Chanel Blue Satin Le Vernis

July 15, 2011
Chanel Blue Satin 461 was originally launched in Spring 2008 (see details on Temptalia here) as a permanent shade. Per Cafe Makeup’s keen eye, it looks it might be making a comeback as seen on the runway at the Fall-Winter 2011-12 Couture Collection at the Grand Palais in Paris, France. It’s a dark navy blue with an iridescent glow in the bottle. On the nails, the shimmer disappears (unless in direct sunlight) and you see a dark glossy deep rich navy. Since it’s mid-summer, I was initially a bit weary of wearing this right now. Thanks to the help of a few tweets from fellow bloggers, I was assured that Blue Satin is one of those shades that is good for any time of year. They were right!

The newly released Neiman Marcus catalog has a feature on Chanel. Blue Satin complements the dark blue tones of the clothing and accessories. If you don’t receive the catalog in the mail, they usually have extras in-store. I highly recommend that you try to pick one up. The photography is phenomenal and absolutely beautiful!

Two coats, with flash and artificial light, you can see the shimmer a bit:

In direct sun

This is what Blue Satin looks like most of the time, without the direct sun, a deep dark navy:

Overall love. However, this color isn’t the most unique and I think it should be easily dupeble. If you want shimmer, then this is not the navy for you. I haven’t checked out the Dior Blue Tie, but from pictures it appears to be more visibly shimmery than Chanel Blue Satin. Rescue Beauty Lounge’s Under The Stars is slightly more shimmery. See the comparison here. The formula, however, even after having this for several years is still excellent. It has a thin texture but the coverage is rich and very smooth.

One more just for fun even if it’s blurry:

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