Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill Palettes: 1, 2 & 3

September 10, 2009

Left to right: #1 Steel Black, #2 Brown Copper, #3 Gunmetal Grey

The Eyes to Kill Palettes have finally arrived at my local Saks and Neimans and have been selling fast because of Saks Double Points & Neimans’s Beauty Week. Luckily my favorite Saks associate knew I had been asking about these since June so she and the Armani reps put one of each aside for me as soon as they came in.

These should be trickling in online very soon, but so far are currently available at GiorgioArmaniBeauty.com. Here are the product & color descriptions, each palette retails for $58 (for 8 g/.28 oz):

For more pictures and scans from magazines, check out this post Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill Preview. I have yet to try the Eyes to Kill Mascara, but am planning to pick one up soon so I should be able to report back within the next few weeks about it!

I came home with #1 (taupe/ivory/black), #2 (coppery brown/gold/chocolate), and #3 (dark violet/cool grey/charcoal).

Here are the pictures and swatches:

Close up of #1:

Close up of #2:

Close up of #3:

Overall thoughts: My counter didn’t have testers of these so I had to buy them without trying. Luckily thanks to some other boards, I was able to see swatches before buying. Before I write the rest of my review, I have to say that in addition to being a die-hard Chanel fan, I am also a huge fan of Armani.

I haven’t been able to try these out on the eyes yet, but so far, the pigmentation seems on par with other armani shadows and palettes. Each palette has a good range of finish in the eyeshadow ranging from a high shimmer finish to satin/finish. Those looking for a matte eyeshadow palette might not like these, but the shades aren’t too shimmery or frosty (with the exception of #1). The middle darkest shades are the least shimmery but not completely matte – these seem to be on the sheerer side.

Overall I’m really happy with the palettes. I have been into a major shimmer eyeshadow kick but these are nice because they aren’t overly shimmery or matte. Pigmentation is decent in my opinion. Even though $58 is steep, I am happy with my purchases.

With the exception of the middle shades which are basic black, chocolate and charcoals, the palettes were unique enough that I don’t think I have comparable shades in my current collection.

I highly recommend you call your local Neimans to take advantage of their gift with purchase. The qualifier isn’t too high. Check the neimanmarcus.com website for a picture of their gift which includes a full size shine lipstick, a mini eyes to kill mascara and more. Even if your local neimans doesn’t have these palettes, there are plenty of other fabulous things to try out!

P.S. I’ve also scanned the list of Neimans Beauty Gifts HERE.

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