Peachy Love For Chanel Le Vernis in Pêche Nacrée 515

April 4, 2011

Chanel’s summer collection is due to be released very soon, but I still can’t get enough of the Spring 2011 Le Vernis shades (all nail polishes featured, reviewed and compared here in Dear Chanel, I Love You!). I’ve worn Black Pearl 513 on numerous occasions on tips and toes since December and I’ve worn Pearl Drop 511 twice.

Right now, Laura from Jonesy Loves and I are both smitten with Pêche Nacrée 515, a beautiful soft luminous peachy pearl that has the perfect balance of shimmer and cream. We got matching manicures this weekend after a scrumptious lunch. It was the perfect way to cheer up a gloomy cloudy day.

Below is what it looks like on me (two coats and it just glows):

Here it is on Laura who is fairer and cooler than me (Chanel Pêche Nacrée went with her white dress perfectly, see her full dress here):

On me (left) versus her (right), both of us had two coats applied, I like it better on Laura:

Bottom line: We can’t stop staring at our nails! It’s subtle but polished. Plus we’ve both agreed that nobody beats Chanel Nail Polishes with their perfect color, texture and sheen 🙂

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