Chanel Fall-Winter 2017 Makeup Collection

August 21, 2017

Chanel Fall-Winter 2017 Makeup Collection

Chanel is among the first to launch their Fall-Winter 2017 Beauty Collection this year with a California Travel Diary inspired set of colors. So many of you have requested a review and from the items I ordered I’ve found some hits and misses. I’ll say up front the Les 4 Ombres in City Lights is a the highlight for me and one of the prettiest neutral-cool palettes I’ve tried. Based on the color payoff and texture I’ll be looking at Road Movie once it hits counters but for now it appears everything is only available online at Chanel.

Up first is the Palette Essentielle in Beige Clair 150 which has a concealer, highlighter and cream color. All the items in this palette are creams and the one I ordered has a concealer that is definitely too light for me to conceal but it does work as an eye base to even out the lids. I ordered sight unseen so I can’t report on the pigment of the other two, but Beige Clair has a pigmented concealer with a matte finish, a soft medium-sheer light peachy pink cream and a pale white highlighter with sheer but buildable finish. On the face pigment is medium but on the soft side – you can build it for a super natural dewy finish. It’s not too dewy though and I was able to wear all three without it getting greasy looking by late afternoon. For me it’s neither a hit or miss. Quality, pigment and texture are very good. They give me a natural polished glow but based on the color I ordered it’s almost too natural for my skintone.

Chanel Palette Essentielle Beige Clair

Chanel Palette Essentielle Beige Clair

Up next is the Retractable Dual-Tip Concealer Brush ($38, made in China). I was surprised to find this was made in China according to the box label but it performs exceptionally well. It works to pick up concealer from a pot or the tip of an applicator and the fluffy side works to blend. I personally feel this is best suited for cream shadow and powder like the Tom Ford Cream Powder Duos. For concealer application I like to apply with the sponge tip applicators and either blend with my finger, a beautyblender or the Marc Jacobs The Conceal Brush. The original Chanel Concealer Brush #10 is actually one of the best ones I’ve tried but they didn’t bring this out with the redesign. You can still find the original one at a few select places like Neiman Marcus but I don’t know how long they will be available.

The brush performs well and I really like the dual-ended retractable ends. Still given the number of brushes I own I do feel like I already have ones that do the same trick so I can’t call this a must- have. The convenience factor and packaging style is really well made though.

Chanel Dual Ended Concealer Blending Brush

The eyeshadows in the Les 4 Ombres City Lights and Ombre Premiere Cream in Memory are both gorgeous. The Les 4 Ombres in City Lights looks more on the warm side in the stock photo, in person it looks more neutral, swatched on my olive skin it pulls more cool-toned. Your mileage will definitely vary depending on your skin undertone. If you have pink or fair skin this will definitely not look as cool-toned as it does on me. It has four easy to wear neutral shimmers with excellent pigment and lovely shimmer.

Ombre Premiere in Memory is a stunning bronze shimmer. I can’t wait to wear this all season long. As with the other Ombre Premiere formulas I reviewed lasting power is quite impressive and pretty much budge-proof once you apply and let it set. It has a semi-matte finish but still has a shimmery look to it.

Both aren’t really the most unique colors. They have a very similar vibe to previous launches from Chanel and other brands. As I’m in the middle of moving and travel for the next 2 months I have most of my things in temporary storage and don’t have easy access to pull things for comparison.

Chanel Les 4 Ombres City Lights and Ombre Premiere Cream in Memory

Chanel Les 4 Ombres City Lights and Ombre Premiere Cream in Memory swatches

For the lips I picked out the neutrals. I had very high hopes for the Rouge Coco in Daylight which is a sheer soft peachy nude and Rouge Allure Ink in Lost – both are just not the best formula-wise. I can make them both work with some blending and layering but they are on the streaky side and with all the other formulas on the market that are pretty much opaque, smooth and flawless I found these to be a disappointment. I will say that this may be due to the fact I have naturally pigmented lips – if you have lighter tones in your natural lip color there may be less contrast and therefore less streaking. I feel like there’s a really good dupe with the Hourglass GIRL Lip Stylos in Believer or Idealist (swatched here) although since I don’t have them to compare at the moment I can’t say which color. I’ve even though I feel the Hourglass Confession Ultra Slim Lipsticks are overpriced I feel the formula is truly excellent and if price isn’t a concern (or price per oz that is), these are definitely superior in formula, pigment and color pay off.

For these Chanel lips, I can make them look smooth with blending but anything that touches the lips after – even if it’s my own lips touching each other makes the color budge and streak. If you have a different experience please share in the comments.

Chanel Rouge Coco Daylight and Rouge Allure Ink Lost

Chanel Rouge Coco Daylight and Rouge Allure Ink Lost

Chanel Rouge Coco Daylight and Rouge Allure Ink Lost

Last but not least are two gorgeous Le Vernis nail polishes. I’ve been in a bit of a nail polish funk for months. Long time readers know I used to be a die hard Chanel and Dior nail polish collector of every single color. These days I feel like I rotate between three colors: Chanel Coralium (swatch here), OPI Be There in a Prosecco (swatched here), and Chanel Organdi (swatch here). The new Le Vernis shades for fall are Chanel Horizon Line which is a soft grey mint color and New Dawn which is a muted dusty lilac. Both are really pretty and have smooth opaque coverage.

Chanel Le Vernis New Dawn (mauve) and Horizon Line (green) | The Beauty Look Book Chanel Le Vernis New Dawn (mauve) and Horizon Line (green) | The Beauty Look Book

A quick look with the collection wearing:

Chanel Fall Beauty Look

Chanel Fall-Winter 2017 Makeup Collection

I think the standouts are the eye shadows, both the City Lights quad and Memory cream shadow. The nail polishes are nice subdued shades that have a soft feel without that pastel vibe you usually get with spring launches so I think they’ll be really pretty once the fall season arrives. You can find the entire Fall-Winter 2017 Collection available online at now.


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  • I love how Allure Ink and Allure look from the bullet, but it looks like there is nothing on your lips!!! I don’t understand what is it with those nude-orange lipsticks – they are all just poor copy of the same products in pink, red, wine etc.

    • I have pigmented lips which is why they might not show up well πŸ™

      • Sunnykm

        Sabrina thank you for the swatches! The eye palette are all red based colors so a miss for me, unfortunately.

        I am not sure the Ink looks like you have on a lipstick at all. If that is three coats in your lovely full face shots, then I think it is a miss. This is not about the color but about how the product looks on the lip (like it needs a gloss).

  • Love this collection! Need to get at least one product, or the liquid lipstick or the face palette!

    Carolina’s Makeup Life

  • I am so excited for this collection, I feel like most recent Chanel launches have red, red and more reds and it’s so boring. Bring on the dusky shades!

  • Suzanna

    City Lights looks great on you! I’ve decided it is too purple-ish for me; I’ve been wearing warmer colors. The little palette looks much more interesting in your swatch than it does on line. I might hunt that down if they ever get it in store.

    • Thanks Suzanna – yes definitely swatch/test in store first, I suspect it will arrive at counters in September. Chanel has been launching items on their website first for a while then trickling it out to counters.

  • cpbebe

    Everything looks gorgeous on you! This looks like such a soft, pretty collection. Looking forward to those nail polishes, especially.

  • nawi

    Was waiting for this review! So thanks for posting. I got the city lights palette as well it’s so gorgeous and very pigmented. And give such a pretty metallic glow. I bought this without testing as well because it’s limited edition and did not want to miss it. Road movie is not limited edition and I do to know it will be my cup of tea. It’s very very bold. I got the nail polish in new dawn, both the new brushes. I might go back for the horizon nail polish after seeing how nice it looks on your nail polish. The palette with the concealer/blush/highlight I am still on fence about this one. I normally do not like cream blushes as they tend to dry out very easily, the concealer seams nice but I do think thismight be to light for me, I am a Chanel 30? What I do want to get as well is the rouge allure velvet in Nightfall looks so gorgeous paired with these palette in the Chanel tutorial.

    • Hi Nawi, I’m usually a Chanel 30 but right now am a 40, I think the palette I got will be too light for you concealer-wise. If you can test once it arrives at counters I’d recommend waiting before buying sight unseen.

      • nawi

        Thanks you so much Sabrina.

  • Gail

    That’s a bummer about the lipsticks. I got Lost and it’s fine on my pigmented lips. I really like it. I wonder if there were batch issues or something? Are you moving back to California?

    • Hmmm interesting! Glad Lost worked for you, perhaps there might be batch issues. Unfortuately I’m not moving back to California – I wish!

  • Swingtime

    Great review and swatches, Sabrina! I was tempted by the Palette Essentiel, but think I’ll give it a pass. The blush is a little too warm for me, and I don’t need another highlighter since I don’t use it much. The nail colors are super. Well, it’s time my wallet got a break.

  • Nemo Saint Claire

    I bought both eye quads, both nail polishes & 4 of the lipsticks. I love both eye quads, but today I returned both polishes & the Rouge Coco in Daylight & the Ink in Highway. The 2 polishes were among the ugliest colors I have ever seen, & the 2 returned lip colors were dreadfully light. But here’s my biggest issue: Lucia Pica. Chanel, she must go! You can do better! Her collections are uninspired & atrocious. She seems stuck in a rut! Her first unofficial collection was LA Sunrise, & now here she is again in LA, with this Travel Diary stuff. What’s next, LA street gangs? She represents the House of Chanel! The finest French fashion house! And she can’t find creative inspiration in that? She has to tap the likes of LA? Get rid of her Chanel. Peter Phillips at Dior is killing you.

    • Sorry to hear the nail polishes didn’t work πŸ™ glad you were able to return though!

      • Nemo Saint Claire

        Chanel is wonderful about returns.

    • suefreieh

      Perhaps Lucia Pica is “inspired” by the post apocalyptic hell hole that Paris has become. Uncle Karl if you have any pull–and Lucia, if you’re reading this, you’ve already professed your love for LA, and so your task now is as follows: for Autumn we want plums, copper, forest green, browns. For Christmas we want shimmer, reds, golds, blacks, greens and silver. For spring we want pinks, corals, lighter tones of all the above. For summer we want vivid colors, golds, innovative formulas with sunscreen, etc. For year round we want bronzers, highlighters, concealer and your basic lineup of mascaras, eyeliners, etc. There are so many inspiring landscapes and colors in France–Brittany, the Pyrenees, all the vineyards–why are you doing Sunset Blvd? We can get that here anytime. We want iconic French luxury and we want to highlight all beauty–these colors don’t suit many skin tones. CREATE NEW STUFF!! We don’t want theoretical motifs pulled out of your nightmares. We want to reflect the beauty of nature and want Chanel to return to its glorious beauty line up–who can forget game changers like the Blush Horizon from Spring 2012 or the Le Vernis “Peridot”. I’m glad I still have these in my stash and I’m sad to say I will skip this entire collection. Sabrina thank you for your beautiful review and your stalwart loyalty to Chanel. Sorry to hijack the thread but I feel that the past several collections have been atrocious.

      • Nemo Saint Claire

        Yes! Your comment is perfect. I couldn’t agree more. Yes!

  • TraceyEB

    I’m not sure if I’ll buy anything from this collection. I was curious about the Pallette Essential. I likely can wear the blush and highlighter your reviewed, Sabrina, but the concealor could be hit or miss and it takes up a lot of that palette…and I might prefer the blush/highlighter in other palettes but the concealor could be too dark. One Chanel video had a darker lipstick, which caught my eye. Too bad as I love Fall collections.

    • nawi

      Yes this is the one I saw in the Chanel video as well. It’s a dark red called nightfall probably will end up going back for that one.

      • TraceyEB

        Hi Nawi, thank you for your note with the name of that lipstick. I’ve jotted it down to swatch the next time I’m at my local counter.

    • I agree on the palette – I’d say for now pass since it’s really only useful if you find a good match in the concealer. It’s still very early for fall – I’d say wait and see what other lines launch. There’s most likely a lot more to come from Dior, Tom Ford, NARS etc.

      • TraceyEB

        Wise advice, Sabrina, thank you! Tom Ford releases & collections were floating around Instagram yesterday and today, and I reminded myself to cool my heels and let the fall-to-holiday collections reveal themselves.

  • SJ Sellers

    Wonderful and informative review as always Sabrina!!!!! Thank you for giving all us cosmetics addicts the low down on these products – I trust your opinion more than any other beauty reviewer!!!

    Like you, i haven’t been excited about a nail polish in FOREVER, but New Dawn looks quite pretty – those type of shades normally suit my skin tone.

    I really enjoyed this post!! xo SJ

  • msh111

    I really want City Lights but I am warm toned & wondering if I can pull it off (NW25 with no tan). The color combo looks lovey. The lavender shade especially and someone mentioned a metallic glow.
    Surprised there weren’t an Le Stylo eyeliners in this collection.
    I will have to go to Nordstrom and play with the quad. Some Chanel quads even if LE don’t sell out that quickly anymore, so I will take my chances. I have the MJ Social Butterfly Eyecon and these Chanel shades look similar, but I really like the metallic version.
    Great review!

  • Such a gorgeous collection!! The eye quad is stunning! x

    Millie |

  • Amanda

    This quad is just gorgeous, but it reminds me A LOT of the Chanel Les 4 Ombres #234 quad Les Poesie. It also reminds me of Tom Ford’s Nude Dip. I know you don’t have easy access to comparison products, but what are your thoughts? Thanks!

    • Off the top of my head Nude Dip isn’t cool-toned at all on me and I don’t remember seeing any purple tones. Shimmer-wise Nude Dip has more shimmer/frost.

      It does resemble Poesie – I do think that one pulls more neutral while this new one City Light pulls cooler-toned on me (off the top of my head).

  • Genevieve

    Just love the eye shadow quad – it is stunning, but the nudish lipsticks are just not my cup of tea. The blush palette is gorgeous too.

  • Natalie Redman

    Such pretty swatches!

  • Linda Awad

    Ahhh I want it all! Last item I bought was the gold nail polish (Canotier) and I am just obsessed with their colors and formulas!

  • Heeyoung

    Hi Sabrina, thank you for your review.
    These days I am so into the bronze color for eyes so your review on Ombre Premiere Cream in Memory is very timely and perfect. Is the color much different from Burberry Pale Copper, CT Amber haze and the bronze color in Charlotte Tilbury Dolce Vita palette or any other bronze colored eyeshadows. I only have CT Dolce Vita one and the bronze color itself in the palette is really great to me but the formula is not so good… so so I am thinking to buy another. I am torn between Pale Copper and Memory that you’ve reviewed. Amber haze is also tempting. Any suggestion?

  • How would you compare colours in this pallet to Tisse Rivoli or Tisse Masemoisselle? I want to buy one of them but can’t decide πŸ˜‚