MAC Peachy Love: Ripe Peach, Marine Life & My Paradise

May 29, 2011
I have a soft spot for peachy blushes and highlighters, especially for the limited edition creations by MAC like Ripe Peach and Marine Life. I haven’t craved anything from MAC for quite some time, but this all changed as soon as sneak previews popped up for the new My Paradise Surf, Baby! Cheek Powder. The packaging and embossed chunky gold flower design on the surface is to die for. I could not resist.

Here are all three limited-edition peachy blush and highlighter powders next together (note, the marine life with the gold overspray is an untouched back-up).

Left to right: Ripe Peach Blush Ombre (spring 2010)
Marine Life High-Light Powder (summer 2010)
My Paradise Surf, Baby! Cheek Powder (summer 2011)

Close up of Ripe Peach – the softest finish out of the 3 peaches. Rich ripe peach with a satiny shimmer. Gradient from light peach to coral. Super soft shimmer throughout.

Close up of my backup of Marine Life. The gold is overspray on the surface and disappears. This one is the most pigmented and most shimmery out of the three. Application must be with a super light hand for me to avoid clown-cheeks. This one is the most coral with hints of red/pink.

Close up of My Paradise. The gold is embossed and raised from the peach powder. I suspect it’s only on the surface. The shimmer in the gold is very chunky but rich in pigment. The peach is very similar to Ripe Peach, but more slightly more reddish.

Left to right: Ripe Peach, Marine Life, My Paradise

Unfortunately, Ripe Peach and Marine life are no longer for sale as they were both limited edition. I suspect My Paradise will be sold out soon as well, but the good thing about MAC is that chances are with the frequent releases they will come up with something similar in the near future. Right now my holy-grail peach blushes are Chanel Espiègle (see it here), MAC Fleur Power (see it here) and MAC Style (see it here) – all of which are still easy to find right now.

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