Color Focus: Light Pink Shimmer Highlighters & Blushes

March 11, 2010

I feel like I haven’t done a Color Focus feature in a while! The release of Rhapsody in Two from MAC’s Too Fabulous collection gave me a good reason to write a Color Focus post on my favorite light pink shimmery blushes and highlighters.

If you like lighter pinks for lips, check out my Color Focus: Milky Pink Lipglosses & feature on light pink lipsticks here at MAC Dsquaredยฒ Nude Rose Lipstick.

There’s something so pretty and girly about a light pink shimmer powder. Unfortunately, many times, the light pink ones go on white on my skin even though they look pink in the container. These are the ones that are shimmery and that do show up pinkish on my skin (light-medium, Chanel Shell, equivalent to MAC NC30).

Note, MAC Cute (discontinued) is only photographed for a frame of reference.

Paul & Joe has a number of great lighter shimmery pinks too that aren’t too frosty/shimmery like MAC can sometimes be. Compared to MAC Porcelain Pink as a base-line. The products from Paul & Joe are called Face Colors and come in a mirrored compact.

Le Metier de Beaute has a beautiful shimmer powder called Whisper. Chantecaille also had a blush product called Whisper, but it’s now discontinued (the lid is pinkish because I dropped nail polish on it). Both compared to MAC Porcelain Pink.

Swatching was difficult today, so I only did my MAC Blushes, MSFs and Beauty Powders + Becca Sylph. Swatched over MAC Prep & Prime.

What are your favorite light shimmery pinks for cheeks?

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  • Beautiful! And a beautiful spring day for this post. I love Dior's Shimmer Stars–Rose Diamond is gorgeous.

  • I love color comparisons! So helpful:) I'm kicking myself for not getting any MSF's from Blonde, Brunette, Redhead–hoping for a repromote!!

  • Anonymous

    I tend to stay away from shimmery light pinks for the same reason you mentioned. They're often too frosty white on me. Also, pink is not the best color for me. But that aside, there's one pink/lilac highlighter that works on me, which I think has been discontinued. It's Shu Uemura's Purple #05B (or was it 4B?) I find it matches more blushes and complements my olive complexion better than typical pinks. Another one which veers into highlighter category for me is GA's #10 blush. I can only wear it dusted lightly as a highlighter because if I pile it on, I look like I have a shiny feverish rash.

  • I love it! Light pink blushes are my ultimate favourite ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Lovely comparison post Sabrina, but I think there is a mistake in the Paul and Joe picture: two blushes are marked 11??

  • So pretty!

    You know… I don't think I have any light shimmery pink highlighters except for the LM Gilded Garden Shimmer Bloc I just bought and haven't really tried it out on my cheeks yet. I have a purple P&J face powder and the Tsumori Chisato one which is beige-ish and a sample of a Cargo Plantlove blush but that's more peach/gold than pink. And as far as pink blushes go, I don't have light ones! LOL!

  • Lakshmi – Oops, thanks for noticing that! I corrected the picture.

    Anonymous – OMG, I wanted that Shu Purple blush too, but once I decided I wanted it, they d/c'd it. So sad. GA's #10 does the same for me, same as MAC's Petticoat. Lovely with a light hand, but gives me a feverish-looking rash too if I apply too much. Strange, isn't it?

  • Those LE MAC pinks look so unusual.. I find that it's a little difficult for me to carry off pale pink highlighters with my deep skin tone, so they have to have warm undertones. My favorite so far is the Redhead MSF. I apply it lightly for a nice glow and especially love pairing it with Eversun beauty powder blush. I can't wait to get some Paul and Joe face colors… soon hopefully! ๐Ÿ™‚
    OHHH and I heard that Edward Bess has a new powder blush and smokey eyeshadow/liner/mascara set!! So excited to hear/see more…

  • Anonymous

    I love your Color Focus features! Keep 'em coming!

  • Great post!
    I have very pale skin and I love MAC MSF in Porcelain Pink. I always wear it over pink blush, usually Stila Eclectic.

  • I would kill for that collection =) this is beautiful !!!


  • I love your colour focus/ comparison posts! I saw Porcelain Pink at my CCO yesterday and wonder if I should go back for it. Do you use it often and how does it compare to the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Bricks in Platinum Pink, Rose or the new Pink Quartz? My complexion is similar to yours. Thanks!

  • Ooh – "Blonde" is gorgeous! Too bad I missed out on that one. I am looking forward to getting the Shell Pearl Beauty Powder from MAC's Liberty of London collection. Thanks for the great post!

  • Sabrina,
    Once again very informative. I do want Rhapsody in Two and thanks for writing about it today. Since I feel that I'm good with my eyeshadow collection (for now, of course) I've moved on to obsess about blush, mainly highlighters. So this post is very thankful.

    Thanks and keep up the great investigating work!

  • lvh75

    Just want to say THANK YOU, your color comparisons are awesome and SOO helpful! I totally have the same problem with pink shimmery blushes/highlighters, many look ashy/white on my skin. I use MAC C30 powder, and I have alot of yellow tones in my skin. So even some of those you have shown, like MAC Blonde, are too pinkish/cool for me to wear. Only ones with a hint of peachiness are flattering on me, such as porcelain pink and another one I like is MAC Light flush. Dior Rose Diamond is probably the coolest I could get away with. Your blog is a daily read for me, I love it! As a Latina/Hispanic woman, I have a similar "Asian" skintone which is fair but a lot of yellow/golden tones, so a lot of the things you suggest here, I often run out to look at! Thanks again!

  • Omg I don't have any pink blushes yet. But I'm drooling and in awe over your blush pictures. Thanks for your paul and joe pictures. I may buy a few of them, number 11 and 16 looks good.

  • I LOVE THIS BLOG SO MUCH!!!! omg it is so helpful how you use your collection to pu products side by side by color and finish. love it!!!!!
    just wanted to say that and keep up the good work! I check it every week for ideas and I research the archives before buying stuff!
    I don't know if you like the youtube gurus thing but if you do check out my channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/antoniajmc
    I am doing a blog I read video and I am definitly recommending yours!!

  • love the light pink blushes!

  • i'm a blush addict and this post is absolute LOVE. when Rhapsody in Two came out, i knew i had to get it. light pinks are my favourite! <33