New Dior 1-Colour Ultra-Smoothing High Impact Eyeshadows

September 1, 2009

Dior just released a collection of single eyeshadows in a new formula called “1-Couleur Ultra-Smooth High Impact Eyeshadow,” retailing for $27.50. Dior released a few in the new formula in Argentic 056 & Trendy Taupe 066 with their fall 2009 Jazz Club collection in the US.

I bought these from Sephora.com because of the “ONLY AT SEPHORA” note beside each shade, but it seems like Sephora simply received the new eyeshadows first (similar to the release of the reformulated Addict Lip Color where they received the lipsticks first before other retailers like Nordstrom & Bloomingdales) since today, I now see the shades available at Nordstrom.com.

Nordstrom.com describes the product saying, “Dior takes shadow play to extremes with Color Extreme powder eyeshadow singles. Maximum color. Maximum wear. In a single sweep they’re on to stay for hours. The new innovative eyeshadow uses a new Japanese slurry powder process to create a formula that delivers maximum color payoff and extreme hold in just one coat.”

Sephora.com has decent product photos and color descriptions.

I ended up purchasing two of the shades Bronzy Night 486 and Beige Print 626. I had purchased Argentic 056 when the fall collection came out.

Additional product photos, swatches and scans/pictures from various magazines.

Close up of Argentic 056:

Close up of Bronzy Night 486:

Close up of Beige Print 626:


Swatches compared to a few other singles from the original single eyeshadow line:

1. Argentic (new formula)
2. Bronzy Night (new formula)
3. Beige Print (new formula)
4. Beige Sunshine (original formula for single shadows)
5. Brown Sequins (original formula for single shadows)


From Oggi October 2009:
* Item #2 is Nude Luminescence 516
* Item #3 is Infra-Rose 826


From Biteki September 2009:
* Item #1 is Infra-Rose 826
* Item #2 is Beige Print 626

Actual product compared to magazine (Beige Print):


From Biteki September 2009:
* Item #1 is Gold Touch 546
* Item #2 is Trendy Taupe 066

These come in the same size compact as the One-Colour Eyeshadow which retail for $25.00, I don’t know what the difference is in formula that would justify the higher price tag of $27.50 (which I think is really steep). I will have to play around with the colors a bit more to see exactly what the difference is, but initially, it seems that the new formula is more shimmery and the texture is highly pigmented and slightly creamy versus powdery like traditional eyeshadows.

Overall I’m really pleased with the pigmentation and the shimmer is finely milled so it’s not over the top or too subtle. I will definitely be on the lookout for the product instores to test out the other colors like Nude Luminescence, Ultra Violet & Brown Fever.

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