MAC Dsquared² Nude Rose Lustre Lipstick

October 1, 2009

MAC released their Dsquared² collection earlier than planned so I checked out the new colors and came home with Nude Rose Lustre Lipstick which is just that, a soft nude milky pink rose. I went through my lipstick stash to pull all the other soft pinky shades I’ve collected over the years from MAC and have concluded that I simply MUST STOP buying these milky pink colors! While it is very pretty and wearable, it’s not that unique and very similar to other shades MAC has released before.

Here are the comparisons to other MAC shades (I believe all were LE or discontinued except for Creme Cup):

L to R: 1) Classical, 2) Pure Rose, 3) Hue, 4) Her Fancy, 5) 3N, 6) Nude Rose, 7) Way to Love, 8) Pink Glaze, 9) California Dreamin’, 10) Creme Cup

Another view:

* Note since most of these are lustres or glazes, they are very sheer and so most of them don’t show up very well on my arm

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