Le Metier de Beaute: Eyes & Cheeks

July 10, 2009

The Sheer Brilliance Glosses & Lip Cremes from Le Metier de Beaute have been my favorite products in the line, but I have also added a few gorgeous neutral eyeshadows and blushes to my collection. Included in this post are some eyeshadow, blush, highlighter and bronzer pictures from Le Metier de Beaute.

Eyeshadows come in a single-compact format or in a set of four packaged in a unique swivel-stacking system they call their Kaleidoscope Kits. Most of their Kaleidoscope Kits are pre-made and contain shades exclusive to each kit. The Persephone Kit did contain shades available in single-compact format. Check out these links to Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman or Karen’s Makeup and Beauty Blog to see the more product photos.

Eyeshadows, left to right: Mulberry, Jojo, Milan, Spicy

Close up of Mulberry & Jojo

Close up of Milan & Spicy

From Persephone Eye Kit: Rose Quartz (available as a single)

From Persephone Eye Kit: Alexandrite (available as a single)

From Persephone Eye Kit: Canvas (available as a single)

From Persephone Eye Kit: Sequoia (available as a single)

Whisper Highlighter, Fresh Blush, Echo/Sunkissed Blush Bronzer Duo

Close up of Whisper & Fresh (note Whisper doesn’t show on the websites for purchase but is available at counters)

Close up of Echo/Sunkissed Duo (which I received as an extra from the King of Prussia Le Metier Counter)

Overall thoughts: the eyeshadows are soft and with pretty pigment. I would say the pigment is in the medium-full range – not quite as rich as Urban Decay, but not as sheer as MAC Lustre Eyeshadows. The blushes have the same pigmentation as Nars, but have a more natural finish – I find some Nars shimmery blushes can be a bit too frosty if applied with a heavy hand. The Le Metier Bronzer is absolutely divine giving a soft warm glow. A HUGE thanks to Ellen at Neiman Marcus King of Prussia for including this!

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