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Viseart Theory Palettes: Minx, Chroma and Cashmere

April 25, 2016

Viseart launched three new eyeshadow palettes called Theory Palettes ($45 each for 0.42 oz, available at Muse Beauty Pro and Sephora). I was able to get a preview of these at The Makeup Show back in March. I had high hopes that I could purchase them at the show but they only had testers to play with so I pre-ordered them and was excited when they finally arrived for me to play with. There are three color options and I ordered all three. Each option comes in a compact cardboard flip top packaging with a magnetic closure. Each palette has 6 colors (3 matte finish, 3 shimmers) with removable magnetic pans. Shown below from left to right:
  • Chroma is the cool-toned option with a pale sheer white, medium-dark charcoal, deep matte black, shimmering cool silver-taupe, shimmering cool steel, shimmering gunmetal
  • Cashmere is the neutral palette with a light-medium cream beige, medium coffee brown, deep matte brown, shimmering champagne, shimmering soft neutral-cool tan, shimmering medium cool-taupe
  • Minx is the warmest option with a matte camel, warm sienna brown, warm deep reddish brown matte, shimmering golden sand, shimmering orange, shimmering plum red

All three have extremely good pigment. Finishes and textures are similar to that of the shadows in the 12 Pan Palettes (Neutral Matte and Sultry Muse reviewed here). The mattes are on the hard side but apply smoothly and blend easily. The shimmers are buttery soft and powdery but blend with incredible ease. All the colors are easy to work with and layer together – you can mix shades between palettes or for convenience stick with the shades in a single palette.

A quick look at the packaging – at the show, Viseart founder Anastasia Van Dusen demonstrated how the packaging is designed with certain folds and closures so you can hold them in your hand like an artists palette (as shown in the top photograph) which I found quite clever. Below the new Theory Palettes next to the 12 Pan Palettes.

A closer look at the palettes plus a few comparison swatches. First a look at the palettes in different lighting, first is without flash but in direct sunlight:

 In natural indoor light:

Chroma is the cool-toned option perfect for that traditional gunmetal smokey eye look.

Swatched below next to Tom Ford Titanium Smoke which I find similar in color. I’ve found Titanium Smoke to be a staple as far as traditional smokey eye palettes go. For my coloring I find it hard to wear cool-toned whites, greys and silvers all over the eye because they end up looking ashy on my skin. Viseart Chroma has a more conservative feel while the shades in Tom Ford’s have more glitz (two of the shades are very sparkly/almost glitters).

Chroma works on my skin as long as I use the two lightest shades with a light hand. I prefer a warmer base for the lighter colors and like to work the darker cool-tones on top. Chroma performs really well – I just can’t wear cool-tones easily. Out of the two, I can’t pick a favorite.

Cashmere is the neutral option, but on my skintone it actually pulls more cool-toned. Many neutral palettes look simply that – neutral on most skintones, but when I apply them on mine they pull cool. Out of the three this is my favorite option.

Below compared to Urban Decay Naked Basics (one of my top 2 matte palettes, the other being Naked2 Basics) and Tom Ford Nude Dip (one of my top picks for neutral shimmers). My heart still belongs to both the UD and TF ones – they work perfectly with my coloring and as you can see they really pull more neutral on my skintone while the Viseart Cashmere pulls a bit more cool-toned in the swatches.

Although Cashmere may seem like a repeat of other shades, I do think if there’s any out of the three I would call a must, Cashmere would be it. It offers the best of both worlds in terms of mattes and shimmers. It has enough color to show up on the lids and there is enough difference in the colors that they won’t all look the same if you apply all 6 on the eyes.

Minx is the most stunning option out of the three – the colors are absolutely breathtaking. I’m learning to wear orange shadows so this one has taken me a bit of work to learn how to use. I really like it so far though.

Below compared to Tom Ford Honeymoon and Charlotte Tilbury The Dolce Vita. By comparing all three, there are 2 shades in Viseart Minx that are almost identical to Tom Ford Honeymoon. I think Viseart Minx is very different from the Charlotte Tilbury Dolce Vita but the overall color theme seems to have a similar vibe.

One final look at the palette packaging:

I think all three are solid performers. The colors are well coordinated for an easy look depending on your color preferences, cool, neutral or warm. I like that they each offer a wide range from light to medium to deep colors and especially like the fact they each have 3 mattes and 3 shimmers. It makes it very convenient to create a wide range of looks without being overwhelming like palettes with more than 6 shades can be. Out of all the Viseart Palettes I’ve tried (which is 5 to date), I still think Sultry Muse has the most special place in my heart. As mentioned in my previous review, if you have been wanting to try Viseart Palettes but get overwhelmed with eyeshadow palettes that have more than 6 shades, these are the perfect way to start.
I’ve been playing with the shades in each of the palettes – sticking to combinations within each palette. I’ve found that they work best when layered over a creamy base like Laura Mercier Caviar Sticks or Edward Bess Illuminating Eye Base. They work well with a dry or slightly damp brush on the eyes. Lasting power is excellent – they last all day without fall out or fading. As with most powder shadows there will be a tiny bit of fall out when you apply them – but it’s easy to clean up.

As shown above in the comparison swatches you may find similar shades in your collection (even if you don’t have the palettes shown) so you may want to shop your stash. I hope the swatches and reviews help you make your ordering decisions since at this time I think you can only find these online. Even though I have dupes I have no regrets buying any. If I had to do it over again, I would have skipped Chroma, but I knew after swatching it at The Makeup Show there would be a really good chance it would pull very cool-toned on my skin.

You can find the Viseart Theory Palettes online now exclusively at Muse Beauty Pro and Sephora. I hope they will be available at more locations soon.

Have you tried these yet? If so what did you think?

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  • I ordered these during the Sephora VIB Sale… I got Chroma and Minx (which I love) but may have to order Cashmere too!


  • Hi Sabrina, I've been looking at Honeymoon for a while but Minx looks like a great alternative! How does the texture of Minx compare to Honeymoon? I remember Honeymoon being this almost-creamy, beautiful texture that is hard to replicate, but if Minx is similarly smooth then I might just get that. Thanks!

    • Hi Sheila – sorry I'm just catching up on comments, not sure if you already bought Minx or not, but the TF Honeymoon has a very unique texture I haven't found in any other brand. The TF is a lot smoother in texture compared to Viseart which is more powdery (kinda like UD shimmer shadows, but the Viseart mattes are harder in texture).

      I really hope Honeymoon comes back in stock because it's amazing.

  • I love your blog, thanks for the great post!

  • These palettes are such beautiful

    Beauty Candy Loves

  • The third palette is a great option for everyday makeup πŸ™‚

  • oh my days minx looks absolutely beautiful x

    Zoe Mountford x

    • It's stunning! I'm experimenting with warmer colors and so far love it.

  • My first reaction is that they look like a cheaper Tom Ford and quite plagiarised if I'm honest…….Honeymoon, Nude Dip, Disco Dust, Cocoa Mirage, Golden Mink, Cognac Sable mash up and Titanium Smoke Stand alone…..all from each of those quads feature a lookalike here but those are my favourite eye products so why would I complain? I don't think we can get these in UK yet but I would love to try one. I have just ordered Lolita & The Lover from Marc Jacobs on Mount Street in London. I couldn't wait any longer to try them.

    • Maybe it's just me – but I think they look really different? But then I have a ton of nude lipsticks I swear are all different and my husband says they all look the same on me haha!!

    • Thanks for your comments, they are helpful to us… we actually based these colors on something all together different, and we never even saw the Tom Ford Honeymoon, and when we looked at some other Pro lines, we saw that the colors we wanted were not available, nor did they have the pigment payoff for things that looked visually close to what we wanted. These were created by looking at certain things: oyster shell interior, the part of the sunset from the water view that gets shimmery red and orange….etc… we took photos of things and then we started to mix pigments to get the effects we wanted for global skins. We even used ribbons with sheen to try to match it. This part took a long time to make and we had to layer shades and textures. Next we had to decide how to space the colors out- we didnt want anything that was considered- Blond, Brunette, Black Hair. We wanted things that everyone could use and swap around. We wanted global chic, sexy and pro quality without the parabens and silicons because that melts into skin and then the colors fall apart. So yes this is different, and it was fun to share the story with people!

  • I have been staring at the Viseart palettes for a long time and didn't buy any of the large ones. Cashmere though, now that is a palette with colors I would use the most. Time to finally buy one. πŸ™‚

    • If you do buy it I hope you love it πŸ™‚

  • Chroma was my favorite but I also really like Cashmere. I think that Minx might be a little warm for me so I'd have to swatch it.

    • Minx is definitely very warm.

  • Perfect comparison, I must say ❀️ Thank you ❀️ For online shopper like me, I do t have any chance to see it in person. But comparing with TF I love, now you speak my language ???✨

    • Hi Fanny! Glad the TF comparisons help – my heart still belongs to TF for the shadows but I'm still very upset they discontinued some of my favorites πŸ™

  • This post just made me really want to buy Tom Ford Nude Dip and Tom Ford Honeymoon. The Chroma palette looks nice but those colors tend to look really stark on me.

  • Deb

    For anyone interested in Minx: if you can wear warm colors, get this palette. You won't regret it. I have very fair skin, neutral undertones, blue eyes, and red hair. This palette is stunning on blue eyes. I imagine it would be for green too. And it doesn't clash with my hair which is sometimes difficult in this color range.

  • Thanks for the review! I have Minx and had Cashmere. Cashmere also ran really cool on my skin; too cool, so I returned it. Like you, I love Sultry Muse the best, closely followed by Neutral Mattes.

    • Good to know I'm not the only one who found Cashmere cool-ish. It still works on me, but yes so many neutrals run cool on my skin.

  • Lea

    I've been eyeing Viseart for awhile, but I hate not being able to see them in person and photos of the colors have been all over the place. I was thinking when looking at your photos how like Tom Ford they are and I own Nude Dip and Titanium Smoke. I'm also not fond of the Browns in Chroma, they look so warm to me and not at all my color. If I could combine the shimmers from Chroma, Casmere and that red plum in Minx, I'd be happy. So basically I think I just need Honeymoon and see what I can do with that orange.

    • I totally feel your pain! This is why I held off so long before buying. If you're not 100% in love with the options then I would say hold off – I agree that you need Honeymoon I really hope they bring it back soon.

  • Lea

    I think I totally butchered the palette names, but the essential point is I'm not loving the matte shades and would take a palette of the shimmers or I could just go buy Honeymoon!

    • No worries πŸ™‚ I do that too, sometimes I have to look at a palette or eyeshadow or blush a dozen times because I simply cannot remember the names.

  • They look amazing in direct sunlight! I think my favorite palette is Minx!


    • They have the prettiest shimmer!

  • Sue

    Oh my!!! They are soooo beautiful. I guess I have to break my promise to stop for a while in buying makeup products. This is so tempting that i could not resist!

  • I just got Chroma. I used it once & found it scratchy and hard milled. I returned it.

    • Oh no, so sorry it didn't work for you! Mine is so soft, wonder why yours is hard πŸ™ Glad you were able to return it though.

  • I like the look of these palettes… or maybe it's just your fabulous, as always, photography Sabrina! Thanks for such great review.

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