Dior Holiday 2016 Splendor Color Collection

October 10, 2016
Dior Holiday 2016 Splendor Color Collection - The Beauty Look Book

This year’s first look at holiday beauty highlights the Dior Splendor Color Collection and everything is simply stunning. I received pieces to play with a few weeks ago and have been dying to share the review with you. All items far exceeded my expectations although for me the best items are the two 5 Couleurs Splendor Eyeshadow palettes. They come with the most beautiful embossed sequins-like texture on the surface and every single color works for me in both palette (which is rare). I still have yet to see photos of all the holiday launches coming out this year, but out of the ones I have seen, this is the one I’m the most excited about.

In the collection for the US:

Up first are the eye shadows. The two 5 Couleurs Splendor Eyehadow Palettes which have beautiful shimmer shades. Smoky Sequins is the cooler toned version with greys and whites for a more traditional smokey eye and Precious Embroidery is more on the warmer plum side but still pulls neutral on my skin. The colors have a soft texture that melds in with the skin. They are easy to blend, easy to layer and stay put with medium pigment. If you use a damp brush it will intensify the pigment and shimmer.

Dior Holiday 2016 Splendor Color Collection - The Beauty Look Book

Dior Holiday 2016 Splendor Color Collection - The Beauty Look Book

I did a quick look with Smokey Sequins. It’s cool-toned but still easy to wear on my olive skin:

Diorshow Fusion Mono Eyeshadow in Infinity is a gold/bronze/taupe lovers dream come true. It has the perfect mix of gold, taupe, silver, bronze all in one for the all over shade you can wear alone on simple days to add a bit of color to the eyes. 
Dior Holiday 2016 Splendor Color Collection - Infinity

Next up are the Diorific Matte Velvet Color Lip and Cheek Fluids. I have not tried these on the cheeks as the texture and consistency seem best suited for the lips (at least on me). Pleasure 001 is a warm pink, Marvel 002 is a fuschia pink, Treasure 003 is a mauve lilac and Luxury 004 is a classic bright red. These have a unique formula which is best worn when layered. One swipe will give you a stain. I recommend applying in a couple layers and you’ll see full coverage on the lips. They dry to a matte finish but do not look or feel dry which I really liked. Once on the lips the staying power is excellent. They do have a soft scent like a makeup kind of scent but it’s not overpowering. They come in a stunning ornament-like bottle with a sponge applicator.

Dior Holiday 2016 Splendor Color Collection - Diorific Matte Fluid

Dior Holiday 2016 Splendor Color Collection - Diorific Matte Fluid Swatches

Dior Holiday 2016 Splendor Color Collection - Diorific Matte Fluid
Top by Joie

There are five Diorific lipsticks launching in the US for holiday. If you see press releases online you may see other shades, but I believe they are the colors Europe and Asia received. I have one of the Diorific Lipsticks in Golden and four of the Diorific Mat Lipsticks to share (the one I’m missing is the red matte). Formula is full coverage, smooth and flawless. The mattes have a soft weightless texture that’s almost airy like on the lips. They are scented with the regular Dior lipstick scent. The holiday ones come in special edition gold packaging. The mattes do have a soft very subtle luminous sheen. Note the flash on my camera makes them look a bit more glowy than they do in real life.

Dior Holiday 2016 Splendor Color Collection - Diorific Matte Lipsticks

Golden is a shimmering metallic gold. Ravissement is a medium bright pink. Charm is a peachy coral. Fascination is a classic plum.

Dior Holiday 2016 Splendor Color Collection - Diorific Matte Lipsticks

Dior Holiday 2016 Splendor Color Collection - Diorific Matte Lipstick Swatches

The Diorskin Nude Air Luminizer is repromoted for the US so if you bought it for fall you can shop your stash for the cheeks. I still think this is one of the prettiest most natural highlighters I’ve tried. Even though I have enough highlighters to last probably 100 lifetimes I think it’s a must. I’ve re-posted the photos from the Fall Collection review.

Dior Nudeskin Air Luminizer Powder

Dior Nudeskin Air Luminizer Powder swatch

Last but not least are the Diorific Vernis nail polishes. Dior makes some of the best polishes formula-wise. They have the best brush out of all the ones I own and the formula is glossy with rich smooth coverage. By now I’ve bought almost all the colors because they always work really well. For holiday they’ve brought back the little bauble style packaging. I believe some may be similar (or even repromotes) from previous years. My favorite is the red Splendor and the glitter Nova. I rarely find that I like glitters because they look chunky or are simply to glitzy for everyday wear. Nova is one I think is subtle enough to wear. It looks pretty layered over other shades too. Swatches below with two coats.

Dior Holiday 2016 Splendor Diorific Vernis Nail Colors

Nova is a like a party in a bottle with white crystal looking sparkles. Golden is a neutral warm metallic gold. Splendor is a perfect holiday red. Cosmic is a deep vamp purple with tiny gold flecks.

Dior Holiday 2016 Splendor Diorific Vernis Nail Colors
Dior is also bringing another GWP option for Beauty Look Book readers for a complimentary Rouge Dior Matte deluxe mini and J’adore Eau Lumiere deluxe mini with a $100 purchase at Dior.com. Valid 10/10-10/21 while supplies last with code BLBHoliday at checkout. Note that all $100 orders already receive a deluxe sized sample plus two minis so the code will get you extra goodies. 

Bottom line I love everything. Favorites for me are the eye products (palettes and single) and the repromoted
highlighter. I’m not a huge matte lip fan but the lip and cheek fluids
are really unique and the packaging is just so pretty I can’t help but
also fall in love with those. If you’re one who likes color for the lips there are lots of shades to choose from that are what I’d call modern classics. They’re wearable for right now and for the upcoming holiday season whether you like the traditional festive red or other brighter shades.

You can find everything now at Dior counters and online at Dior.com. If you’ve picked up anything from the collection already let me know what you thought!

Holiday collection provided courtesy of Dior for review.

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