Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill #6

June 8, 2010
I took a mini road trip to Beverly Hills/West Hollywood this past weekend for a day of shopping, cupcakes and other girliness. It was perfect weather and my friend and I literally walked until we dropped. Of course I had to stop by Saks to check out D&G and see if they had the new Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill Palettes in ($59 each) – which they did have for sale, but did not have testers of. Wasn’t a problem for me though, I had purchased my Eyes To Kill from last fall without testing them instore too. I picked up the neutral one, Number 6 which has a lovely warm taupe-bronze sparkle, light pink, soft light peach – all sparkly like the first series of Eyes to Kill, but not quite as sparkly as the Spring Nude Contrasts.

According to Armani, Palette 6 is named “Bronze Coral” designed for solar hues and describes the shades in the palette as having metallic and satin finishes:
  • Centre: fresh coral (satin finish)
  • Middle: fresh pink (metallic finish)
  • Exterior: gold stone (satin finish)

Close Up Photos and Swatches:

Natural Light Without Flash:

For the taupe lovers who want to know how this compares to the older release,
here is Palette #1 compared to the New Palette #6:

In looking at the promo photos, it seems like there is a slight discrepancy in what is being featured. This is what I mean: there are 2 versions of each palette depending on which Armani site you visit. See the US versus International/Global photos.

I’m not sure if certain stores received different shades or if this is simply an error. The ones I saw at the Beverly Hills Saks Fifth Avenue look like the ones from the Global Website. In my excitement with the Saks Beverly Hills store, I completely forgot to check out the new Double Decker palette, new lipshimmers and waterproof Eyes to Kill mascara.

I haven’t tried this on my eyes yet, but I have fallen in love with almost all Armani shadows. I can’t wait to wear this today and plan to pair it with Bobbi Brown’s Bronze Gel Liner 🙂

Has anyone else seen summer in person yet? Any details to report on the lipshimmers? Have a great Tuesday!

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