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Pinks: Diorshow Fusion Mono Chimère #821 and Armani Eyes to Kill Rose Popillia #30

October 2, 2013

I’m loving shimmery pinks for eyes right now. Two new discoveries include these interesting hybrid gel-creams, in particular Diorshow Fusion Mono in Chimère #821 ($30 for 6.5g) and Armani Eyes to Kill in Rose Popillia #30 ($33 for 4g). There are pinks that can be impossible for me to pull off on my olive skintone, but these two have an interesting mix of sparkle and shimmer that they don’t look like traditional pinks on the eyes.

Diorshow Fusion Mono Chimère #821 is an iridescent multidimensional mousse-gel type of shadow. It mimics a similar feel to Chanel Illusion d’Ombres with the slight bounce it has when you press the product with your fingers. In general I found the Diorshow Fusion Mono shadows extremely shimmery (almost glittery) with a sheer finish. Chimère #821 was one of the few shades I felt was the least metallic making it the easiest to wear for someone conservative like myself. The texture blends easily on the lids without a base. It’s a lovely swipe-and-go kind of no-fuss shade. Lasting power was excellent on me.

Armani Eyes to Kill Rose Popillia #30 was released with the Fall 2013 Collection. I blinked and it sold out. It has sold out online multiple times and been on backorder. Luckily I was able to test it instore to know it was a must-have (and I immediately ordered it online). Rose Popillia #30 is a complex mauve-pink-taupe-lavender kind of shade. It has a similar complexity and multi-chrome finish to MAC Vex (but easier to wear). I’ve been a longtime Eyes to Kill fan and this one is no exception. Lasting power is amazing on me. It’s one that is impossible to describe properly. The mix of colors makes this one truly unique.

More photos and swatches, you can see the pigment is easy to control by layering. The shimmers are visible but not over the top:

Swatched in sunlight with flash:

Without flash in sunlight, you can see how the color flashes different due to the complexity:

Comparisons to other pinks including Armani Eyes to Kill #29 (swatched here), Chanel Abstraction, Tom Ford Pink Haze (reviewed here), MAC Vintage Selection Paint Pot.

Both = love. Dior Chimère is definitely easier to find right now (not sure if it’s limited). I ordered mine online at Armani Rose Popillia on the other hand sold out near me at mutiple counters. I waited for a week while it was on backorder but it shipped quickly. You may have better luck than I did tracking it down at your local counters.
Have you checked out the new Diorshow Fusion Mono cream shadows or the Armani fall collection?

Chanel Rose Moiré 593 and Rouge Moiré 595 Le Vernis

September 29, 2013
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Chanel has been pumping out several mini-releases this year in between main collections. The latest in the US is the Rouge Moiré collection focusing on lips and nails. The two new Le Vernis shades in the U.S. are Rose Moiré 593 and Rouge Moiré 595 ($27 each, limited-edition).
Rose Moiré is a pale frosted lavender pink pearl while Rouge Moiré is the darker more dramatic frosted cool dusty rose-red metallic. Both are highly metallic with slightly visible brush strokes but they apply surprisingly smooth. The Rose Moiré applies with visible brush strokes while the brush strokes on Rouge Moiré are a bit more subtle. The pigment on these colors is amazing – one brush stroke covered the nail entirely. These have a similar feel to past seasonal releases but comparing them proved these are slightly different – they have an updated more modern feel. (Comparisons in the next post).

Details of Rose Moiré #593, the color has a rosey-mauve-lilac base loaded with tons of pale silvery pink shimmer/frost:

Applied with two coats:


Details of Rouge Moiré #595, it’s a dusty cool plum-red shimmer, in light it pulls more warm but I find it to be more of a cool-toned shimmer:

In my opinion, both must-haves. I tested Rouge Moiré for a full week – the last swatch photo was taken on Wear Day 5 where you can see there is only a little bit of tip wear. Otherwise it lasted incredibly well (used Deborah Lippmann’s Rehydrating Base Coat and Chanel’s Top Coat).

Both Rose Moiré and Rouge Moiré are limited-edition. You can find them now at Chanel counters and online at Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus and
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Giorgio Armani Rouge Ecstasy #100, #103, #105 and #508

September 25, 2013

Giorgio Armani Rouge Ecstasy ($34 each for 4.2 ml/4 g, made in France) is the latest lipstick release from the brand with 36 different shade offerings. I reviewed a bright coral in Heat #304 last week. After I fell in love with Heat, I went back to the counter to pick up a few other shades. I must admit while I loved all the color options, I found the number of options a bit overwhelming at the counter. I narrowed down the picks to three colors in Androgino Beige #100, Incognito Beige #103 and Daybreak Pink #508. There was a step-up gift at my counter so I picked out Ambiguous Beige #105.

I’ve been a huge longtime fan of Armani for nude lipsticks for the naturally flattering colors but have always been somewhat disappointed in the almost non-existent lasting power. The latest formula Rouge Ecstasy is a huge improvement in pigment and wearability for the nude color selections. As mentioned in the review on Heat #304, the Rouge Ecstasy has a slightly thicker texture with a tiny bit of a tacky feel. They don’t glide on the lips like most other Armani lipsticks (such as Rouge d’Armani or the sheers), but still apply very easily. The texture helps the lipstick adhere better to the lips. I find you can easily layer by swiping back and forth 3-4 times. It can appear a bit streaky at first (depending on the color) but let the color sit for a little bit, then press the lips together or use a brush to blend and the lipstick smooths out. There is a soft slight floral scent but it’s not noticeable on the lips (at least to me, and I have a super sensitive nose).

Nudes can be hard to pull off for me. Often times they end up being too pale on my lips. I only swatched these lipsticks on my hand in store since I don’t like to use testers on the lips. I knew it might be hit or miss for how they would look on my face.

  • Androgino #100 is the lightest peach beige. It’s a cream without shimmer. First swipes looked too pale, but after I let the color sit and adjust a bit with the warmth of my lips, it changed slightly to look more natural. Love this.
  • Incognito #103 is the prettiest baby pink peach in the tube. On my medium complexion and pigmented lips it turned out to be too cool and pale. It needs layering with a darker liner or gloss for me to wear it. This was a miss for me, but it’s still workable.
  • Ambiguous #105 was a surprise for me. It’s a brown tan beige nude with a bit of sparkle. When I swatched at the counter it looked like death in a tube. It’s surprisingly not quite as nude/greige as I thought on the lips. Still very nude, but naturally flattering.
  • Daybreak #508 is a medium rose pink. I wanted to love all the pinks but they had a lot of blue in them. This was the warmest one that was still neutral.

This is how the colors line up online:

Below is how they look in real life:

Swatched on the arm:

Close ups with lip swatches below. For skintone reference, on the skin I’m wearing Edward Bess Ultra Dewy Complexion Perfector in Medium, Tom Ford Traceless Foundation Stick in Natural 05, NARS Reflecting Loose Powder. (Usually in the Chanel B30 range.) As always note your mileage may vary depending on your skin and lip tones.

Androgino #100

Incognito #103

Ambiguous #105


Daybreak #508


One more lineup:

I’m in love with these for good neutrals that have amazing pigment and relatively decent wear time for a lipstick. You do need a smooth lip to wear but they are on the moisturizing side and do help improve the lip texture (at least for me). These kinds of shades are popular neutrals so there’s bound to be dupes
from MAC and Bobbi Brown and Burberry if you want less expensive
options. It would be impossible time wise for me to pull all neutral lip comparisons right now. I’ve pulled what I can fit in swatches in one arm. A comparison post will be posted later this evening to other Rouge d’Armani shades with similar numbers along with a few other brands like NARS, Chanel and Tom Ford.
Armani Rouge Ecstasy Lipsticks retail for $34 each. I found mine in stores. Also online at Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Giorgio Armani Beauty and all other Armani retailers.

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Deborah Lippmann Jewel Heist Picks: Fake It Til You Make It, Glitter and Be Gay, Shake Your Money Maker

September 22, 2013
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Deborah Lippmann makes the best glitters. Her line is one of the few that catches my eye enough to brave the glitzy chunky glitters even though I’m very conservative when it comes to makeup and nail polish. Her fall Jewel Heist collection has some beautiful glitzy shades. I was really surprised with myself for caving on Fake It Til You Make It ($17), Glitter and Be Gay along with Shake Your Money Maker (glitters $19 each). Every now and then I’ll try something way out of my comfort zone, determined to make the items work for me. These colors were just so stunning in the bottles I couldn’t pass, but after testing I found these to be extremely glitzy. I’m not sure exactly when I’ll find the right occasion to wear these since I work full-time in a conservative corporate environment. (I’m testing the glitters on the toes this weekend.)

Fake It Til You Make It is a glitzy textured gold-platinum infused with red, green and silver micro glitters. Two coats give a rich super metallic look. It’s the only one of the three I feel comfortable wearing on my fingers but still a bit too glitzy for me to wear to work.

Glitter and Be Gay is a mesmerizing gold glitter infused with smaller chunks of multi-colored sparkles. Like many other glitters, this one requires careful application to get glitter on the nail. Two rounds of dabbing and then brushing get the nail covered evenly with still a bit of the bare nail showing through underneath. It looks pretty layered on top of a red or another gold. Extremely glitzy though.

Shake Your Money Maker has a sheer transparent green base, large chunks of gold glitter and then smaller chunks of green glitter. It has a festive holiday feel. I love the color but still have no idea when I’ll actually be able to wear it.

Here they are swatched, two coats each:

Fake It Til You Make It is the only one I’ve tested so far for a full manicure. Here it is swatched and another set with comparisons to prior limited-edition shades (unfortunately no longer available):

Definitely out of my comfort zone but irresistibly gorgeous. I can’t stop staring at the bottles! As a business/financial analyst – I don’t think I can pull these off at work (call me boring but I just can’t do it). Do you like glitters for nails? Can you wear them easily or are you more on the conservative side for nails? 

I found these at Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus.

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Giorgio Armani Rouge Ecstasy – Heat #304

September 16, 2013

Armani has released a new formula of lipstick called Rouge Ecstasy ($34 each for 4.2 ml/4g). There are 36 different shades encased in a drop-dead gorgeous bright red magnetic-capped tube. I was drawn to all the peaches the first time I tested these. The first color I picked up was Heat #304 a bright coral-pink. The Rouge Ecstasy lipsticks are thick in texture with a slight tacky feel when you apply. They don’t glide on easily but they don’t really tug at the lips either. The texture makes the color adhere well to the lips helping it last longer than most Armani lipsticks. The color is easily layerable. Swipe the tubes on the lips a few times, allow to sit and then press the lips together to blend the color and the lipstick then feels weightless but moist. There is a very soft lipstick rose scent – it’s not noticeable when you apply though.
Heat #304 is a bright coral-pink. There is a slight transparent quality since there is a glossy finish to the shade. There is a bit of shimmer in the tube which is on the subtle side. It’s noticeable but very very subtle. It adds dimension and brightens the color. I love how you can adjust the look with the color. One even swipe gives a healthy glow. Multiple swipes brightens the color to a vibrant coral.

Here it is swatched, on the lips it pulls more pink on me:

For lips I have tons of nudes and peaches. Often times corals and peaches look the same in the tubes or swatched but apply differently on the lips depending on undertone, pigment and shimmer. I found Heat #304 most similar to Chanel Mystique. I prefer the Armani since it’s not quite as dry and appears a bit more natural on the lips due to the subtle sheen. More comparisons below to NARS Lodhi, Tom Ford Insidious (swatched here), YSL Rouge Volupte #30, MAC Coral Bliss, Chanel Mystique (reviewed here), Chanel Flirt (reviewed here) and Edward Bess Forbidden Flower.

I’m overall very pleased with Heat #304. I just picked up a few more of the nudes which I’ll be testing this week. The Armani Rouge Ecstasy Lipsticks have a very nice moist feel on the lips without being too moist. I like that the texture is thick but still a bit shiny. The lasting power is quite good considering most of my other Armani lipsticks tend to fade quickly due to the sheerness. All Armani counters should have received the testers and product for sale. I found mine at Neiman Marcus. You can also find them online now at Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus and

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Eye Makeup Tom Ford Beauty

Tom Ford Orchid Haze Eye Color Quad

September 16, 2013

Tom Ford Orchid Haze Eye Color Quad ($78 for .35 oz/10g, made in Italy) is my favorite new release for eyes from Tom Ford. It’s a beautiful palette neutrals with rich smooth pigment. There are three shimmery shades in a frosted ivory, shimmery tan, and shimmery mauve pink. The fourth shade is a matte in a deep plum brown. Orchid Haze is a must-have for any neutral lover. The shimmers are very shimmery in the frosted finish. It’s not over the top though and the colors are naturally flattering.

After the preview I posted on Instagram, many requested it be compared to Chanel Raffinement (reviewed here). I didn’t think it would be similar but pulled it by request anyways. Below I’ve compared it to NARS Kalahari, Guerlain Les Fumes (reviewed here) and Giorgio Armani Quad #2 (swatched here).

Compared to most other neutral palettes Tom Ford Orchid Haze is the winner in my book. The pigment is incredibly smooth and rich with excellent lasting power. Definitely worth the splurge and a good excuse for you to visit your nearest Tom Ford Beauty counter to try in person. Tom Ford Orchid Haze is available now in stores at Tom Ford counters. Also online at Neiman Marcus.

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Eye Makeup Tom Ford Beauty

Tom Ford Lavender Lust, Seductive Rose and Orchid Haze Preview

September 9, 2013
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Tom Ford Beauty has released several new Eye Color Quads to the US in Lavender Lust, Seductive Rose and Orchid Haze ($78 each for .35 oz/10g, made in Italy). This is a quick preview with swatches. I’ll be posting detailed reviews on each quad later this afternoon and tomorrow. So far my favorite is Orchid Haze mainly because it doesn’t have any glitter shades. Seductive Rose is a close second. I’m not thrilled with Lavender Lust because it pulls very pastel on my skin. Pastel lavenders/pinks are hard for me to pull off (I purchased it sight unseen).


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