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Spring 2011 Previews from Maquia February 2011 Issue

December 26, 2010
I scanned these from Maquia’s February 2011 issue. A few sneak peeks of what’s to come. Note, I cannot translate this so I won’t be able to answer questions about the products, your guess is as good as mine is. However, there are number indicators on some of the products which help me try to figure out the coordinating product number to name. Also note Maquia is a Japanese publication so I don’t know if the US will get all the items featured, I know in years past we haven’t, but I’m not sure about this year.

For more previews, check out Rouge Deluxe for her preview scans/photos from Biteki’s February 2011 publication. She’s great at finding out new information and has a number of sneak peek and links to previews of stuff coming out this spring.

At the moment I have no information about what else is coming out or when items will be released except for Chanel, MAC and Bobbi Brown: I do know the Bobbi Brown Pretty Powerful palettes have been released, I saw them at Nordstrom this morning but passed since they combine creams and powders in the same level for the palette – a BIG NO-NO for me.

Please do not republish these on message boards, blogs, websites or anywhere else as it took me some time to scan each in and format them to fit this blog. Thank you.


Lancome Pop N’ Cheeks in Coral Flirt from Spring 2010

January 3, 2010

I haven’t tried much from Lancome with the exception of their blushes and Bifacil makeup remover, so I’m not really familiar with the line. I assume their product launches are similar to Dior where they release different items in different countries. I know for holiday, Asia got that pretty pink cherub highlighter while the US only got the golden bronzey one. It appears there are 2 versions of the Pop N’Cheeks Gentle & Lasting Color Powder Blush as well, I only saw 01 Coral Flirt at Nordstrom, but the Asian catalogs show another pretty peach/pink blush 02. I believe I saw a few different glosses that are not shown in these previews as well (the ones in the round tubes).

Someone please correct me if I’m am wrong. I would be THRILLED to know if the 02 blush is available in the US anywhere! (There’s one more scan a few posts down from January 1.)

The new tester unit caught my eye as I was browsing through Nordstrom. I am sorry to say I can’t remember anything else I saw, although I wish I had paid more attention. I only remember looking at the glosses thinking they were too sparkley for my taste and then moved on.

The Coral Flirt Blush is designed in an abstract rose pattern. The gold is only an overspray. The tester I saw had no gold left on the product, so I got to swirl it with my fingers. It gives a very sheer soft peach blush. If you’re familiar with Benefit Coralista & Georgia, I would say the new Lancome is in between those 2 shades once brushed on your cheeks.

Close up with flash

Close up in natural sunlight
Since I know many of you insist on swatches, even though I hate mine, here it is swatched on three fingers. The first finger has the gold sparkle, the second and third have progressively less overspray-sparkle, but it’s a bit hard to see. I highly recommend testing in person.

Overall a nice soft and sheer peach. You’d probably get more pigment with MAC Pinch O Peach (also more pink) or Laura Mercier Orange Blossom blush. It’s good for a natural cheek and the bonus for me is that there is no detectable scent on the product.


Spring Collection Scans from Maquia February 2010 Issue

January 1, 2010

Happy New Year to everyone! Per reader request, scans of the spring collections. These are from Maquia & Voce which I thought had the best photos/layout. I didn’t scan all the lines, these are mostly the ones in the US and there are a few that I’ve never heard of that are on the same scanned pages.


Lancome & Estee Lauder

Christian Dior

Givenchy, Clinique, Shu Uemura


Shiseido, Cle de Peau, Majolica Majorca

Beaute de Kose Esprique Precious, Beaute de Kose, Addiction, Jill Stuart

Align Center

Helena Rubinstein, Suqqu

RMK & Lunasol

YSL, Clarins, Guerlain

Nars and Paul & Joe
Kesalan Patharan, Paul & Joe, Maybelline NY

Anna Sui & MAC

Giorgio Armani


Dolce & Gabbana Holiday 2009 Collection

November 10, 2009

Saks has received their holiday collection for Dolce & Gabbana and the colors are stunning!

There have been some promotional pictures of the Golden Beams holiday collection floating around the web on various blogs like and and in the latest Saks catalog page 43, you can see photos of the Sparkling Lipstick, Royal Nail Lacquer, Magic Lipgloss, and Gold Eyeshadow Quad.

I ordered from Saks NY for the Triple Points event last week and these are the holiday items that came in the mail today (I ordered several items from the regular line too, but those will be saved for another article in the near future):

* Sparkling Shine Lipstick – sparkling warm nude-gold
* Caramel Blush – the perfect caramel nude blush
* Royal Nail Polish – extremely deep purple with reddish undertones and subtle sparkle
* Magic Lipgloss (thanks to the sweet SAs who threw this in as a GWP!) – a rich ruby shimmer

Lips and cheeks: Magic Lipgloss, Caramel Blush, Sparkling Lipstick

Swatches of Sparkling Lipstick & Magic Lipgloss:

Swatch of Caramel Blush:

Caramel (most pigmented) vs Nude (more peachy/light) vs MAC Tendering (in the middle):

Royal Nail Polish: 3 coats with high flash (in natural light the sparkle is more subtle)

Compared to Nars Tokaido Express and Chanel Vendetta:

In natural sunlight: L to R – Nars Tokaido Express, Dolce & Gabbana Royal, Chanel Vendetta

As of this past weekend, the Saks NY store called to let me know they received their Golds Eyeshadow Quad in limited quantities. I decided to pass on this for now since I already have a lot of golds/silvers.

If you have the latest Saks catalog, check page 43 for a better picture:

Overall thoughts: I would say the standout is the Sparkling Lipstick. I love nude-golds and this one is really pretty and natural looking. Will definitely warm up the skin with a soft glow. I’m really happy with the other items as well. The holiday lipgloss is one of the more pigmented ones and the blush shows up better than the Nude Blush on my skin.

The Saks NY girls did a really great job again describing colors to me over the phone (thank you for your patience ladies!) and I couldn’t be more pleased.


New Dior 1-Colour Ultra-Smoothing High Impact Eyeshadows

September 1, 2009

Dior just released a collection of single eyeshadows in a new formula called “1-Couleur Ultra-Smooth High Impact Eyeshadow,” retailing for $27.50. Dior released a few in the new formula in Argentic 056 & Trendy Taupe 066 with their fall 2009 Jazz Club collection in the US.

I bought these from because of the “ONLY AT SEPHORA” note beside each shade, but it seems like Sephora simply received the new eyeshadows first (similar to the release of the reformulated Addict Lip Color where they received the lipsticks first before other retailers like Nordstrom & Bloomingdales) since today, I now see the shades available at describes the product saying, “Dior takes shadow play to extremes with Color Extreme powder eyeshadow singles. Maximum color. Maximum wear. In a single sweep they’re on to stay for hours. The new innovative eyeshadow uses a new Japanese slurry powder process to create a formula that delivers maximum color payoff and extreme hold in just one coat.” has decent product photos and color descriptions.

I ended up purchasing two of the shades Bronzy Night 486 and Beige Print 626. I had purchased Argentic 056 when the fall collection came out.

Additional product photos, swatches and scans/pictures from various magazines.

Close up of Argentic 056:

Close up of Bronzy Night 486:

Close up of Beige Print 626:


Swatches compared to a few other singles from the original single eyeshadow line:

1. Argentic (new formula)
2. Bronzy Night (new formula)
3. Beige Print (new formula)
4. Beige Sunshine (original formula for single shadows)
5. Brown Sequins (original formula for single shadows)


From Oggi October 2009:
* Item #2 is Nude Luminescence 516
* Item #3 is Infra-Rose 826


From Biteki September 2009:
* Item #1 is Infra-Rose 826
* Item #2 is Beige Print 626

Actual product compared to magazine (Beige Print):


From Biteki September 2009:
* Item #1 is Gold Touch 546
* Item #2 is Trendy Taupe 066

These come in the same size compact as the One-Colour Eyeshadow which retail for $25.00, I don’t know what the difference is in formula that would justify the higher price tag of $27.50 (which I think is really steep). I will have to play around with the colors a bit more to see exactly what the difference is, but initially, it seems that the new formula is more shimmery and the texture is highly pigmented and slightly creamy versus powdery like traditional eyeshadows.

Overall I’m really pleased with the pigmentation and the shimmer is finely milled so it’s not over the top or too subtle. I will definitely be on the lookout for the product instores to test out the other colors like Nude Luminescence, Ultra Violet & Brown Fever.


Paul & Joe Autumn 2009 Catalog

August 28, 2009

I received this cute pamphlet in the mail thanks to the lovely ladies from the Paul & Joe counter at Bergdorf Goodman. Thought I’d scan it and share it with you!

For more product photos, click on the “Paul and Joe” tag/label at the bottom of this post. Another awesome resource is the Rouge Deluxe Blog (one of my favorites and super helpful to me when I ordered items sight-unseen).

Definitely check out their website for clearer swatch views. They also have a Page and a Group on Facebook with a photos section. Both have lovely pictures and you can see updates on promotions and events too! Just type in “Paul & Joe Beaute” in the search field. These are the two that I’ve become a fan of.


Fall 2009 Sneak Peek: Paul & Joe, Shiseido, Cle de Peau, Armani, Guerlain, YSL

July 25, 2009

Happy Friday! I’ve recently gotten into Japanese magazines such as JJ, Biteki, Maquia, and Voce thanks to one of my favorite beauty blogs Haru’s Rouge Deluxe. Luckily, there is a Mitsuwa Marketplace near me which has a bookstore inside which has allowed me to find these magazines in Southern California.

This month the September issues have released their fall lookbooks with photographs of the fall releases of numerous brands. Unfortunately, I cannot read Japanese, but luckily, there are many items that release products with numbers in their color name which makes it easy to match the number to the product color names by doing some research . Here are a few pictures of some of the collections I found interesting:

Paul & Joe from Maquia:

Shiseido new eyeshadows from Maquia:

Close up of RD709:

For comparisons, check out this Color Focus Shimmering Sands . . . article.

Cle de Peau from Maquia:

Giorgio Armani from Biteki (looks like the Eyes to Kill Palettes might still be coming out soon!):

Giorgio Armani from June Instyle featuring Eyes to Kill Palette No. 3:

For more Armani Fall Pictures, check out my haul here Giorgio Armani Fall 2009: Manta Ray Collection.

Guerlain from Maquia:

For more Guerlain product pictures, click here Guerlain Fall Collection 2009. Karlasugar has awesome swatches in her Guerlain Fall: Russian Beauty article as well as Yuki’s Lazy Channel.

YSL from Voce: