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Tom Ford Private Shadows and New Mascara Launches

December 22, 2017

Tom Ford Private Shadows, Spike Lash Mascara, Shutter Lash Mascara, Fullscreen Lash Mascara Review and Swatches | The Beauty Look Book

By popular request I have a review with swatches of the new Eyes of Tom Ford Collection. This is Tom Ford’s first eyes-only launch with new Private Shadows ($36 each), three new mascaras in Spike Lash, Shutter Lash and Fullscreen Lash ($45 each) and an Eye Gloss ($36).

Up first is a look at the Private Shadows which are individual shades of eye shadow. These come in the cutest mirrored compact with a snap lock closure versus the magnetic style the Eye Color Quads. There are five different finishes:

  • Ultra Suede – intensely pigmented matte shades formulated without pearl
  • Suede – matte shades formulated with subtle touches of pearl
  • Sateen – high shine shades with a pearl luster finish
  • Vinyl – pearlized shades with a metallic chrome finish
  • Paillette – pearlized shades with a sequin glitter finish

I’ve tested all formulas and find they are rich and smooth in pigment. I personally find the finish between the Suede, Sateen and Vinyl to be similar in the colors I tested. They have a smooth pearl quality that feels extremely soft to the touch. They glide on the lids flawlessly. The Paillette shades are glittery, but true to Tom Ford glitters in the sense that I don’t experience fall out once they are on the lids and they are semi-sheer in the base with more pigment in the glitter flecks. I received 7 shades as press samples and purchased 5. Out of all 12 shades there are only 2 I’m not crazy about. Vertigo is a fairly basic grey-taupe (too basic for the price) and Videotape was fairly stiff and hard in texture (color payoff wasn’t as good as the other shades).

I’ve split the shades by color family rather than formula:

Tom Ford Private Shadow Eyeshadow Singles | The Beauty Look Book

A closer look at each row with descriptions:

Tom Ford Private Shadow Eyeshadow Singles swatches | The Beauty Look Book

Top Row, left to right:

  • Hush (suede) is a soft champagne neutral with a sheen
  • Breathless (paillette) is a sparkling glitter pale silver
  • Vertigo (ultrasuede) is a matte soft grey
  • Burnt Suede (suede) is a soft taupe shimmer


Tom Ford Private Shadow Eyeshadow Singles swatches | The Beauty Look Book

Middle Row, left to right:

  • Exposure (sateen) goes on lighter than what I see in the pan, it’s a light pink shimmer
  • Loveshade (suede) is a beautiful soft medium salmon pink shimmer
  • Body Double (vinyl) is my favorite, I live for shades like this! It’s the perfect all over lid color in a neutral shimmer beige
  • Warm Leatherette (vinyl) is another favorite, it’s a warm shimmering amber gold


Tom Ford Private Shadow Eyeshadow Singles swatches | The Beauty Look Book

Bottom Row, left to right:

  • Fire Sign (paillette) is a warm copper sparkle
  • Smoked Opaline (sateen) is a soft olive shimmer
  • Tempte Bleu (paillette) is a glittery blue, it’s surprisingly wearable and the only blue shadow I’ve tried that I feel like I could wear
  • Videotape (suede) is a deep maroon



Tom Ford Private Shadow Eyeshadow Singles swatches | The Beauty Look Book

Tom Ford Private Shadow Eyeshadow Singles swatches | The Beauty Look Book

Next are three new mascaras in Spike Lash, Shutter Lash and Fullscreen Lash and an Eye Gloss. I tried all three mascaras to see how they held up throughout several days. I could not bring myself to test the Eye Gloss on my eyes for more than five minutes. I swiped and swatched it on my hand, dabbed it on my eyes and immediately removed it. This is one product I don’t think I could ever bring myself to wear on the eyes. It has a smooth non-tacky texture but did not feel comfortable on my lids.

For the mascaras, my favorite is still the classic Waterproof Extreme. The new ones aren’t completely smudge-proof because my lashes simply don’t hold the curl well. My thoughts on each one:

  • Spike Lash is my favorite of the three for the most volume and least smudging. It has an almost wet look to it when you apply so make sure you give it a few seconds to dry before you blink. This has a rubbery looking applicator with tiny spikes. This gives volume in a dramatic way.
  • Shutter Lash has more dense applicator with bristles and it’s slightly flattened. This gets all the lashes from the base and gives a full coat to everything without clumping. Unfortunately this smudged on me.
  • Fullscreen Lash has a swirled applicator. It’s great at separating the lashes and lengthening. I didn’t have any smudges on this one.
  • My favorite is still the Waterproof Extreme in Florida heat it’s one of the few that won’t budge or smudge. All three new ones held the curl pretty well. Spike Lash did the best for intense looking lashes and Fullscreen Lash did the best in lengthening for me.
  • For reference, you can see a roundup of my Mascara Hits and Misses from this summer.

Tom Ford Spike Lash, Shutter Lash, Fullscreen Lash Mascara and Eye Gloss

A closer look:

Tom Ford Spike Lash, Shutter Lash, Fullscreen Lash Mascara and Eye Gloss

In summary I think the new eyeshadow singles are really good and worth the splurge. The quality, texture and pigment is excellent. I swatched some of the other matte shades in store and they’re quite smooth and soft. I was tempted to buy some but felt more compelled to go with the shades I felt had some shimmer because they looked more unique. I do wish they had made these like MAC Pro Palettes where you can make your own quad or palette because I find them more convenient than singles. I’m a huge fan of the Tom Ford Eye Color Quads (in particular Nude Dip, Honeymoon and Disco Dust) and almost always bring one with me when I travel because they’re so versatile. Still these don’t take up a lot of space and they’re compact enough to bring several along with you.

I’m really not sure what to do with the Eye Gloss as it’s just not my thing. If you wear eye gloss let me know how and when you wear it!

Mascaras are nice but I would have preferred to have waterproof options. I have lashes that usually don’t hold the curl with a lash curler unless the mascara is waterproof. Waterproof Extreme does everything I need in a mascara. That being said I really like the different applicators in the new formulas.

You can find the Eyes of Tom Ford Collection at all Tom Ford locations now. Online at Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Beautylish, Sephora and Tom Ford Beauty.

Have you tried these yet? What did you think?

Press samples include Hush, Breathless, Vertigo, Warm Leatherette, Smoked Opaline, Tempete Bleu, Videotape, 3 New Mascaras and Eye Gloss.

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Le Metier de Beaute Breast Cancer Awareness Kaleidoscopes

November 8, 2017

Le Metier de Beaute Kaleidoscope Kits BCA Awareness Faces of Beauty, Flash Phenomenon and Neiman Marcus Tampa Bay

This year Le Metier de Beaute launched their third anniversary kaleidoscope in support of Breast Cancer Awareness. I featured their first one called the Stephanie Kaleidoscope a couple years ago here in 2015 but it occurred to me that I never reviewed last year’s Faces of Beauty from 2016 so I’ve included it in this year’s review. This year they have a new one called Flash Phenomenon Face & Body Kaleidoscope for 2017 which is just stunning for a beautiful glow – but I’ve used this one the eyes and it’s stunning. I have a third one to feature new this year as well, it’s one you won’t find online as it was created exclusively for Neiman Marcus Tampa Bay called Awareness. I spotted it while I was out shopping and it was love at first sight.

For those not familiar with Le Metier de Beaute kaleidoscopes, they are unique swivel and stacked compacts that typically contain 4 round pans of shadows or cream product. The top has a flip up mirror which is convenient for touch ups. They are often limited-edition and pretty pricey at $95 each but the quality, pigment and texture of their powder shadows are among the best. I used to review and collect almost every one that was released, but after a while I saw so many repeat shades I found I had a lot of duplicates. You can still find a number of palettes online, I usually shop the brand at Neiman Marcus. The powder shadows and blushes in these kits have exceptionally smooth textures with rich color. They are easy to layer with each other and blend nicely.

A quick look at all three and swatches side by side:

Le Metier de Beaute Kaleidoscope Kits BCA Awareness Faces of Beauty, Flash Phenomenon and Neiman Marcus Tampa Bay

Le Metier de Beaute Kaleidoscope Kits BCA Awareness Faces of Beauty, Flash Phenomenon and Neiman Marcus Tampa Bay swatches


Up first is the Faces of Beauty Kaleidoscope from 2016 which has four eyeshadows in a pink seashell shimmer, a medium bronze, a deeper olive taupe shimmer and a matte black with silver glitter flecks. This has excellent pigment for the three shimmer shades but the matte black is prone to some extra powdery-ness and fall out. I find it best to apply the black shade with a damp detail brush and pat onto the eye as a liner and the powder fall out issue is solved. Lasting power is excellent with these with or without any primers.

Le Metier de Beaute BCA Kaleidoscope Faces of Beauty

Le Metier de Beaute BCA Kaleidoscope Faces of Beauty

Le Metier de Beaute BCA Kaleidoscope Faces of Beauty swatches


Next is this year’s Flash Phenomenon Face and Body Kaleidoscope which is actually like my dream eyeshadow palette come true. It has four stunning shimmers for a perfect glow on the eyes. I actually haven’t tried it on the face as the colors are pretty intense but I love them layered on the eyes. I do find I need at least 2 more shades for more definition to complete an eye look, but it’s still beautiful and a must in my book. Colors are an ivory shimmer, peachy shimmer, soft copper pink shimmer and a bronze shimmer.

Le Metier de Beaute BCA Kaleidoscope Flash Phenomenon

Le Metier de Beaute BCA Kaleidoscope Flash Phenomenon

Le Metier de Beaute BCA Kaleidoscope Flash Phenomenon swatches


Last but not least is the Neiman Marcus Tampa Bay exclusive which is called Awareness. Those who have used Le Metier de Beaute know they often do counter and store exclusives which can be hard to track down and find as they’re usually not advertised online. I almost didn’t find it but noticed one in the display case that looked different and asked about it. I’m glad I did because I found out they had a store exclusive. The colors pull warmer on the skin than they look in the pan and texture is a bit stiffer/harder than most of the shadows I’ve tried from the brand. Quality is still on point and pigment is good, just texture is noticeably different. If you want to purchase this one you can call the counter and they will ship it to you. Colors in here include a shimmering silvery mauve, a slightly chalky matte mauve nude, a shimmering bronze and a shimmering plum.

Le Metier de Beaute BCA Awareness Kaleidoscope Neiman Marcus Tampa Bay Exclusive

Le Metier de Beaute BCA Awareness Kaleidoscope Neiman Marcus Tampa Bay Exclusive

Le Metier de Beaute BCA Awareness Kaleidoscope Neiman Marcus Tampa Bay Exclusive


Two eye looks, one with the Flash Phenomenon kit, one with the Tampa Bay exclusive. These are taken with a flash and lose up so they look extra shimmery in the photos. In real life the glow is a lot more natural.

Le Metier de Beaute BCA Kaleidoscope Swatches Eye Looks

Le Metier de Beaute Kaleidoscope Kits BCA Awareness Faces of Beauty, Flash Phenomenon and Neiman Marcus Tampa Bay

Bottom line stunning. You can wear these with a dampened brush or dry. I find they adhere well to the lids even without a primer and lasting power is excellent. Of course finding a palette with shades you like 100% can be tricky – with most palettes there is usually at least one color I am luke-warm about. I love all the shades in each of these. I think Flash Phenomenon is my favorite of the bunch. I love last year’s Faces of Beauty but the matte black is a bit more challenging to work with. That being said I find most matte black shadows are hard to work with. The Awareness Neiman Marcus Tampa Bay exclusive kit is beautiful and I like that purchasing it helps a good cause. I do find the shadows a bit stiffer in texture although performance and pigment on the eyes is still very very good. For a more affordable option I do feel that Urban Decay Naked3 Palette can give you a similar effect.

You can find these Le Metier de Beaute Kaleidoscopes online and at select stores at Neiman Marcus. They are all listed as limited-edition.

Have you tried these yet? What did you think?


Eye Makeup

New Eyeshadow Palettes from MAC Girls, Marc Jacobs Beauty and Kat Von D Beauty

August 14, 2017

Kat Von D Shade and Light Glimmer, MAC Girls Mischief Minx, Marc Jacobs Eye Conic in Glambition | The Beauty Look Book

There are some new eyeshadow palettes out and I put three to the test from MAC, Marc Jacobs Beauty and Kat Von D Beauty. At first glance the colors look really similar between the three that I have but swatching proves otherwise. They have varied undertones, different textures, finishes and pigment. I’ll say up front the new Marc Jacobs Beauty palettes win for pigment and blendability, MAC wins for the fun factor and Kat Von D is one I have mixed feelings on.

Up first is the one I had the highest hopes for which is the Kat Von D Shade and Light Glimmer Eye Contour Palette. The colors in here are just perfect but the formulas aren’t the same across the board. There are four formulas in this that Kat Von D calls:

  • Base Shades are soft satiny shimmers: Porcelain, Dusk and Dune
  • Contour Shades are perfect smooth metallics: Copper, Cinder, Rust
  • Define Shades are glitters: Bronze, Onyx, Jasper
  • Topcoat Shades are chunky glitters: Sterling, Glacier and Quartz

The Base and Contour shades are really amazing in texture and pigment. They’re velvety soft and easy to blend. The Define and Topcoat Shades are where this palette gets high maintenance. There is chunky glitter with tons of fall out in application and after application/clean up. You need to apply with either a damp brush or over a super emollient base to make the shades stick. With some glitters I find applying with a finger in a patting motion helps the shadow + glitter stick better with less fall out but with these fall out happened no matter what. If all of the shades were glitter free or in the contour formula this would have been 100% perfect. I can get it to work but it takes a LOT of extra work and clean up.

Kat Von D Beauty Shade and Light Glimmer Eye Contour Palette Sephora | The Beauty Look Book

Kat Von D Beauty Shade and Light Glimmer Eye Contour Palette swatch | The Beauty Look Book

Kat Von D Beauty Shade and Light Glimmer Eye Contour Palette Sephora swatches | The Beauty Look Book

MAC launched six personality palettes in their MAC Girls Collection and I received Mischief Minx as a press sample. I stopped by the counter and was seriously tempted by Prissy Princess and Power Hungry – some other gorgeous neutrals but decided for now to stick with Mischief Minx. It has a palette of shimmers and warm shades. Pigment is medium but buildable. This one is fairly warm in undertone but easy to wear (even the orange and red shades which I mix or blend). Each shade has a name but it’s only labeled in a removable plastic insert which is easy to lose.

MAC Girls Mischief Minx Palette Review

Swatched from left to right is: Mischief Minx (shimmering orange gold), Natural Tease (shimmering tan gold), V Frisky (light silvery gold), She-Nani-Gains (shimmering warm tan), Flaming Femme (matte rust), Schemer (satiny matte warm brown), Been There Done That (shimmering dark brown shimmer), Totally Trouble (black matte), Stride of Pride (gold peach highlighter)

MAC Girls Mischief Minx Palette Review Swatches

Last but not least is the Marc Jacobs Beauty Eye-Conic Multi-Finish Eyeshadow Palette in Glambition. I’m a fan of the original Style Eye Con ones and the new ones have excellent pigment and texture which are just as good as the originals. Glambition is the most neutral option and the texture is super soft with a velvety feel. Pigment is just so SO good. Color-wise this isn’t necessarily the most exciting palette but it has easy to wear mix of neutrals and bolds that just work. They also layer well together.

 Marc Jacobs Beauty Eye-Conic Multi-Finish Eyeshadow Palette Glambition

Colors left to right include She Was (satiny soft ivory cream shimmer), Infamous (soft rose tan matte), Known For (warm pigmented gold), Seeking (fawn brown matte), The Most (pale pink frost), Over the Top (matte warm brown), Glamour (matte black with gold flecks).

 Marc Jacobs Beauty Eye-Conic Multi-Finish Eyeshadow Palette Glambition swatches

I highly recommend the MAC or Marc Jacobs palettes if you’re looking for a new one. The Marc Jacobs palettes have the best formula out of the three I tried but MAC has more fun wearable shade options to choose from. Kat Von D is one I have mixed feelings on – I still think the colors are just so good but formulas are hard to work with and super high maintenance which is not something I have the patience for. If you’re looking for a new eyeshadow palette that’s more streamlined and simple, you might want to check out the Chanel City of Lights Les 4 Ombres – I just bought it and will be reviewing soon.

Kat Von D Shade and Light Glimmer, MAC Girls Mischief Minx, Marc Jacobs Eye Conic in Glambition | The Beauty Look Book

I had planned to do some eye looks but I’m in the midst of a move and upcoming travel so I’m a bit limited on time for the moment. Have you tried any of these formulas yet? What did you think? In case you missed it my favorite eye shadow brushes listed in this post here.

Kat Von D Palette available at Sephora and Kat Von D Beauty.
Marc Jacobs Beauty Eye-Conic Multi-Finish Eyeshadow Palette available at Sephora, Marc Jacobs Beauty, Neiman Marcus.
MAC Girls Palettes available at MAC, Nordstrom, Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s.

MAC palette provided for review. Others purchased by me.


Chanel Eye Makeup

Chanel Ombre Premiere Longwear Eyeshadows

August 7, 2017

Chanel Ombre Premiere Longwear Eyeshadows | The Beauty Look Book

Chanel launched new eyeshadow formulas earlier this year in the Ombre Premiere Collection. There are two formulas called the Ombre Premiere Longwear Cream Shadow ($36 each) and Longwear Powder Eyeshadow ($30 each). I bought a few colors several months ago to try and fell in love with the texture of both formulas. Since then I’ve acquired more shades in the neutral category as press samples and find the formulas quite good. Chanel also launched two double-ended brushes with this launch that come with caps making them really nice for travel or to carry in your makeup bag. There is a Retractable Dual Tip Eye-Contouring Brush ($42) and a Retractable Dual-Tip Eyeshadow Brush ($42). They are a bit on the expensive side but are super soft and perform extremely well and for me they were worth the splurge.

The new Ombre Premiere Longwear Powder Eyeshadows are the among the best ones I’ve tried from Chanel in powder form. They are extremely soft but velvety in texture with beautiful pigment. The colors I tried are neutral shimmers. I’ve had Flesh for a few months and find it to be the perfect neutral champagne pinky peach for an all over lid or wash color. Sable is a lighter champagne color. Talpa is a really pretty cool-toned brown shimmer. I feel like this makeup age is the age of palettes and find it rare that single eyeshadows are released. Palettes definitely have the convenience factor but these are really good even if the price tag is pretty high. They glide on the lids beautifully and smoothly with very little fallout. Lasting power is quite impressive alone. If you layer them over the Ombre Premiere Longwear Cream Shadows you get a more intense shimmer. These come with applicators but for these shadows I find it better to apply with a regualar full size eyeshadow brush.

Chanel Ombre Premiere Longwear Powder Eyeshadow Sable, Flesh, Talpa | The Beauty Look Book

Chanel Ombre Premiere Longwear Powder Eyeshadow Sable, Flesh, Talpa swatches | The Beauty Look Book

The Ombre Premiere Longwear Cream Eyeshadows are pigmented cream shadows that have a softer texture and more pigmented texture compared to the Illusion D’Ombres. The Ombre Premiere formula by comparison to most traditional creams has a dry finish versus a super emollient one. This makes it one of the longest-lasting cream shadows I’ve ever tested. My lids aren’t like most others in the sense that they aren’t oily and do not tend to get oily. I find my eyes to be more on the normal/dry side if anything. Most of my readers have asked for shadow primers that work for oily lids – ones that are super popular and highly rated with customer reviews all tend to dry out my skin making it look wrinkly. Because of this – I find that the creams work best when I use a single color as a base or lid color either alone or with a powder on top. Layering cream on top of cream with this formula didn’t work so well on some occasions because they dry and set fast. These last an impressive amount of time even in hot humid weather.

Chanel Ombre Premiere Longwear Cream Eyeshadow | The Beauty Look Book

Shadow labels on the bottom:

Chanel Ombre Premiere Longwear Cream Eyeshadow | The Beauty Look Book

Chanel Ombre Premiere Longwear Cream Eyeshadow swatches | The Beauty Look Book

These come with a small white-hair applicator which I didn’t think would be useful. It actually performed the best in picking up pigment and applying them to the lids. I wish that Chanel made another one like it with a larger handle for easier use. Otherwise fingers work for application too. I’ve experimented with a number of shadow brushes and like the double-ended contour brush the best for a full-size option. I do think the applicator these come with is the best way to pick up the most color.

Chanel Dual Tip Eyeshadow Brushes | The Beauty Look Book

Last but not least are the two dual ended brushes, Retractable Dual Tip Eye-Contouring Brush on the bottom and a Retractable Dual-Tip Eyeshadow Brush on the top. These are some of the softest eyeshadow brushes I’ve tried from Chanel. I really love the larger option as it has the perfect size/density for a brush. The smaller one works really well too but I already have my favorites for detail brushes. There is a moveable portion on each end that you push up to cover the brush tip and then place the cap on top – that way you don’t have to worry about messing up the brush if it gets fluffy from use and recapping. In the past few weeks Chanel has launched an entire line of new brushes – I’m still testing them but hope to have the review up soon.

Overall thoughts are that the formulas of the shadows are really good. I prefer the texture of the powders for that beautiful shimmer but like the colors of the creams better. For summer or hot humid weather these are very good for lasting power when it feels like almost everything is prone to melting off my face. I’m all about neutrals but there are quite a few other colors that are more edgy or bold. For me the neutrals seem most on-brand for Chanel. Some of the others (like the yellow, blue or green) seemed a bit dated but I can see how they could appeal to those who like more fun trendy shades.

Other new items have launched online as well including the Fall-Winter Collection and some new pink Lip and Nail Colors. I already ordered a few pieces from the fall line which I’ll review, for now I’ve decided to pass on the pink shades.

You can find the Chanel Ombre Premiere collection online at and also at all other counters now. The shadows are listed as limited-edition. Have you tried these yet? What did you think?

Ombre Premiere Longwear Shadows provided for review. Brushes purchased by me.

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Mascara Hits and Misses

August 4, 2017

Mascara Testing Hits and Misses

I have a new updated mascara roundup. I’ve been trying a few new formulas and have some hits and some misses. The humidity in Florida is pretty high and the sun feels a million times stronger here than it did in San Diego. Finding one that holds up to the humidity has been a process.

  • Bobbi Brown No Smudge Mascara is a formula I had purchased from a duo over last holiday. I had it sitting in the box waiting for my other tubes to get used up. I was pleasantly surprised because the reviews with this were mixed. It had zero clumping, defined lashes, volumized, coated evenly, held the curl and had no smudging. For me this is a hit.
  • Sisley-Paris So Intense Mascara is one I tried from the Nordstrom Color Twist Set (review here). Huge hit with this one even though the comb is so tiny it looks like it won’t grab lashes. It allows you to get right at the base without touching the skin. This usually isn’t a big deal for me if the mascara is good because a quick clean up with a Q-tip fixes it after application. However this one makes application easier. It volumizes, holds curl and doesn’t smudge.
  • L’Oreal Lash Paradise Waterproof is the first drugstore mascara I’ve actually liked. I’ve tried dozens and end up throwing them all away after 2 uses because they either dry to a grey looking black, smudge or don’t hold the curl. This literally was WOW with the first try. It’s everything I want in a mascara – volume, definition and holds the curl. I absolutely love the waterproof version because there is zero smudging. Blackest Black is the color I tried and it’s a true rich black. It does take more work to remove at the end of the day but is completely worth it. Huge hit.
  • Tom Ford Waterproof Extreme Mascara has to be mentioned again even though it’s not new to me because it’s my favorite waterproof mascara. No smudging, holds the curl, volumizes – huge thumbs up. I’ve repurchased this one the most in the past year.
  • Chanel Le Volume Waterproof is another classic. The regular Le Volume is good, but I prefer the Waterproof version because it holds up better in the humidity. This is one of the few rubberized applicators I like – most other brands just don’t do it for me. A classic one for me.
  • Dior Pump N Volume Mascara was a big miss. The first application was decent for volume, holding the curl and having a true rich black color. Every application after that was a clumping disaster – even when I removed excess from the tube by cleaning it. When there’s buildup, every once in a while I’ll take the wand and run it in between a folded piece of paper. It’s just like you would do with a tissue or paper towel but using paper makes it so those cotton fibers from tissue won’t get caught in the bristles. The volume on this one is really good and there are quite a few rave reviews on this one, if it didn’t clump all the time it would be perfect.
  • Serge Lutens Comb Mascara is another miss for me. I had such high hopes for this one as it came highly recommended and the online reviews on the formula were stellar. It has a similar applicator to the Sisley-Paris one. For some reason this Serge Lutens one made my lashes look spidery. It took a while to dry and smudged with a few blinks. After it dried down it had decent staying power but didn’t hold the curl and didn’t have as rich of a black finish as other ones. It wasn’t the worst but there are much better formulas for me out there.

A few notes on other mascaras I’ve loved but didn’t feature in this roundup. Other long-time favs have included the By Terry Mascara Terrybly, Chantecaille Faux Cils, Stila Huge Lash and Bobbi Brown Eye Opening Mascara. Most of these still work for me in the humid hot weather, I’ve just been rotating through different options recently. If you’ve had your eye on the Chantecaille one I highly recommend you check out the Touch-Up Essentials Set while it’s still available for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale because it’s a great deal. The only one that doesn’t work so well for me in humid weather is the By Terry option, but they do have a waterproof version which I want to investigate.

Best Makeup Remover Lancome | The Beauty Look Book

For makeup removal longer lasting formulas and waterproof ones are going to be more difficult to remove in the evenings. Most of these I have to use a multi-step process to take them off in the evenings. Regardless of whether I double cleanse with a cleansing oil or cleansing water, I always use a cotton pad and soak it with eyemakeup remover first. My favorite formula used to be the Chanel Gentle Bi-Phase Eye Makeup Remover but these days I’ve found it’s just ok. Some of the longer lasting formulas don’t come off anymore with this one and I don’t know if the formula of the makeup remover has changed or if I’m simply finding formulas with better lasting power. Some thing goes for the Neutrogena Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover. It used to be a long-time go to but my last bottle didn’t perform as well as I remember it did in past years. My current go-to is the Lancome Bi-Facil Double Action Eye Makeup Remover (available in this value set from Nordstrom here and here). For cotton I’ve tried a number of brands but my favorites are from Chanel and Sephora.

If I had to pick one mascara to use for the rest of the summer that would be a hard choice. I would be able to narrow it down to three: Sisley-Paris, L’Oreal and Tom Ford.

What are your favorite mascaras for the summertime?


Eye Makeup Highlighters

Bobbi Brown Peace, Love and Beach Highlighting Powders and Eyeshadow Trio

August 2, 2017

Bobbi Brown Peace, Love and Beach Collection Highlighting Powder and Love Eye Shadow Trio | The Beauty Look Book

For summer Bobbi Brown launched a few mini collections and my favorite one is the Peace, Love and Beach. In this collection are three new Highlighting Powders ($48 each for 0.28 oz/8g), three Eyeshadow Trios ($40 each for 0.25 oz/7.2 g) and two Nail Colors ($16 each). I picked up all of the highlighters in Sunrise Glow, Sunkissed Glow and Tawny Glow and the Love Eye Shadow Trio. At the time I bought these there was a little Beach GWP going on at the counter so I stocked up on a couple glosses as well and was able to try a couple of the Beach body items from the gift.

Up first is the Love Eye Shadow Trio which is the neutral taupe option. At first glance this reminded me of the Tom Ford She Wolf Trio launched a few years ago. Once I compared them at home I found the Bobbi Brown version to be warmer or more on the neutral side. You get a shimmering dark bronze, a glitter silvery taupe and a lovely beige taupe tan shimmer. It’s literally my taupe palette dream come true. I’ve also swatched it next to the Tom Ford Young Adonis Cream Powder Duo for reference (review here).

Texture is smooth for all three. The middle glitter color does have some chunky texture to it because it’s a glitter but it’s very smooth and adheres well to the lids. I had minimal fallout when applying and the shadows stayed put all day long.

Bobbi Brown Love Eyeshadow Bobbi Brown Love Eyeshadow vs Tom Ford She Wolf and Young Adonis swatched


Next are the three new Highlighting Powders. I had last year’s versions but never got around to reviewing them. They are really lovely highlighters that have the perfect in between shimmer of subtle and high frost. You can layer for more intensity but applied with a soft hand alone or over blush gives one of the prettiest glows I’ve ever seen. This year’s colors have a similar vibe to last year’s. I’ve swatched them side by side in case you already own them. As a quick note you can find Afternoon Glow in this Nordstrom Set. You can find Telluride and Afternoon Glow individually at Neiman Marcus. These were limited-edition so I don’t think those will be around for long.

New shades are limited-edition as well. This year’s shades are Sunrise Glow a soft warm pink, Sunkissed Glow the perfect subtle bronze shimmer and Tawny Glow a cool-toned mauve shimmer. Each one is just perfect – texture is ultra smooth and they have an almost creamy texture but are definitely powders. Lasting power is impressive and they stayed put for hours. I like to use these on the eyes as well.

Bobbi Brown Highlighting Powder

Bobbi Brown Highlighting Powder Swatches

Two looks with the Love Eye Shadow Trio. For the cheeks, on the left is Sunkissed Glow, on the right is Sunrise Glow. I applied them with a light hand alone (just over my foundation/base).

Bobbi Brown Love Peace Beach Look Highlighting Powders

Last but not least a couple thoughts on the Beach items. Bobbi Brown’s Beach scent is one of the best beachy scents I’ve ever smelled. It is fairly strong so I’ve never splurged on the perfume. It has a blend of jasmine, white florals, mandarin and sea spray. The Body Lotion is quite amazing – it’s smooth and soft and transports me to vacation mode (full size here). The Shower Gel is also lovely, but right now it appears you can only find it in the Beach Collection Set. I would have bought the shower gel separately if I could find it but the set seems to be a good deal and I’m seriously considering it especially for the last few weeks of summer. This was part of the GWP I got below:

Bobbi Brown Beach GWP

Bobbi Brown Peace, Love and Beach Collection | The Beauty Look Book

Bottom line not really a full color collection, but it has some great options. I’m 100% in love with everything I purchased. When I was at the counter there was a makeover event going on – the highlighters were being applied on women of various ages, 30’s, 40s and 50’s (by my guess) and they looked pretty wearable and naturally glowy on all of them. If you don’t mind glitters the trio is really pretty. I’m almost tempted to get a backup. There’s a pretty beige neutral nail polish I was tempted by, but I swatched it on the counter and it was a bit too warm for my current skintone shade.

You can find the Bobbi Brown Peace, Love and Beach Collection at counters now. All the items are limited-edition. I bought mine at Nordstrom. Also available at Bobbi Brown, Neiman Marcus, and Saks Fifth Avenue.

Have you checked these out yet? What’s been your favorite summer beauty collection to date?


Eye Makeup Sephora

Viseart Petite Pro Palette

April 17, 2017

Viseart Petite Pro Palette Review | The Beauty Look Book

Earlier in the year Viseart launched a new eyeshadow palette called the Petite Pro Palette ($30 for 8 x 0.026 oz/ powder-based shades). The packaging is similar to that of the Theory Palettes (reviewed here) with the magnetic cardboard casing and removable magnetic pans. The Petite Pro has mini pans of eyeshadow with a mix of matte and shimmer shades. I received in a gift bag at The Makeup Show Orlando last month and literally squealed when I saw this inside because I die for minis. I had passed on it when it first came out because I felt Minx and Honeymoon would be too similar to justify purchasing. After swatching it and playing with it, I confirmed these thoughts so if you own either of those you may want to shop your stash. (On the nails above is OPI Be There in a Prosecco.)

Viseart Petite Pro Palette Review | The Beauty Look Book

The Petite Pro Palette has four mattes and four shimmers. The quality, texture and pigment is excellent. I normally don’t gravitate towards really warm coppers or reddish purples because they tend to pull too warm on my olive skin, but the color mix in the Petite Pro is really good. Part of me looks at the palette and thinks this is really similar to what I already own, another part of me thinks it’s just really good for the color selection and convenience. If I had purchased it I don’t think I would have regretted it.

Colors inside the palette include a matte bone, matte medium brown, matte warm reddish plum brown, matte bark brown with grey tones, shimmering taupe, shimmering warm gold, shimmering copper, shimmering red plum. I think every color in the palette is wearable and gorgeous.

Viseart Petite Pro Palette Review | The Beauty Look Book Viseart Petite Pro Palette Review | The Beauty Look Book

A look a the Petite Pro Palette compared to the Theory Palette in Minx below. The packaging is the same style, but the shape and dimensions are slightly different:

Viseart Petite Pro vs Theory Palette in Minx | The Beauty Look Book

Petite Pro Palette on the left vs. Theory Palette in Minx on the right:Viseart Petite Pro vs Theory Palette in Minx | The Beauty Look Book

Swatch comparisons: Viseart Petite Pro vs Minx vs Honeymoon (previous reviews linked)

Viseart Petite Pro vs Theory Palette in Minx vs Tom Ford Honeymoon | The Beauty Look Book

As you can see above I don’t really have exact dupes but both Minx and Honeymoon have very similar vibes. My heart belongs to Tom Ford Honeymoon although I do think either of the Viseart Palettes are nice because they have the matte options which offer more combinations.

Quick take on the Viseart Petite Pro is that it’s an excellent palette you can use for any occasion. It’s versatile and has a good mix of neutrals and some brighter/warmer shades to be more interesting than something like Urban Decay Naked2 (which I still really adore). That being said if you can’t do warm shades on the eyes because of your skintone or color preference, I would say opt for something like Viseart Cashmere Palette (swatched here), Urban Decay Naked2 (review here) or the MAC In the Flesh Palette (swatched here). I really like it but based on the number of palettes and shadows I own, I do think it’s similar to other palettes I have.

You can find the Viseart Petite Pro Palette at Sephora. Have you tried this yet or the Theory Palettes? What did you think?

Palette gifted from The Makeup Show.