipstick Bad Lieutenant, Sugar Glider, Autoerotique, Spiced Honey, Open Kimono, Devore swatches | The Beauty Look Book

For those curious about which colors are the 40 new shades, they are split into 9 color categories according to the Tom Ford look book I received in my e-mail:

  • Nude Creams: Naked Ambition, Spiced Honey, Erogenous, Bad Lieutenant, All Mine
  • Nude Mattes: Deceiver, Heavenly Creature
  • Beige Creams: Open Kimono, Satin Chic, Autoerotique, Devore, Magnetic Attraction
  • Beige Mattes: Universal Appeal, Wicked Ways
  • Pink Creams: Paper Doll, Pretty Persuasive
  • Mauve Creams: Sugar Glider, Night Mauve, Adora
  • Pop Creams: Playgirl, Foxfire, Stimulant, Electrique, Exotica
  • Coral Mattes: Age of Consent, The Perfect Kiss
  • Red Creams: Vermillion-Aire, Dressed to Kill, Jasmin Rouge, Original Sin
  • Red Mattes: Best Revenge, Night Porter
  • Burgandy Creams: Dangerous Beauty, Love Crime, Discretion
  • Noir Creams: Impassioned, Near Dark
  • Noir Mattes: In Deep, Fetishist

There was a lot to sort through at the counters and with all the new and existing colors mixed together I don’t know that I got a good look at all the new ones. I did have a list with me of what to check out so I think I covered most of the neutrals. The quality and lasting power are still on point for what I’ve experienced with Tom Ford lip colors. I would have probably passed on Spiced Honey (this is a bit pale on me) and Open Kimono (I prefer Guilty Pleasure), but luckily I can make both work with a good lip liner like MAC Boldly Bare, Whirl or Stripdown (swatched here).

Tom Ford Lipstick Bad Lieutenant, Sugar Glider, Autoerotique, Spiced Honey, Open Kimono, Devore | The Beauty Look Book

My favorite colors are still Pink Dusk and Sable Smoke for everyday neutrals, but I’m really happy with my picks. As one who finds light mauves difficult to wear with my olive complexion, I’m 100% in love with Sugar Glider. For light pinks I was really tempted by Paper Doll but I wanted to limit myself to 6 max for now as holiday is coming up and there is still a lot to cover.

You can find the new shades of Tom Ford Lip Color and Lip Color Matte out now. Available online at Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Sephora and all other Tom Ford Beauty counters.

Did you try any of the new shades yet? What did you think?


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  • Melissa.rva

    Hello Sabrina ! This lipsticks looks inCredibly amazing ! My favorite is devore !

  • riverchild27

    I think Open Kimono will have to be mine. What beautiful shades, admittedly I am a fan of nude or mlbb colors!

  • Laurence

    Gorgeous colors and photos! Pink dusk looks so pretty!

  • Amy K

    Great swatches! I need to check these out at a counter (especially Best Revenge and Night Porter)

  • Love your swatches! Pink dusk is so gorgeous. Now I’m eyeing Sugar Glider and Devore!

  • Jessica

    Thank you for always doing swatches. Our skin tone is so similar, I don`t even need to go in store to try them on. There`s no better luxury than a Tom Ford lipstick. Pink dusk is absolutely killer. I can`t wait to add it to my Christmas wish list.

    • Pink Dusk is the best, if you want something a little warmer also check out Spanish Pink, it’s another pretty shade πŸ™‚

      • Jessica

        I’m on my second tube of Spanish Pink! Man these lipsticks are breaking my bank.

  • Lindsey

    I love the Devore and Autoerotique shades. They look gorgeous on you, too.

  • Federica

    Your swatches are so helpful as alwaysπŸ’„β€οΈ My favourite shades are Devore and Sugar Glider ✨

  • Kyla Ewing

    You always give the best lipstick reviews & swatches!! These are beautiful. I see what you mean about Spiced Honey; it’s much brighter than you would expect. Open Kimono looks like a nice nude for you! I have my eye on Pink Dusk, Sugar Glider & Bad Lieutenant! Oh boy!! My wish list keeps getting longer! LOL

    • Hi Kyla, I can’t wear pale nudes like Spiced Honey at all πŸ™

  • Valerie Shaffer

    Sugar Glider and Devore are tempting me! (The name Open Kimono is beyond disturbing! Lol.)

    • LOLLL … there were a couple names that made me cringe a little.

  • SoSuSam

    I’ve been looking forward to your swatches of the new TF lipsticks! Sugar Glider looks wonderful. I was quite curious about Adora and Night Mauve–did you see them while you were at the counter? I can’t visit them in person, so I’m on the brink of ordering unseen, unless I can talk myself out of it. πŸ™‚ Either way, your review has definitely added Sugar Glider to my list! Thanks for the great overview.

    • Hi, I probably did, but I don’t remember what they look like. There were so many colors! Hopefully someone else posts a review or swatches!

      • SoSuSam

        Yes, dare I say it? (whispers) There are almost too many this fall. πŸ˜‰

  • Glenda

    I have a love-hate relationship with TF lipsticks. Quite a few of them have gone rancid on me, the original formula (not the mattes though, so I tend to stick to those now). I purchased one from the Boys & Girls line, in Joan, and I must say I love it.
    From the regular sized ones, I swatched a bunch when I went to Nordstrom recently. Didn’t get any… Yet. I especially liked Fetishest (not sure if I spelled correctly, it’s a deeper, but not too vampy, berry shade), Devore and Sugar Glider.
    Btw, I think the last two I mentioned look amazing on you! You’re making me wanna take the plunge and order some.

  • Lori Jenkins

    Sabrina do you (or any of your readers πŸ™‚ ) know if TF is sold at Sephora counters? Thought maybe in NYC they might carry them.

    • I know the Times Square Sephora carries Tom Ford πŸ™‚

      • Alison

        So does the Herald Square Store.

    • Hayley Choe

      The Michigan ave Sephora in Chicago also has them.

  • Anne Capitant

    I’m so glad my local Nordstrom (Portland area, ugh…) now has a Tom Ford counter as I’m gonna have to swatch some of these. I love the look of Devore and Sugar Glider but they may be too light for me, so I’ll have to look at some of the darker shades. But the formula looks amazing as ever.

  • missjbn

    I always look forward to your reviews, especially lipstick ones because I have an obsession with it. Your reviews are always detailed, and your lipstick swatches are always on point (plus we’re both pretty much the exact same shade, so its very helpful for me). I seriously need to visit my local Tom Ford counter now, hopefully it’s already available here in Switzerland, cause those shades are GORGEOUS, especially autoerotique and devore are soooo right my alley.

    Thanks for another awesome review, I also wanted to ask if you’ve already tried the new ysl tatouage couture liquid matte lip stain? I’ve seen other reviews but I always wait for yours before I buy anything.

  • Hayley Choe

    Oh Devore is so pretty. Thank you for the stellar swatches!

  • Jennifer Thorn

    Sugar Glider and Devore…done!! Thank you for another lovely review, Sabrina!

  • Michelle

    Sugar Glider is so flattering on you! It looks like it’s be a great everyday color!

  • Bojana

    They are beautiful!!!!!!!

  • Bubblewrapper

    I need another nude-ish lipstick as much as I need a third arm, but Devore is gorgeous and coming home with me.

  • stephanieamccoy

    I’m so glad you posted this. I almost ordered Bad Lieutenant a couple times and now I’m glad I didn’t! I hate not having a counter close!

  • Colleen P.

    Sugar Glider is just gorgeous. I may have to indulge.

  • Regine Karpel
  • Kim Mckain

    Sugar Glider is beautiful on you and it’s going to do damage to my wallet! Lots of great new colors! GREAT JOB

  • Sarah Merrill

    I believe Bad Lieutenant might be my shade! I usually have trouble shade picking, as my complexion is on the tanner olive side, but with a gloss on top, I think this will be quite nice! Always just in time with the reviews, haha.

  • lisa_carbone

    I like the Autoerotique, I think it looks very pretty on you! Great post as always Sabrina

    Cheers Lisa

  • Nadine Maurer

    Sugar Glider looks very pretty. Thank you for these swatches!

  • nicolle n.

    Definitely getting sugar glider!! I love those types of shades πŸ™‚ thank you!!

  • I really like Devore, is such a pretty color! xx

    Carolina’s Makeup Life

  • MichelleAntonia

    Brands need to start paying you good money, you can make ANYTHING look good!

  • Eileen

    I love your color true lip swatches, Sabrina. Although our individual skin tone and lip color influence how a product will look, your pictures always get me pointed in the right direction so that when I go to the counter, I have a good idea of where to start.

    I have the feeling out of all the new neutrals Sugar Glider is going to be the β€œit” color for me. My lips are very rosey and beneath a single swipe of Sugar Glider, they look smooth and polished without looking too done. I love seeing TF lavishing so much time on new color variations as he manufactures one of my favorite lipsticks.

    I’m also looking forward to seeing his new Winter Soleil collection and his new eyeshadow singles. It’s a good thing none of the other collections have tempted me because I’m going to be dropping a bundle on TF this holiday season $$$ πŸ˜ƒ

  • Andreia SPR

    These lipsticks seem awesome! Great post!

  • msh111

    I like Devore. For the life of me I haven’t been able to find a nude lipstick that I like on me, but will keep trying!

  • Laura Schmaltz

    I love Sugar Glider – it’s my favorite of the bunch. I am glad you love it too!

  • OonaBean

    I love the look of Sugar Glider! I have a few of the Lips and Boys but haven’t splurged on a full size Tom Ford lipstick yet. This might just be the one!

  • Anastasiya

    Sabrina, I love your review and swatches! I want to buy all of them! <333 I love Sugar Glider the most! πŸ™‚

  • Andrea Lurie

    How do you choose just one ??? Sabrina great swatches

  • Adriana Luza

    Tom Ford never disappoints. Autoerotique and Devore are beautiful!

  • Erin

    Bad Lieutenant and Autoerotique are right up my alley!

  • Anastasiya

    Sugar Glider is my favourite shade <3

  • Christy Peeples DuBois

    I have yet to try any of his products but would love too. Lipsticks and liners are my favorites. These look so good on you. The lightest one doesn’t make you look dead/sickly like so many do on me. You are right, I think a liner will work well. It is a lot to sort out. Thanks for helping.
    Oh, I love all of them but my favorites on you are Sable Smoke and Autoerotique.

  • Ally

    Love the look of sugar glider!

  • Shilpa Shetty

    Pink Dusk shade is very nice,..

  • Aviva A

    Hi, could you share how you would compare sugar glider to the matte formula tom ford pussycat? Which would you prefer?