Chanel Collection Libre Holiday 2016 Picks

October 21, 2016
The Beauty Look Book Collection Libre Picks

Many of us have been wondering for a few weeks whether or not the Collection Libre Synthetic de Chanel would be the holiday collection or if it was a mini launch. We now know that it is indeed the official Chanel Holiday 2016 launch this year. The pieces definitely have a unique take on a winter holiday theme with a mix of a cool-toned silvery smokey eyes, black liner, and an interesting mix for nails and lips. I ordered these sight unseen and have yet to see the collection in person in stores. I’m happy with all but one of my picks. What I hauled:

Velvet Nail Color in Pink Rubber
Le Vernis in Liquid Mirror and Hyperrose Glass
Rouge Allure Gloss in Super Coral and Super Nude

The Beauty Look Book - Chanel Holiday 2016

I bought the 3 nail polishes because to date I don’t think I’ve skipped a seasonal nail polish launch in many years. Since the reformulation I have yet to try all the new permanent colors, but for seasonal collection launches I still collect them. We have Velvet Nail Color in Pink Rubber (limited-edition), Le Vernis in Liquid Mirror and Le Vernis in Hyperrose Glass (limited-edition).

The Beauty Look Book - Chanel Velvet Nail Color Pink Rubber, Liquid Mirror and Hyperrose Glass

Pink Rubber is the item that I’m not thrilled with mainly because I don’t like matte or velvety nails. My first instinct when I put it on was “I hate it” – the matte finish is just something I can’t get into. This one is such an interesting concept though as it dries to a gel-like rubber matte finish. Coverage is just perfection with two coats though which I find very rare for pale pastel polishes. Most apply like a streaky mess and require 3 coats to smooth out or are just very sheer. The exceptions are Dior and Tom Ford from my experience. The first coat of Pink Rubber can be a streaky mess but the second coat fixes everything to a perfect soft baby pink.

I think it photographs well but in real life it just looked odd to me. The finish is something you have to see in person to truly understand the velvet finish. I think it can easily be fixed by adding a glossy top coat.
The Beauty Look Book - Chanel Velvet Nail Color Pink Rubber

Liquid Mirror is a metallic silver which is beautiful but I’m just not into silvery nails right now. This is a one-coat wonder but I always apply colors with two coats. Brush strokes are visible but the formula is very good so you can smooth it out as seen below. For a metallic almost chrome color I think performance, pigment and formula are all excellent.
The Beauty Look Book - Chanel Liquid Mirror

Hyperrose Glass is an interesting shade as it’s on the sheer side. It feels like it almost has a transparent base with bright pink shimmer particles suspended. I do wish this one had full coverage as what you see in the bottle is simply gorgeous. It’s shown below with 3 coats. I suspect a fourth coat can add more color.
The Beauty Look Book - Chanel Hyperrose Glass

One of my beauty friends who has also been a long-time Chanel fan sent me a link to British Beauty Blogger’s post on Chanel Christmas layering Hyperrose Glass over Liquid Mirror on a nail wheel. I would have never thought to do that but gave it a whirl on the fingers. It has that 90’s duo-chrome vibe which I think is so interesting but don’t know that I’d wear. Below is one coat of Liquid Mirror and one coat of Hyperrose Glass.

The Beauty Look Book - Chanel Liquid Mirror and Hyperrose Glass

Next are the lip picks which include the Rouge Allure Gloss in Super Coral and Super Nude (both limited-edition). Neither have a holiday or winter vibe to me, but these colors are right up my alley so I said yes to both and added them to my cart. I really like this formula of gloss (previously reviewed here) and can’t believe it’s already been two years since Chanel first launched this.

Super Coral is a medium but muted coral with slight pink tones. Super Nude is a perfect soft peachy nude. Both are amazing. If you tried NARS Lip Gloss in Chelsea Girls but find it too sheer, Chanel Super Nude is a better alternative as it gives more color, coverage and pigment. It is thicker in texture though so if you need something weightless these might be too heavy.

Still I really like the Rouge Allure Gloss formula. It’s thick but not too thick. It has a perfect shine and just the tiniest bit of shimmer. Gloss adheres well to the lips and makes them look lush and full. It’s about time Chanel added more colors to this formula and I hope they continue to do so.
The Beauty Look Book - Chanel Rouge Allure Gloss Super Nude and Super Coral

The Beauty Look Book - Chanel Rouge Allure Gloss Super Nude and Super Coral

The Beauty Look Book - Chanel Rouge Allure Gloss Super Nude and Super Coral

The Beauty Look Book - Chanel Rouge Allure Gloss Super Nude

The Beauty Look Book - Chanel Rouge Allure Gloss Super Coral

Swatch comparisons:

The Beauty Look Book - Chanel Rouge Allure Gloss comparisons

NARS Velvet Lip Glide in Stripped, Unlaced and Playpen (reviewed here)
Chanel Glossimer in Beige Star (on lips here)
NARS Lip Gloss in Chelsea Girls (review here)
Chanel Rouge Allure Glosses in Sensuel, Sensible, Affroliant (review here)
Chanel Rouge Allure Ink in Amoureux (on the lips here)
Diorific Matte Fluid in Pleasure 001 (review here)

I’ve found some nice pieces. My favorite items are the Rouge Allure Glosses which I think are both just so perfect they are back-up worthy. I’ve gone back and forth in my head on the Hyperfresh Joues Contraste as it looks quite beautiful but am just not sure especially since I already own a lot of blushes and there are lots of holiday items coming out soon. When I placed my order the blush was not available at the time. If you’ve tried it let me know what you think. I may go investigate this weekend.

You can find the Chanel Collection Libre right now at, Nordstrom and Saks. I suspect it will be available at all counters very soon.

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  • Gail October 21, 2016 at 6:40 pm

    Yes, you definitely need Hyperfresh JC. It looks very different on than you would expect from looking at it in the pan. Completely agree with everything you said about the two pink polishes, did not try the silver. I also love Super Nude gloss. Thanks to you I am off to go order a Super Coral now. Have a great weekend Sabrina!

  • Chantel October 21, 2016 at 7:27 pm

    Everything is so pretty and thanks for the swatches.

  • BlushandPearls October 21, 2016 at 7:40 pm

    That Super Coral is such a stunning shade – looks great on you!

    Angela / Blush & Pearls

  • m.fay October 21, 2016 at 8:47 pm

    I think I'll be skipping the polishes this time. I'm not impressed and honestly haven't been lately. I do like the glosses though!

  • Nemo October 21, 2016 at 11:50 pm

    I love Liquid Mirror (which in a previous Chanel life was called Intemperol), but I did not buy Liquid Rubber because it looks blah. I did buy Hyperose Glass, but it is too awful to apply. Ugly, sticky, tacky, you name it. Liquid Mirror is a one-coat wonder & provides instant glamour.

  • Anonymous October 22, 2016 at 3:20 am

    I don't have any bright rose blushes so I purchased Hyperfresh. On a Chanel tutorial, they are applying it with the pressed powder with the two Cs. Super Nude is on hold, I bought Hyperrose lipstick. I like this collection, including the eyes. Thanks for a great review.

  • Grlnxdor October 22, 2016 at 12:09 pm

    As a fan of Nars Chelsea Girls I'm really excited to learn about Super Nude. I have Distinction in the Rouge Allure Gloss and it's really a great formula with color, shine and good wearing time.

  • Tatiana October 22, 2016 at 4:10 pm

    I like the Hyperrose Glass layered over Liquid Mirror, but that's $58 worth of polish. Pretty sure I can find an indy polish with the same look for a bit less money. The only things that have caught my eye in this collections are the Rouge Allures in Ultraberry and Ultrarose, but I'm waiting to try them in person. I've been looking for a fall berry lipstick shade.

  • Sunny October 22, 2016 at 8:32 pm

    And Chanel drops the ball…

  • Damaris Daniela Olivares Jaime October 26, 2016 at 1:13 am

    I loved the colors of lipsticks and also glazes made me very striking and super cute.

  • Joni Corak October 29, 2016 at 3:53 am

    I thought this was a really strange collection… I bought the Ultraberry Rouge Allure lipstick, and I like it, but I doubt I'll pick up anything else. I think the two RA lipsticks are a little different from the normal RA formula, though, they have an almost transparent quality to them, though I wouldn't call them sheer, either; I guess it's hard to explain!

    I'm interested in the white highlighting powder that is listed on the Chanel website as a limited edition exclusive, did you see that? I'm not sure if it's a true highlighter or more of an all-over finishing powder type of thing, and I suspect it may be a repromote. Even it struck me as an odd "exclusive", because it's only $45 dollars and they didn't bother with any fancy embossing or anything, so it's not very festive. I'm holding out for someone to mention it in a review before I buy, though! ๐Ÿ™‚

    p.s. I'm jealous of your nail polishing skills!!