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New Patrick Ta Spring Launches

February 27, 2024

New Patrick Ta Spring Launches 2024

Patrick Ta added new shades of his Double Take Creme and Powder Blush ($38 each) and Major Volume Plumping Lip Glosses ($26 each). They just launched at Sephora and I did a haul of some new shades as they looked really pretty and fresh for spring! I have some hits and a few misses with the new colors.

Double Take Creme and Powder Blush

There are three new shades of the Double Take Creme and Powder Blush. Based on the online descriptions and photos I thought there might be a chance one would not work for my skin tone, but I was interested in trying all three.

For those new to these they have a cream and a powder in each compact. I just learned today that my traditional way of applying cream first then top with powder isn’t the right way to use these blush duos but I still prefer it after trying both methods.

According to Patrick Ta the colors are meant to be applied with the powder first and cream on top for a dewy finish and to seal in the powder color. A lot of the powders in his look really sheer on my bare skin but on top of a powder they really pop! If you own any of his blush duos I’m interested to hear how you apply them.

Patrick Ta Spring Double Take Creme and Powder Blush: Just Enough, She's the Moment and Not Too Much

Patrick Ta Spring Double Take Creme and Powder Blush: Just Enough, She's the Moment and Not Too Much swatches

Just Enough is a baby pink blush duo. This ended up being too light and powdery looking on my skin because of the milky colors. I think it would make a great layering shade like Gucci Beauty True Pink. If you’re lighter or fair in skin tone I think you would really love this one.

She’s the Moment has peachy tangerine tones. This is a really pretty duo I think will be really beautiful for warmer months.

Not Too Much is a mix of neutral rose brown beiges. This is the perfect everyday neutral combo. It pulls a little more pink on my skin but has enough beige/brown tones that it looks more natural. I love this duo.

Major Volume Plumping Lip Glosses

Patrick Ta added new shades of his Major Volume Plumping Lip Glosses in a richer pigment formula. The colors definitely have a lot more pigment in them this round! I am not sure if my lips have become more sensitive or if they changed the formula because the new shades have a bit of sting to the lips. I accidentally put some on my tongue and it felt like it was on fire! The tingle isn’t so painful I have to take it off, it’s just on the stronger side.

Patrick Ta Major Volume Plumping Gloss Say Less, Need Her and Obviously

Patrick Ta Major Volume Plumping Gloss Say Less, Need Her and Obviously swatches

Plumping-wise they really do plump up the lips significantly within minutes.

I ordered 3 of the 5 new shades:

Say Less is a milky pink that pulls too pale on my lips, but if I mix it with his sheer red Full Syringe, I can make it work.

Need Her is the perfect everyday rose pink neutral. 100% love.

Obviously is a beautiful toffee brown. I love this color too. I normally cannot pull off browns on the lips but this has the perfect amount of warmth to make it wearable for me. Love this one too.

Four looks below wearing different coordinating lip colors with the blushes.

Baby Pinks: Just Enough + Say Less Gloss


Peachy: She’s the Moment + Chanel Rouge Coco Baume Flirty Coral + clear balm mixed

Patrick Ta Blush Dup She's the Moment and Chanel Rouge Coco Baume Flirty Coral


Neutral Rose: Not Too Much + Need Her Gloss

Patrick Ta Blush Duo Not Too Much and Gloss Need Her


Neutral Rose + Toffee: Not Too Much + Obviously Gloss

Patrick Ta Blush Duo Not Too Much and Gloss Obviously

Shop the Post:


Overall love everything except the baby pink tones which just didn’t work for my skintone.

You can find the new launches out now at Sephora.

Base Makeup Patrick TA

Patrick Ta Major Skin Creme Foundation and Finishing Powder Duo

September 27, 2022

Patrick Ta Major Skin Creme Foundation and Finishing Powder Duo

I’ve been playing with the new Patrick Ta Major Skin Creme Foundation and Finishing Powder Duo ($52) along with his new Dual-Ended Complexion Brush ($45) and his new foundation has made it to my favorites list! It is definitely in my Top 5 of all time for makeup bases. If you haven’t checked it out, I highly recommend venturing to your nearest Sephora to see it in person if you can.

Patrick Ta Major Skin Creme Foundation and Finishing Powder Duo

Patrick Ta Major Skin Creme Foundation and Finishing Powder Duo Light Medium 2

The new Patrick Ta Major Skin Creme Foundation is a skin-like base that looks like skin but better. It has a buildable finish that evens out the skin tone, covers imperfections and spots in a natural way, has good lasting power and still manages to let the skin breathe.

The compact also comes with a Finishing Powder which is a sheer tinted pressed powder. I was able to attend a zoom master class with Patrick Ta and he likes to use this only on the T-zone. It has minimal pigment in it to set the cream product and look natural. I am a full face powder kind of person because I like everything to be set evenly. It’s sheer but blurs the skin and I love that it doesn’t darken or oxidize on the cream.

I tried a few different shades and the colors I tested are sheer enough that I can make them all work on my skin. I used the shade finder tool at Sephora and my match was Light Medium 2 which turned out to be a spot on match.

Patrick Ta Major Skin Creme Foundation and Finishing Powder Duo

Patrick Ta Major Skin Creme Foundation and Finishing Powder Duo Light Medium 1, 2 and 3

I have Light Medium 1, Light Medium 2 and Light Medium 3 for the creme foundation swatched. Since the powder is really sheer it doesn’t really show up well in a swatch but each one has a slightly different undertone to match the cream.

On me you can see Light Medium 1 is more olive, Light Medium 2 is more golden and Light Medium 3 is more cool/rose toned.

Compared to other bases I really can’t think of anything quite like it. I’ve used and loved the MAC Studio Tech Cream-To-Powder Foundation but it’s more full coverage and has a matte finish. It has a natural finish like the Westman Atelier Vital Skin Foundation Stick, but the Patrick Ta feels a little more creamy, a little lighter weight and slightly more balmy. To me the new Patrick Ta Creme Foundation is almost like what you would get if you put the Chanel Les Beiges Water-Fresh Complexion Tint in a solid cream compact form.

Here’s a BEFORE (bare skin) and AFTER with (creme + powder)

Patrick Ta Major Skin Creme Foundation and Finishing Powder Duo Before and After

Side by side with just the Creme applied vs bare skin

Patrick Ta Major Skin Creme Foundation and Finishing Powder Duo Before and After

Creme foundation blended all over

Patrick Ta Major Skin Creme Foundation and Finishing Powder Duo Light Medium 2

Full look wearing:

Patrick Ta Major Skin Creme Foundation and Finishing Powder Duo Light Medium 2

Dual-Ended Complexion Brush

Patrick Ta Dual-Ended Complexion Brush

Patrick Ta also launched a new Dual-Ended Complexion Brush designed just for the the duo compact. It works really well and I love how it blends everything seamlessly. Since it is double ended I do wish it has some kind of cap or cover for it. The brush is very soft and smooth. It has the perfect density for both the cream side and powder side for flawless application. As much as I love it, I think you can use what you have.

Bottom line love. It’s everything I want in a foundation and powder! Natural, fragrance free, buildable, slightly radiant, blurring and great color range. Highly recommend. Since I have 3 shades I can make work for me I’m pretty well stocked at the moment, but I will 100% be repurchasing once it’s used up.

Available at Sephora and Patrick Ta Beauty.

Patrick Ta foundation and brush provided for review.

P.S. Thank you to all of you who have sent me messages about the hurricane. We are safe and staying put based on our zone and my in-laws are with us. Kitty and puppy send you all lots of kisses. We will most likely be experiencing power outages so I may not be able to respond over the next few days. Thank you for your heartfelt notes!

Patrick TA Sephora

Patrick Ta Beauty Haul Review + Swatches

November 11, 2019

Patrick Ta Beauty Haul Review

I have a Patrick Ta Beauty haul to share today! I’ve accumulated quite a few things I’ve purchased from Sephora over the past few months. As a neutral nude makeup lover I was really interested in his Monochrome Moment collection and so I’ve put together a roundup of everything I’ve tested to date. Overall I think there are some really nice pieces, but I don’t think they’ll appeal to everyone. More thoughts on why for each product below.


Major Glow Lip Shine

Patrick Ta Major Shine Lip Glosses

Up first are the Patrick Ta Major Glow Lip Shines ($22 each) in three colors. These are smooth non sticky glosses with a minty scent. There’s no tingle sensation as one might expect with the mint and they feel smooth without any gritty texture even with the sparkle. These have a clear base even though they look tinted in the tubes. The sparkles are different colors. These are pretty alone or on top of lipstick, but I wish there was more visible color payoff rather than just sparkle. Lasting power isn’t the best – they feel like they disappear from lips fairly quickly. I prefer Pat McGrath and Hourglass glosses for texture, color and lasting power.

I have two different kinds of applicators: two have a flat sponge tip and one has an angled sponge tip. I’m not sure if they changed it at some point or if there are different applicators for different colors.

Patrick Ta Major Shine Lip Glosses swatches lips

I’ve added swatches of other sparkle glosses below including Pat McGrath LUST Glosses in Pale Fire Nectar, Aliengelic, Earth Angel, Hourglass Unreal Gloss in Cosmic and MAC Dazzleglass in Sugarrimmed.

Glitter Gloss Swatches Patrick Ta, Pat McGrath, Hourglass and MAC


Monochrome Moment: Silky Lip Creme and Precision Lip Crayon

Patrick Ta Beauty Silky Lip Creme

As a neutral lip lover the Monochrome Moment had me so excited. The colors ended up being a lot different than promotional stock photos and swatches but I still really like the concept and colors. I bought 3 of the Silky Lip Cremes (the lightest one was too light for my skin tone) in She’s Independent, She’s Secure, She’s Confident and they’re all warmer and lighter than I anticipated. To get a better sense of the undertone I included swatches of other colors I thought would in the same color family including Chanel Rouge Allure Ink Fusion in Beige Naturel, Tom Ford Lip Lacquer in Universal Appeal, Lawless Soft Matte Liquid Lipsticks in Leo and George, NARS Velvet Lip Glides in Swing and Xenon, NARS Powermatte Lip Pigment in American Woman and Fenty Stunna Lip Paint in Uncuffed.

Nude Liquid Lip Swatches

She’s Independent is a neutral pink beige nude, She’s Secure is a warm peachy pink nude, She’s Confident is the darkest option which is a warm nude rose. I anticipated them being more rosy and cool-toned. On me they all pull warm.

Texture wise they’re like liquid cremes that don’t dry down to a matte finish (which I really love). They’re super creamy and opaque and give full coverage with a tiny bit of shine. They will transfer if you touch your lips, in particular I found they stuck to my teeth easily. Lasting power is decent as long as you don’t touch your lips. If you’re looking for a neutral rose I recommend passing on the colors he has out right now.

Patrick Ta Precision Lip Crayon

The Precision Lip Crayons are click-up pencils with an angled flat tip. They’re creamy and easy to apply for full coverage. I recommend feathering as they’re very opaque and have a matte finish. Once they set they are super long wearing. You can definitely pair these with the Silky Lip Creme but the lip cremes are so pigmented and opaque the liners won’t show through. I bought three: She’s Humble is a neutral nude pink and She’s Proud is a slightly deeper rose and She’s Strong is a cool-toned brown.

Swatch comparisons to other neutrals I have: Pat McGrath Permagel Done Undone, Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat in Iconic Nude and Pillow Talk, Marc Jacobs Poutliner in Nudist and Primrose, MAC Lip Pencils in Stripdown, Whirl and Boldly Bare.

Neutral Lip Pencils Patrick Ta, Charlotte Tilbury, MAC

Lip swatches of 2 of the lip pencils and 3 lip cremes:

Patrick Ta Monochrome Moment Lip swatches


Velvet Blush

Patrick Ta Velvet Blush Review

I hauled all four the Monochrome Moment Velvet Blushes and think these will be hit or miss depending on how much color payoff you want in a blush. The texture is stiff/hard but not so hard that it’s impossible to pick up color. The texture makes it so the product is buildable and will give you a natural blushed look without being overdone. Swatching on hand in store won’t give you the true sense of how these apply on the face. Fingers barely pick up any powder or pigment. Using a brush and swatching on hand as well won’t show you much color. Sheer/hard texture doesn’t necessarily mean bad – they do show up on my skin, I just wish it had a softer and easier to apply formula.

Swatches on the arm with a heavy hand and then below applied on the face, She’s Adorable has the best color payoff/pigment:

Patrick Ta Velvet Blush Swatches

For skintone reference I am wearing the Milk Flex Foundation Stick in Golden Sand, equivalent of Armani Luminous Silk in 6.5, MAC NC30-35, Pat McGrath 14 or 15, Chanel Ultra Le Teint Velvet in Beige 40. I’m starting to lose my tan slightly and I’ve also gone back to 100% dark hair as I’m trying to grow out my highlights. My colorist added a dark toner that almost matches my natural hair color last week.

Blushes are packed on pretty heavily on the face to show the color differences. With regular application of just one or two swipes the color is a lot more sheer.

Patrick Ta Velvet Blush Face Swatches


Major Glow On the Go Duo

Patrick Ta Major Glow On the Go Set

The last thing I wanted to review was the Major Glow on the Go Duo with the Glitter Body Oil in A Dream and Major Glow Lip Shine in She’s Expensive. I really like the body oil finish and texture – it has a spritzer applicator and the oil itself smells like sweet candy. I’m not the biggest fan of the scent but it’s not a deal breaker and it fades after a few minutes. The Lip Shine isn’t a must for me but if you’re looking for a subtle glitter gloss this is a nice one to try.


Overall I really love the lip liners for the lasting power, texture and packaging! The lip cremes have a nice texture but the colors weren’t anything like I expected. The ones I bought still work for a nude lip look on my complexion but they’re very warm toned so may not work for all skin tones. I would like them more if they didn’t transfer to my teeth so easily. The blushes are nice for a subtle everyday kind of blush but the stiff texture and sheer color payoff will most likely make it a miss for many. While I don’t think they’re bad I do think other brands and options are better. The lip shines are just ok for me – I had higher expectations and hopes with the pretty sparkle, on my lips they’re so sheer and the lasting power isn’t there.



Have you tried anything from Patrick Ta Beauty? What did you think?