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New Hourglass Launches: Ambient Lighting Edit Volume 3, Metallic Strobe and Confession Refillable Lipstick Set

September 28, 2017

Hourglass Holiday 2017 | The Beauty Look Book

There are three new limited-edition launches from Hourglass for lips and cheeks. Two new palettes have arrived with new formulas/finishes from the Ambient Lighting line and there are new shades of the Confession Ultra-Slim Lipsticks exclusive to a set. I have all three that I’ve been playing with for the past week:

Up first is the Ambient Lighting Edit Volume 3 which has a mix of existing and new shades. The colors included: Diffused Light (soft pale yellow satin powder), Hypnotic Strobe Light (pale champagne shimmer), Dim Light (soft pink satiny powder), Luminous Bronze Light (light bronze), Surreal Halo (mauve rose shimmer), Pure Effect Blush (light but bright pink).

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit Volume 3 Holiday 2017 | The Beauty Look Book

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit Volume 3 Holiday 2017 | The Beauty Look Book

The entire feel and vibe of this is on the light to medium side for color. Pigment is soft to medium with a naturally glowy feel. I thought the colors would be too light for my tan complexion but they all show up on my skin – Diffused Light and Dim Light of course have a sheer effect, almost like a finishing or softening powder. The bronzer does seem quite a bit lighter in color than the individual ones I own. Each powder is unique so I do understand there could be variation because the one I have in the palette has more highlighter vs bronzer, still the effect is noticeably lighter.

Finish is smooth and doesn’t emphasize pores. Lasting power is quite good – it stayed put on my face and cheeks from morning to late evening. All this being said if you already own a lot of Hourglass products individually you may find there are very close dupes. As mentioned in a few recent posts I’m in between places and most of my items are in storage so I don’t have access to products for comparisons. Off the top of my head I do feel this palette is very similar to existing shades although the Pure Effect Blush is one of the prettiest pinks I’ve ever swatched.

Worn below is:

Hourglass Beauty Look - Pure Effect Blush and True Love Means Confession Lipstick | The Beauty Look Book

Up next is the Metallic Strobe Lighting Palette which I’ve previously reviewed here. The powders are smooth with buildable pigment and rich shimmer. It’s wearable for a pretty highlight but a little on the pale side for my tan complexion right now. Full review + swatches (also shown on the face) here but I’ll repost images below.

Hourglass Metallic Strobe Lighting Palette

Hourglass Absolute Strobe Light, Pure Strobe Light, Lucent Strobe Light

Last but not least is the Hourglass Ultra Slim Confession Refillable Lipstick Set. It has three new shades of lipstick that are exclusive to the set. There is one gold bullet exterior and two refills inside. The pigment is opaque with full coverage and smooth. Formula is just as good as the individual shades all reviewed and swatched here.

Hourglass Confession Refillable Set My One Desire, True Love Means, You Are My Lipstick | The Beauty Look Book

Hourglass Confession Refillable Set My One Desire, True Love Means, You Are My Lipstick | The Beauty Look Book

Hourglass Confession Refillable Set My One Desire, True Love Means, You Are My Lipstick | The Beauty Look Book

My favorite shades are still from the individual lineup but all three of these are wearable for pretty much any occasion, day or night. I’m giving away the three new launches featured in this post to two lucky readers, enter through the widget below. Here’s how this will work:

  • Giveaway open internationally, but you must be 18 years or older
  • Giveaway will run from 9/28/2017 through 10/12/2017 11:45 PM EST
  • Two winners will be selected at random through the widget below
  • Giveaway is not sponsored or affiliated

a Rafflecopter giveaway

You can find the new Hourglass launches at all Hourglass counters, stores and retailers now. They are limited-edition. Available online at Nordstrom, Sephora, Bergdorf Goodman, Space NK, Net-A-Porter, Barneys New York and Hourglass Cosmetics.

Have you tried these yet? What did you think?

New Hourglass launches sent courtesy of Hourglass for review. Giveaway items purchased by me.


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  • stephanieamccoy

    Tom Ford Nude Dip! The best.

  • Aracely Torres

    My favorite palette this autumn would have to be a tie between Anastasia Beverly Hills Mario palette and their Modern Renaissance palette. I simply love the color selection for this time of year. May I also say you have the most beautiful blog! A very classy and soothing aesthetic. xoxo

  • MissJBoogie

    I’m pretty obsessed with NARS Bord de Plage right now!

  • I recently used the Lorac Pro 1 and I forgot how much I love it. Classic shades, great textures.

  • Kulpreet Kaur

    I love all the warm orange shade palettes doing the round. But, suddenly, I find myself going back to neutrals. And my favourite neutral palette seems to be the 15 pan warm neutral palette from MAC. It looks meh but I’m always pleasantly surprised by how flattering the look is when the shades come together.

  • Edyta

    Recently I really enjoy using face palette from Becca and Chrissy Teigen…I use it for eyes and cheeks… love it for easy fresh glowy looking 😍

  • nic

    My favorite palette this fall is an old but dearly loved Pout Cosmetics Spoilt Rotten palette. It is running so low and oh how I will miss this baby.

  • Suzanna

    I love the look of You Are My and will have to return (yet again) to Sephora to try it out. Will also try the Metallic Strobe, just because (I do not need any more highlighters after my Fenty purchase earlier this week…)…

    Still working on the Surreal Light Edit palette from last year, which is my go-to for fall/winter.

    All three of those lipsticks are lovely on you!

  • Rhonda K

    Since it’s autumn, I’m loving my Chanel Entrelacs palette. I will have to purchase the new Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit though, so that could change.

  • Mel

    I’m currently loving the Persona Identity palette! The colors apply and wear beautifully!

  • Kristina Yang

    I’m loving Tom Ford Nude Dip for an easy but polished everyday eye look!!

  • Daisy797

    I love “True Love Means” on you!

  • Leah Davis

    I don’t own it, but I love Bobbi Browns shimmer brick trio palette that came out around holidays last year. I’d love to get my hands on it!

  • Lyse Davitt

    I have every one of the ambient powders and LOVE them. I have yet to try one of the strobe powders.

  • Martha

    My current favorite palette is the Nars Loaded Eyeshadow Palette. The colors are AMAZING and blend so well! New to the Hourglass line (Vanish Seamless Finish Foundation Stick) and very impressed!

  • Kim

    Wow. I wasn’t eyeing that lip set at all until I saw your lip swatches! They all look completely wearable for any time of day.

  • Kim

    also, can’t resist highlighting palettes!!

  • Emily Wolff

    My favorite pallete is one that I actually made myself from Anastasia. I picked all of my favorite warm brown neutrals and put them in a Z pallet and I can make any look with it. Other than that, I’ve really been loving the new Charlotte Tilbury eye pallete (the 12 pan one)

  • Maria Mercedes Ruperti

    Right now Im loving the Nars Loaded Eyeshadow palette, total winner for me!

  • Kirsten

    My favorite hourglass product is the ambient lighting in dim light! Super subtle but makes me look fabulous. I wear minimal make up so the powder is perfect!

  • Sofia

    I live in Stockholm and unfortunately we don’t have hourglass. So, I want so much to win this palette. The Ambient® Metallic Strobe Lighting Palette is amazing!!

  • inkchick

    Just one? Oh gosh! I have several favorite palettes, but if I have to pick just one… I am doing my best to keep my Dior Garden Pastels from running out because it was a limited edition and oh how I will miss it.

  • lawler

    Hourglass Ambient Light powder in Dim Light is my favorite. A mini of that to put in my bag may be the only non-set / non-palette thing I pick up this holiday season.

  • Mary M Heffner

    My favorite palette is Tom Ford Nude Dip! Love it so much <3

  • Sara

    I’ve never tried an Hourglass product but that lipstick in “You Are My” is such a gorgeous color!

  • Glenda

    Favourite palette… I don’t use many! I’m in love with one of the Hourglass blush palettes, I think it was their first. Their products are so expensive, though… I wish I could buy them all!

  • NadineBlechmann

    My fave Hourglass product is the Ambient Lighting Powder in Ethereal.

  • Sondra

    My favorite Hourglass product is their cream palette. (blush, highlighter & bronzer) It’s perfect for my coloring and my dryer skin.

  • Jessica

    I absolutely love all the hourglass stuff, but the vanish stick foundation is absolutely the most beautiful full coverage foundation I have ever had. Plus warm ivory fits my skin tone to a t!

  • St. Heather

    Those refillable lipsticks look great! The “You Are My” shade looks fabulous on you; can’t wait to try that one on myself. ♥ ♥

  • Swingtime

    I’ve been waiting for this review! I was going to buy Confession lipsticks but saw the holiday set before I did, and I wanted to see your swatches of the shade in the set before buying either (that gold case is so gorgeous!). I don’t think the set are for me, but I’m going to treat myself to a Confession lipstick or two (thanks to swatches from your previous review). Thank you again, Sabrina, for saving me money and helping me get what I really want (and will use) instead of what I think I want!

  • Tatiana

    Those lipsticks! Went into Blue Mercury and tried some of the colors. Love.

  • Hannah Burke

    I love the hourglass powders, especially dim light and the bronzer radiant light.

  • Effie Wong

    The lipstick set and the 3 pan highlighter look fabulous! I’d love to own the 3 pan highlighter set. You’re My is so pretty and perfect MLBB color.

  • Lindsey

    Oh man, I love the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance eyeshadow palette. It will probably be a popular answer, but it’s soooo good.

  • Christina

    My favorite palette ever is Chanel Topkapi quad. It’s an older one, but it is so, so exquisite, and I use it so sparingly because I’m afraid I’ll use it up. 🙂

  • Verity Yeates

    Wow, these all look so pretty. I love the look of the Ambient Lighting edit, I can feel myself being very tempted by that (I am holding out for the Liberty London advent calendar which comes out in October though so I am trying not to splurge on anything else). The lipsticks look lovely on you (don’t they always!) but I don’t think any of them are quite my colours. I love the Laura Mercier highlighting palette I bought around Christmas last year, it has a colour for every time of the year, can be full on or subtle and is lasting very well.

  • jingorokitty

    My favorite palette is the LE holiday trio from Hourglass a few years ago that had the 3 Luminous Light products together – the bronzer, blush, and Ambient Lighting powder. I have the powder and bronzer as singles also, but this palette is perfect for me for travel! It is the one I always pack.

  • Lisa

    I have never tried any Hourglass products, but that may have to change! I love the lipstick colors and need to check them out. Great review.

  • Stephanie Comer

    I’ve been waiting for your review of the new palettes! Still deciding whether they’re worth the money, but they’re lovely all the same.

  • Sanda Remakus

    I use the Hourglass trio from I think 2014 and the ambient edit palette from 2015 every single day! I was interested in this one but I’m afraid if I purchase, I’ll start to neglect the other palettes. I’ve been wanting to declutter and use up what I have so may have to hold off until something less similar to the ones I own hits the market.

  • I just received my Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit Volume 3 Palette and I think this is by far my fave palette that Hourglass had ever released. Although I’m still loving my Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette Nordstrom Exclusive. Lovely review as always! 😊

  • Brianna Jean Allum

    My favorite Hourglass Products would have to be their Opaque Rouge Liquid Lipsticks! I love that they were ahead of the trend and that they’re consistently gorgeous. My fave shade would still be Icon. Ya can’t go wrong with a classic red.

  • sigi

    So pretty. I wish the packaging wasn’t quite so bulky–I’d probably just throw the lipstick refill by itself in my bag.

  • Jennifer Ryder

    The Ambient Lighting Edit 3 is calling my name. I have the one from last year, but I can always make more room!

  • What an amazing giveaway! For me, I am most excited about the Confession set because I’ve never tried Hourglass lipsticks before! xx

  • Joni

    those highlights are so pretty but not all that special… I’m actually kind of disappointed in the big palette, cause why would they put the same old bronzer in there when they just released new (super well-received) shades?? ugh. that third lipstick color from them is super pretty tho!! I’m terrible about palettes— i have two hourglass ones, but i use my singles more… and honestly same goes for my eyeshadows, but i still can’t resist a pretty palette!! 🙂

  • Denise Moreira

    The Metallic Strobe Lighting Palette is beautiful!

  • Tahrer

    My favorite palette is the face palette from Charlottle Tilbury. I love how I can just grab it and go. Love your reviews and can’t wait for you to review the Tom Ford boys and girls!

  • Christine

    I am 100% getting the Confession trio (best lipstick formula ever) and the Metallic Strobe trio. I’m a little on the fence for the Edit #3 since I still have (and adore) the Edit #1. I really want that pink blush tho . . . .

  • Roxanne Berardinelli

    The Hourglass Ambient strobe highlights look so pretty, but I think my HG is the Burberry Highlighter in Nude Gold.

  • Lan Doan

    I do own the lighting blush palette, which I use very often. My favorite highlighter would be from bobbi brown. Have not tried the hourglass yet. I am also curious about the lipsticks. Since hourglass can not be bought in stores in the Netherlands.. I do sometimes check them on spacenk… maybe sometime I can visit a store which sells hourglass to swatch these beautifull products

  • The hourglass 6 pan palette is super tempting. I might pick it up but I really need to swatch the blushes on my skin. My fave palette is my Tarte Blush Wheel! It’s prefect for traveling due to it’s size, shape and sturdiness. The colors are all nice for my skin tone minus like one shade. It was also a great value!

  • Sandy D

    Every year I admire the Ambient Lighting Palette from afar but never pulled the trigger. The colors are beautiful

  • Anne Capitant

    My favorite palette is probably the original Ambient Lighting Palette. They’re just really, really good finishing powders. I feel like that one stays a staple while things like cheek or eye palettes rotate which puts it in my #1 spot.

  • krisscross

    currently loving Nars Hardwired Eyeshadow Palette!! it has that holographic sheens and metallic glitter tones as they described and it compliments my skin tone pretty well. Since I’m not a pro at doing eye make up its amazing that i can just put it simply on my eye lids to create that eye catching shimmer effect. My fav from the palette is the III (duo-chrome rose-teal) its to die for!! 😍😍😍😍😍

  • Jacque Baca

    I’m usually not a “highlighter person” but the Metallic Strobe palette looks amazing.

  • riverchild27

    To date my favorite Hourglass products is the original blush palette, it beautiful and easy for everyday wear, which is what I like.

  • Jessica

    I love the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette, it has so many pretty colours for different looks and is excellent quality!

  • Mary Greenough

    The original ambient lighting powders are my fave product from Hourglass, but honestly I’ve never tried anything from the line that I disliked. Thank you for your wonderful and complete reviews

  • Jeska Gorman Harris

    I have my eye on the Hourglass Volume 3 Palette! I have the first one and totally LOVE it! Hope I get all of the new products for the holidays!

  • Meghan M

    Your blog is awesome 🙂 My favorite still right now is the Chrissy Teigen x Becca glow face pallete.

  • fujifan23

    My favorite recently has very surprisingly been the Colourpop Yes Please! palette. Never thought I’d see the day when a $16 palette would be on par with a Natasha Denona!

  • Laurie M.

    For most use, my favourite palette has to be Naked 3. I would love to find something newer that I love as much, but it is just so effortless and beautiful that it’s hard to top!

  • Judy Chang

    I’ve been waiting for your lovely lip swatches of this lip kit! I can see what you mean by how wearable these shades were – but they don’t really make the favorites list. Currently, I have been loving my Smashbox Full Exposure eye palette! Thank you for the lovely giveaway!

  • christina santosa

    really love with becca pallete, and I’m eyeing this HG Ambient Lighting Edit Volume 3 Palette..

  • Perfume Sample Queen

    Picking a fav palette is H A R D! One of my fav’s is the new Urban Decay Heat Eyeshadow Palette. I love Hourglass and I cannot wait to try the new lipsticks and I NEED the new Volume 3 Palette!

  • Shelley Polarbelle

    The Pixi Beauty Strobe and Sculpt palette is near and dear to my heart…do I call it my favorite? hmm…I think the Kat Von D Metal/Matte palette is my favorite.

  • Linda S.

    My favorite hourglass product are the blushes. I have diffused heat. It gives me the perfect flush to my cheeks.

  • Christine Cheung

    Your reviews are always so helpful! I love the Hourglass Ambient Palette and I use it everyday since I have got it 🙂

  • Carina Betty

    I’m currently loving Urban Decay Heat Palette

  • Caroline Ulvert

    I can’t pick a favorite palette, but my favorite Hourglass product is the Mood Exposure blush. So pretty! Thanks for the great review!

  • Omg this is such an incredible giveaway thank you so much! I always wanted to try Hourglass, their products sound and look absolutely amazing. My current favourite palette is the Urban Decay Naked Basics xx

  • urbanangel

    My favourite palette is the Hourglass Surreal Light Ambient Lighting Edit 2016. The packaging is really gorgeous and I use all the colours regularly.

  • I have my eye on the two palettes, especially the highlighter one! xx

    Carolina’s Makeup Life

  • Eileen

    My go-to summer palette was Tom Ford’s Soleil. The colors, quality of the products, and the presentation made it an absolute winner. I got a lot of mileage out of it. It’s now time, though, to move on. The Hourglass looks more muted and autumn appropriate. As always, thanks for the giveaway opportunity.

  • Estelle Bnrd

    The face palette seems amazing!! I’m craving for it!!! Hourglass Ultra Slim Confession Lipsticks are not available in France so I hope winning this set! I love your blog, it’s so classy. Waiting to read you again soon!

  • Mathilde

    You are my looks really nice! Need to try one of these lippies

  • Andrea Johnston

    Great giveaway! I’ve been eyeing the Edit Volume 3, but haven’t pulled the trigger yet. I’m not much of a palette person because I find that there are always shades that I won’t use (I depot most of my eye palettes anyways!) I have to say though, I’ve almost completely used up the original Hourglass Ambient Lighting palette – I really enjoy all 3 shades, especially Incandescent Light. I may have a hard time deciding to either re-purchase this palette or to create my own, but I know I won’t be able to include Incandescent Light in the latter, so we’ll see.

    As always, thanks for the great reviews!

  • Laura Schmaltz

    What an amazing giveaway – thanks! Hmmm… My favorite hourglass product has to be the original ambient lighting palette. I love those finishing powders!! I love the blushes too, but I have a ton of blushes so they kind of get lost in the mix. 🙂

  • Jodie Haller

    Love this! *heart eyes

  • Deborah Hayes

    My current favorite is a rose gold eye shadow palette by E.L.F. All of the shades are very flattering, and easy to use!

  • Deborah Elman

    You look beautiful as always, Sabrina! I’m on the fence about the Vol. 3 palette because of the price, frankly, especially when so many of the colors are dups, but I love the highlighting palette and the lipsticks, though i fear they look better on you than they would on me. Thanks for the review and the giveaway!

  • Hayley Choe

    Favorite face palettes- tje Charlotte Tilbury ones, and last’ year’s lighter By Terry face palette. They are all very neutral, but so well done I used them all the time <3 This HG one might join their ranks, since I can easily picture several of the shades as eyeshadows.

  • Sarah Jiang

    gah, i’m still waiting for these releases in australia T_T (said it’ll come out in novermber for us)
    mecca did a collaboration with hourglass so going to test that out 🙂

  • Jennifer Jones

    My favorite eye/cheek palettes are the Tom Ford Warm/Cool Soleil; I can’t pick one! Lol

    I love the Hourglass primer.

  • Kristen

    Thanks for your detailed review on the new Hourglass palette. I have the diffused bronze light and use it daily, it’s my absolute favorite. And I agree that the swatch from your palette is a lot lighter than the individual bronzers. That said, this palette looks gorgeous and I may end up picking it up and keeping it set aside just for travel, so I don’t need to bring individual setting powder, blusher and bronzer.

  • Lisa Carbone

    My fave palette currently is the BECCA x Chrissy Teigen….it’s my go to all in one and is just perfect for my skintone and esthetic.
    Thanks Sabrina!
    Best, LIsa

  • Karen Cheung

    love the lip set!

  • Bomi Yoon

    My current favorite is MODERN RENAISSANCE from Anastasia Beverly Hills. I love warm neutral or reddish shades for my eyes. Thank you for this great giveaway and take care~😘

  • Emma Stansfield

    Favourite palette is Tom Ford Nude Dip

  • Denise Yeung

    I bought the Confessions Lip Set and I am very pleased with the quality and performance of the lippies. I only wish that it came with a berry or red shade!

  • Jen Osia

    My all time favorite palette is Bobbi Brown Stonewashed Nudes, mine is gone but not forgotten. The palette I regret missing out on is the Master Palette by Mario for Anastasia Beverly Hills, I think it would have been a favorite. I adore my Hourglass Ambient Lighting palette from a couple of years ago (6 pan), it travels well and often. Great post! Thank you for the giveaway.

  • Roo

    Sabrina, thanks for your generosity in this giveaway! Finally got a chance to check out the Hourglass Ambient® Lighting Edit Volume 3, and I LOVE the 2 blushes — really hoping they will be offered separately, as I really don’t need the other powders (some would be duplicates for me). Wanted to try test out the Hourglass set as well, but of course, the samples were missing/broken.

  • Holly Simpson Sims

    These are all beautiful and I love them all! I’d say the Ambient lighting face palette is my favorite!! Your blog and reviews are amazing!

  • Daisy

    What a give away! It may sound alarming to many, but i haven’t tried any Hourglass palettes or lipsticks yet! Fingers crossed

  • peepjr

    My favorite palette is probably a MAC 15 pan prefilled palette. So many options in one place.

  • Azi Ohanjanyan

    Hello and thank you for the giveaway! My current favorite palette is the minimalist palette by Elcie cosmetics. Beautiful eyeshadows that can also be used for bronzer and blush!

  • Jane Ahoy

    I Traveled and forgot to buy hourglass… wait two monthes for shipping? My favorit palet is the too old naked one cant decide if to buy new one . Alao why my mom thinks houglass is cakey?

  • Lauren

    My favorite Hourglass product is their Incandescent Electra blush. It’s my go-to blush. My favorite palette is the Nars Voulez Vous Cheek & Eye Palette. Thank you for this giveaway opportunity!

  • clidre vandijk

    A giveaway is a great idea! I’m most intrigued by the Ambient Lighting palette volume 3, it’s great for travel

  • Anna

    So beautiful! The lipsticks are stunning, but the price holds me back… Great post!

  • Becks

    Love Ambient Lighting Bronzer in Nude Bronze Light

  • Daniela Rotaru

    I have only Dim light powder,but I’d love to try some of this palette!
    My compliments for you reviews on makeup,products of hair, skin care etc. I’m always excited to read about new products,new collections.

  • Carol Starwater Weelborg

    My favorite hourglass product has to be the original ambient lighting edit palette I use it everyday !

  • Hannah Coomer

    Just got the luminous light ambient lighting powder today and omg I am in love with it. I can’t believe I’ve never tried it before, especially since it’s such a staple in the hourglass line. These pallets look so gorgeous though, I can’t wait til I can swatch and see them in person!

  • GG

    My favorite face palette is still the Hourglass Ambient Holiday palette from 2015. I bought two of them that year, and fully used up the first one. Definitely have my eye on this year’s edition! Thank you for the amazing giveaway 🙂

  • Su

    My favourite palette is Urban Decay (original) Naked Palette. I was a palette cynic because i never believed that I would use a palette fully, as much as I would an individual shade. UD Naked converted me to palettes! I use every shade with equal amount of love and every shade suits me so well!

    PS I don’t comment much but I love your reviews and swatches.I always check what you have say before buying anything 🙂

  • hh

    Fave palette: theBalm Balm Jovi palette, so versatile for traveling! Cream and powder blush, highlighter, neutral and colored eye shadows, really well packaged.

  • valerie

    My favorite palette is the Guerlain 4 Seasons palette in 00 Nude, with the pink blush. Sadly, it has been discontinued. I only have one hourglass product, the powder in diffused light and although I love the colour on me, I wish it was a tad less shimmery. I would love to try their lip products too.

  • J Lee

    I’m loving the travel Smashbox eye palettes (I have both the full exposure and the matte ones). They are tiny but have everything I need!

  • Nisan Gülşar

    My fave is the Ambient Lighting Edit Volume 3!!! Looks absolutely stunning <3

  • klgpjjecfs

    Enjoying Natasha denona sunset palette! This hourglass stuff is so beautiful!

  • Catherine C

    I’ve been searching everywhere for reviews of the volume 3 palette. I’m trying to decide whether it’s worth the splurge or not! I would love to try more of their face powders. I have a couple of Hourglass products, the mineral veil primer and mood exposure blush. I love the blush but feel it’s pretty similar to one in the volume 3 palette. I need to do some more research. Anyways, loved reading this review! Thanks for your thoughts!

  • Andrea Zucker

    I love Hourglass veil mineral primer.

  • Claudia C.

    The ambient lighting powder is definitly one of the favorite Hourglass products!

  • DRTVrMoi

    A tried and true favorite is the Kevin Aucoin Contour Duo On The Go palette. Simple but effective

  • Liz

    The dim light ambient powder is my favoirte!

  • marissa

    such an amazing giveaway! love the ambient lighting palette. x

  • I’ve been trying the Confession lipsticks, and they are definitely my favorite Hourglass products! They’re so luxurious and have a beautiful formula. The Mineral Veil primer is also an HG for me.

  • How gorgeous! I need all of these! Especially that strobing palette!

    Nicole | The Glam Surge

  • Tarryn

    Love everything hourglass but their blushes are my absolute favourite… mood exposure and incandescent electra are my personal favs! 😍

  • My favorite Hourglass product is the Ambient Lighting Edit Surreal Light Palette. Thank you for such a great giveaway.

  • S Anderson

    My favorite Hourglass product would be any of the ambient lighting blushes. They blend so beautifully on the skin.

  • Cath Ide

    I love the diffused light powder – such a gorgeous setting powder.

  • Vesela Angelova

    My favoite is their INCANDESCENT LIGHT blush.

  • Megan Harrington

    The charlotte tilbury look in a palette (newest release – this past summer) is my favorite palette because it is so travel friendly. I went to Maine recently and brought that, tinted moisturizer, concealer, brow gel, and (a few, of course) lipsticks and I was all set for five days. So good! I’ve been wanting that higherlighter palette from Hourglass since it was released! Thank you for offering this giveaway!!

  • Maureen

    I love your reviews – so detailed! Favourite palette would be Charlotte Tilbury look in a palette – natural. It so so great for travel.

  • Renae Evans

    That look is very Kim K on you (OG Kim K 2006) lol
    I miss that Kim…. lol
    I would have to say my favorite palette right now would have to be….
    It’s not even mainstream, but the Pacifica Solar Palette.

    I know…..right.

    I’ve been trying to switch to cruelty free brands and explore green makeup. I do have Estée Lauder and other brands in my drawer still though….🤔
    So pretty it’s hard to just trash stuff that’s super pretty 😔
    Where are my morals?…. 😳

    It’s good for late summer to fall. But it includes bronzer and blush. I think you would actually like it!

  • Jennie WP

    My favorite Hourglass product is the Ambient Lighting Blush in Incandescent Electra. It’s the perfect coral blush for me!

  • Their Illume Sheer Color Trio palette is my favorite!

  • I’ve never tried Hourglass products before, but I’d LOVE to try this face palette. It’s everything I’m coveting from the brand in one place! Dim/Diffused light for my face, highlight, blush and bronzer. Thank you for the giveaway! Fingers crossed xx

  • Truth Lacks Lyricism

    The Ambient Lighting Blush in Luminous Flush is my favourite Hourglass product 🙂

  • AB

    I love all Tom Ford palettes! I have a few Hourglass bronzer, strobe and ambient blushes that are good but nothing jumps out as spectacular.

  • Liliana

    I like the new Becca Apres ski glow face palette. Thank you for the give away.

  • Kelly H

    I use diffused light everyday. I would love to splurge on one of the lipsticks or the palette during the holidays. They look so beautiful!

  • Shelly

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    This ambient lighting palette is really calling out to me!

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  • Deanna McGill

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