Chanel Convoitise 90 Illusion D’Ombre

August 28, 2013
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Chanel Convoitise #90 Illusion d’Ombre ($36 for 4g/0.14 oz) has been re-released with the Jeux de Regards collection.  (It was previously released as part of an Asia-exclusive with the Les Delices collection, later as a Chanel.com and Saks exclusive.) Convoitise is a stunning sparkly beige gold with silver sparkles. It’s quite complex and pulls neutral-cool on the skin. I love that you can achieve different effects depending on how much you layer. A soft sheer veil gives the lids a subtle glow. Layering will result in a more golden-silvery metallic sheen. Being a sucker for any kind of neutral or cool toned golds, I found Convoitise a unique must-have. Lasting power is quite good – I had no smudging or fading with the warm weather we are having in Southern California. It’s a simple swipe and go kind of shade. Adding a liner and mascara is all I need to use with Convoitise.

Close ups with flash to try and show the sparkle:

I’ve swatched it a few different ways.  The shimmer is quite pigmented. When it catches the light it flashes a silvery sheen. At an angle you can see the base is more of a neutral beige-gold (at least on my olive skin).

In direct sunlight:

At an angle, it’s more golden:

Under artificial light with flash so you can see the complexity of the sparkles:

The unique aspect of Convoitise is the mix of color. It’s a multidimensional shimmer with a smooth finish. Some other golds are similar but have a more chunky textured finish. Below you can see Urban Decay Greed Primer Potion (more yellow), Chanel Emerville Illusion d’Ombre (peach), Apparance Illusion d’Ombre (warmer and richer with texture), Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill 18 (discontinued, more textured and yellow, also more frosted) and Tom Ford Escapade (which is a peach). Below will show how you can achieve different effects with the same shades depending on how much you apply. Swatches also show the difference in textures between the colors.
Swatched with a heavy hand:

Same shades blended:

Colors with heavy swatches under artificial light to show the textures:

At this time I’m not sure if Convoitise is limited-edition, but you can find it at most Chanel counters now, online at Nordstrom, Saks, Neimans and Chanel.com.

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