Chanel Ombres Tissées Beiges from Les Aquarelles de Chanel

August 9, 2011
We’ve all been waiting for Les Aquarelles de Chanel for ages ever since we saw previews from the Chanel Couture show in Paris earlier this year. Café Makeup gave us the sneak preview of the whole collection. It has finally been released to Neiman Marcus and Chanel.com – I am waiting for news of other stores and boutiques that also might be getting this (will update when I find out). The Beiges highlighter is something I’ve been waiting to receive for eons. It’s a multi-purpose powdery-cream highlighter for eyes and cheeks. The product is pricey at $75 but the product is a work of art and in my opinion worth every penny.

Per Chanel, Ombres Tissées Beiges – Iridescent Effects Eyes:

“This unique illuminating powder from LES AQUARELLES DE CHANEL Makeup Collection adds captivating shimmer and iridescence to eyes and cheeks with pale pink and ivory tones. The harmony is embellished with a luminous layer of shimmer and embossed with an iconic woven tweed effect. Limited Edition.”

The design of this palette is simply exquisite. The top layer is heavily oversprayed with chunky glitter. Those who detest glitter (like me) will be happy to know it’s only the top layer and can easily be removed without damaging the beautiful quilted pattern by brushing a skunk brush over the top to remove the overspray.

Underneath you see three layers of soft pink and peach, the three blend together for a pale wash of highlight. I haven’t had chance to swatch or apply these on the eyes. I’m scared of ruining the beautiful texture! I will update later with swatches and further thoughts. In the meantime check out Front Row Beauty and Joeys’pace for their lovely thoughts, photos and reviews.

Update with more swatches to come this evening.

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