Chanel Jade Rose Nail Polish

September 17, 2009
You’ve seen the hype about these two new nail polishes from Chanel and some wonderful pictures and swatches on those fabulous nail blogs such as All Lacquered Up and Steph’s Closet. I have to admit that I have been stunned by the gorgeousness of that aqua green shade, but did not order it as I feel that 28 is too old to be sporting a color that trendy.

Jade Rose is a creamy light natural-looking pink. There is a slight iridescence in the bottle but it barely shows up on the nails. Those who have followed my blog since I started it know I am a huge Chanel-junkie (see my Chanel Nail Polish collection here + a few other additions since then here) and collect almost every single polish they release.

As much as I love Chanel, I can’t say I am totally in love with this shade mainly because I wish it either had more shimmer or some depth to it. It comes out a flat ordinary pink shade on my nails. I definitely see myself getting a lot of use from this color and will be wearing it on more than one occasions. I was just hoping for something more unique or dazzling. That being said, if I had been able to see or test it out in person first, I would have still bought a few bottles.

Those who have received your Jade or Jade Rose Nail Polishes – what are your thoughts? I have a swatch and several comparison pictures to other light pinky-neutral shades.

Swatch with 2 thick coats:

Photographed compared to Chanel Jasmine, Chanel Lily Beige, Chanel Pink Satin, Dior Porcelain and Chanel Ballerina:

Close ups:

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