Rescue Beauty Lounge Anatomy of a #Kdrama

July 9, 2014

Rescue Beauty Lounge has a new collection called Anatomy go a #Kdrama with seven new Nail Polish shades ($20 each). The polishes have a diverse range of finishes, colors and textures – creams, shimmers, and glitters. The shades include Not Your Baby, Oh Slap!, Instant Amnesia, Cue the Montage, Will They Won’t They, Monologue, Burn the Evidence: 

Not Your Baby is a stunning complex mix of taupe, brown and silver shimmer infused with subtle blue and green shimmer flecks. It’s a more pigmented and darker version of Chanel Quartz. It has perfect flawless smooth coverage with two coats.

Oh Slap! is a semi-sheer jelly cream pink. It’s a three-coater nail polish for me otherwise the nail shows through underneath. Coverage is really smooth with a shiny high gloss finish.

Instant Amnesia is a nude tan with a hint of pearl. It’s not a full shimmer but there is a visible sheen in the color. On me it’s very nude with a warm undertone. Coverage is full and smooth with two coats.

Cue the Montage is a textured yellow with a hint of green and silver glitter flecks. It dries to a very different textured finish like sandpaper. The polish applies with full coverage with two coats but the uneven finish. I rarely wear yellow on the nails. This one was extremely unflattering on my skin tone. The glitter chunks stuck to the nails and it took over 15 minutes to remove from my nails.

Will They Won’t They is a soft lilac purple with a pretty shimmer. Some of the shimmers have a flash of blue making this unique compared to other purples. It’s a two coater as well with a smooth texture.

Monologue is shimmery teal. The texture is slightly thinner than most RBL nail polishes. It covers well with two coats but was slightly less fluid/smooth in the application. There is a slightly bright quality to the base which makes the blue stand out.

Burn the Evidence is a sparkling copper glitter. The glitter particles are very fine. It has a transparent base with one coat. With two coats the shimmers cover the nails more. It’s shown below with two coats. It’s extremely glitzy. I’m not sure I can wear this one comfortably for everyday.

Comparisons shown below. I’ll link prior nail swatches:

My top picks are Not Your Baby, Will They Won’t They and Oh Slap! The collection is online for purchase now at Rescue Beauty Lounge. Be sure to check out the other blogger’s reviews linked on the RBL website.

This collection was provided courtesy of Rescue Beauty Lounge for review. For more information see my Disclosures.

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