Dior Mystic Metallics Vernis: Destin 382 and Galaxie 992

July 11, 2013
Dior Mystic Metallics brings us three new nail polishes, one in a magnetic-wave formula, two in the regular Dior formula. I purchased the two regular Dior Vernis shades in Destin 382 and Galaxie 992 ($24 each for 10 ml/0.33 fl oz, made in France). Both are stunning shades for fall. Destin 382 is a beautiful neutral mauve-grey shimmer with slight pinkish tones. Galaxie 992 is a beautiful plum metallic. Both are very smooth in finish with full coverage. Each shade has the perfect amount of shimmer – enough to be visible on the nail, but not too frosted or metallic. You may find similar colors in your collection however each shade is just so stunning – they are like updated classics, I think they are definitely must-haves for fall.

Swatches and comparisons for each shade, first up Destin 382. It’s a mauve but the complex shimmers make it look pinkish on the nails depending on the light. I love the color, it’s natural but not nude.

Galaxie 992 is a stunning berry vamp. I was hoping it would be a dupe for the limited-edition Love 928 shade from years past, but it’s not quite the same. Still, Galaxie is beautiful.

More comparisons on the full nail wheel in different light: Deborah Lippmann Good Girl Gone Bad, Dior Shadow, Dior Love, Dior Galaxie, Dior Icone, Chanel Gondola, Chanel Taboo, Chanel Vamp, Chanel Malice, Le Metier de Beaute Faraday, Deborah Lippmann Glamorous Life, Deborah Lippmann Modern Love, YSL Beige Leger, Dior Destin, Chanel Violette, Rescue Beauty Lounge Grunge, Guerlain Petite Robe Noire and Chanel Quartz.

I wore Destin over the weekend and I have Galaxie on my nails now. I can’t stop looking at my nails. Definitely must-haves. Demure enough for conservative offices, but enough oomph to not be completely boring. The formula is beautiful and the brush makes the shades extremely easy to apply. I didn’t test either for more than 5 days since I usually like to change nail colors frequently. I didn’t experience any tip-wear with Destin after 3 days of wear (using Deborah Lippmann’s Rehydrating Base Coat and Chanel’s Top Coat).
I found the colors in store at Nordstrom. They are both limited-edition.

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