Paul & Joe Holiday 2009: Face Highlighters, Pearl Powders and Lip Lacquers

October 23, 2009

I have fallen completely head over heels over Paul & Joe’s Holiday Collection and new Lip Lacquers. If you haven’t checked it out, go to the Paul & Joe Beaute website or the Facebook Paul & Joe group page to look at their new holiday items. Josie shared her new items with us last week from her guest review with some gorgeous pictures and detailed descriptions. Check out the article First Look at Paul & Joe Holiday from Guest Writer Joey.

My holiday order from Bergdorfs arrived this past weekend and here is what I hauled along with my descriptions:

* Highlighting Powder in Sheer Radiance 001
(top left) – soft pale peach undertone
* Highlighting Powder in Sheer Glow 002 (top right) – soft highlight with a slight pink undertone
* Pearl Powder Smoke Black 001 – shimmery deep steel grey shimmer with silver flecks
* Pearl Powder Smoke Brown 002 – complex warm auburn taupe shimmer
* Lip Lacquer Nectar 01 (top gloss) – nectar peach
* Lip Lacquer Serenade 03 (middle gloss) – soft pink beige
* Lip Lacquer Riviera 05 (bottom gloss) – a cute coral pink with sparkles

My thoughts, photos and some swatches:

Highlighting Powders: The best thing about the highlighters is the packaging and the cute box it came in. The packaging/size is larger than the face colors and they come with a cute brush. The downside is that the pretty design on the powder is only an overspray so once you swipe it, the design is gone and you are left with a pale iridescent glowy powder.

Pearl Powders: Both Pearl Powders are limited edition and gorgeous for a smokey eye. They have an excellent pigmented base wtih silver flecks. 001 is a gorgeous deep smokey grey without blue undertones and 002 is a pretty auburn shimmer that might be too warm/copper for some, but I love it. With any loose powder, there is always a potential for some fall out. When applying these, they did fall on my face, but once on the eyes, they stayed put.

Comparisons to some other loose powders in the same color family (you can see that the Paul & Joe colors are unique!). Two views with contrasting backgrounds:

Swatch comparisons (applied over Paul & Joe’s Moisturizing Primer #2 as a base to pick up the pigment better):

1) Stila All Over Shimmer #13
2) MAC Dark Soul Pigment
3) MAC Sweet Sienna Pigment
4) Paul & Joe 001
5) Paul & Joe 002
6) MAC Gold Stroke Pigment
7) MAC Copperbeam Pigment
8) MAC Chocolate Brown Pigment

One more comparison set to include MAC Tan Pigment which looks similar in the container, but goes on a lot lighter than it looks in the pot (applied on bare skin without a base):

1) MAC Chocolate Brown Pigment
2) Paul & Joe 002
3) MAC Tan Pigment
4) MAC Copperbeam Pigment
5) MAC Gold Stroke Pigment

Lip Lacquers: These come packaged in squeeze tubes in 10 different shades. The Paul & Joe Beaute website and Facebook Paul & Joe group pages both show excellent photos! These are my new holy grail tube glosses. The pigment is medium – better than MAC Lipgelees (which I found too slick/sheer) and not as highly-fragranced like Lancome Juicy Tubes. The ones I bought are fairly similar: 01 is a nectar peach, 03 is a soft pink beige, 05 is a cute coral pink with sparkles. I don’t have swatches yet because I’m expecting another package soon for most of the other shades. I will post all the swatches together then. Check out Josie’s post for a swatch and picture of gloss #10!

Overall thoughts: P&J Holiday = huge win for me! Gotta love the cute samples and GWP from Bergdorfs that they had from their artist event. Are any of you Paul & Joe fans? I’d LOVE to hear what your favorite products are. I don’t have access to this line in person near me, so I rely heavily on internet blogs, message boards and reviews to try and figure out what to get!

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