YSL Spring 2016 La Lacquer Couture Nail Lacquers: Love Pink and Peace Green

January 19, 2016

For spring YSL has launched two limited-edition La Lacquer Couture Nail Lacquers in Love Pink and Peace Green ($27 each). I ordered these as soon as they popped up online directly from YSL but they appear to be sold out everywhere now, at least online. I never saw these at counters – I’m not sure if they sold out, never arrived or haven’t launched yet in stores. If you’re interested in either shade, I suggest you try calling your local counters to see if they have any sooner than later. Update: thanks to my Cathy for letting me know they are now available online at Nordstrom!

Both are iridescent shimmers with medium coverage. Two coats offers smooth coverage but with a slightly transparent quality. I preferred three coats for both of the shades. They are both duo chrome in the bottles. Love Pink flashes a little bit of green and Peace Green flashes a little bit of opal pink. On the nails the shimmer is more subtle. These have a milky kind of sheen and shimmer and the duo chrome quality is very subtle. I love aqua colors for the nails but often times feel like they look so un-natural on my olive skin tone. Peace Green is soft enough that it doesn’t look sharp. Sometimes greens + my olive skin just doesn’t look good together. Peace Green has a softness that makes it pretty wearable, even for me.

I haven’t been able to test these for lasting power since I’m in the midst of swatching and shooting some photos for nail polishes. In my past experience with YSL nail polishes, lasting power is very good (at least 5 days without tip wear and no chipping). The brush and formula are really good – there is a noticeable difference in application, pigment and shine to me to justify the high price of these over other brands like Zoya, Essie or OPI but that’s just my personal take.

Onto the swatches. The duochrome is very subtle so I took several photos to try and capture the dimension of the shimmer. It was a bit difficult since the blend of shimmers in these meld together into a milky kind of sheen. Love Pink is a really pretty soft pink shimmer.

Sometimes I like matching nails to accessories. Do you do this too? Shown with 3 coats:

Indoor natural light, no flash:

In direct sunlight with flash:

Peace Green, shown below with three coats:

In sunlight with flash:

Indoor, natural light, no flash:

I think both are really pretty soft pastels for spring. The shimmer makes these really unique with the milky kind of blurred shimmer effect. It gives them a soft sheen that I don’t see in many other shimmer polishes. I’m not really familiar with the launch dates of the YSL collections so even though these are sold out online, it’s possible they might still be available at counters and stores. If you’ve spotted the collection – please let us all know in the comments.

Both Love Pink and Peace Green are limited-edition shades. If you’ve been eyeing these I hope you can find them somewhere! Available right now online at Nordstrom.

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