Color Focus: Teal Eyes & Nails Inspired by Marion Cotillard

January 20, 2010

I watched part of the Red Carpet coverage of the Golden Globes and was inspired by Marion Cotillard’s beautiful deep teal-green dress, eyeliner and nails she wore to dig through my collection and find similar shades so I could try to recreate the look. You can see her look linked here.

I don’t have a lot of blues or teals in my stash but with a little practice was able to combine the shades to achieve a similar result. Just a disclaimer: I have no idea what products or colors were used on her actual look, this is just what I tried myself to get a similar effect.

My application steps/technique:

Cheeks: First apply MAC Dainty on apples of cheeks followed by a sheer dust of Pink Swoon.

Eyes: Apply a pale champagne cream on eyes as a base like Nars Copacabana and dust MAC Quick Frost pigment from lash to brow (apply heavier near lash line). Right around the rims of the eyes, apply a seafoam green shimmer like the Bottom Left shade of Chanel Murano followed by a smokey line of a darker smokey grey-green like the Top Left shade of Chanel Murano. Apply a teal green liner like Laura Mercier Black Turquoise Eye Kohl heavily along upper lash line and lower lash line. Take a slightly damp brush and apply a shimmery teal-green shadow like MAC Deep Blue Green Pigment or Chanel Murano right over the pencil blending with a soft brush for a smudged look. The last step for the eyes (not pictured) is to take a contouring powder or soft brown like MAC Soba or Era and apply right over the middle of the eye for depth/contour.

Lips: Line with a pale pink shimmer like Trish McEvoy Essential Pencil in Baby Pink and top with a shimmery shell pink lipstick like Chanel Waikiki Aqualumiere. Top with a matching gloss for shine like Dior #431.

I would have liked to get a brighter smokey teal along the lash lines, the teals I have are darker and more subdued. I learned from experimenting that the key to get a brighter teal is to layer the colors from light to dark. Layering the Laura Mercier Black Turquoise, MAC Deep Blue Green Pigment and dark green shade from Chanel Murano over the lighter shades brings out the teal shimmer more.

For nails, I pulled out my green shades. I’m still in search for a dark teal shimmer that doesn’t look black in natural light. It’s hard for me to find something that’s the right balance of teal and dark shimmer. Most teals are either too bright for my taste or too dark. All swatches are taken with a flash, each has 3 coats. Anyone have alternative recommendations on pretty dark teal shimmers?

I already featured some other teal shades in my Smokey Eye Series in Color Focus: Smokey Eyes Part 5 (Blues & Greens) last November.

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  • What a beautiful post! This is the first swatch of Pink Swoon that made me feel like I had to have it. Your swatch of Laura Mercier's Black Turquoise Eye Kohl is to die for too! Thanks for the lovely pictures!

  • em

    how stunning did she look?! she's amazing! I love the look of LM black turquoise liner- what a gorgeous shade!

  • You always have the most amazing posts!! The lip combo looks gorgeous! I definately have to pick up that Hard Candy Polish. I saw it in your previous post and wanted it ever since.

  • Hi Lina.
    Great post! I also loved how Marion looked but I always like her πŸ˜‰
    I am almost sure that I saw somewhere what products were used for her look but I don't remember where. I can assume that it was Dior since she is a spokeswoman of the brand (Lady Dior bags). But you've got some perfect dupes for it!
    I've also noticed that a lot of celebrities were wearing the new Coco Rouge lipstick by Chanel. My friend already tried it and told me that it's a nice lipstick.

  • Again, all shaded go so well together! I especially love the dark teal color!

    Jojoba from mymakeup reviews said we had a similar taste when it come sot makeup, hehe… I think I agree, since I love all your makeup products! πŸ˜‰

  • I love the variety of brands in your posts, it always makes your swatches interesting! For a stunning teal shimmer polish, take a look at China Glaze Rodeo Fanatic πŸ™‚ (ChG Blk-Bila-Bong is stunning too, but a blackened teal like the ones you swatched, so it will be too dark)

  • Check out Lancome polish in Pop Petrol for a perfect dark teal.

  • Day

    Very nice teal shimmer is Color Club Rule Breaker. You chose wonderful colors.

  • Lovely recreation Sabrina!! Marion Cotillard's look was one of my favorites from the night!!! I also really liked Courtney Cox's smokey eye and of course Penelope Cruz!!

  • Anonymous

    *standing ovation!* While it was fun to read of the brands/shades ostensibly used for the GG makeup looks on various blogs, your take is so "next level" — consider one elegant look as a whole, then break it down and recreate it. So fun to read the steps and look at the photos, and I didn't know that Copacabana makes a good shimmery shadow base.

  • What a lovely combo. I am a fan of high impact teal eyes/milky pink lip.

    That Dior gloss – is it the creme de gloss formula? That is my favorite Dior gloss!

    Also I wish I could wear MAC MSF – I'm just not use to wearing a whole lot of shimmer on my checks for the office.

  • Awesome post!
    And how gorgeous are those nail polishes…now I ll be dreaming of..Caviar Dreams! πŸ™‚


  • Wow this post made me wanna break out my sample of MAC Deep Blue Green! Love this look, Sab!

  • this is so amazing! i want to know all your secrets in putting colors together! i bet you might like sally hansen's jumpin jade insta dri polish

  • I adore this look you've re-created! Just one more post that solidifies my need for Chanel Murano. I will give it a go with my MAC Photorealism quad for now. I loved Marion Cotillard's look that night. There were so many comments on Temptalia from people that didn't like it, that I thought I might have been the only one who thought she looked gorgeous! She would look good in a burlap sack though, she really doesn't have to try very hard to get my vote!

  • I agree with a poster that mentioned Rodeo Fanatic for a pretty shimmery teal. But the ultimate is RBL teal layered with Zoya Akyra. I wore it yesterday and received 3 compliments. It's really a stunning combination.