MAC Sharon and Kelly Osbourne Mineralize Skinfinish Duos and Satin Blushes

June 14, 2014

I have a few more additions to share from the MAC Sharon and Kelly Osbourne Collections. There are two new Mineralize Skinfinish Duos in Refresh/Sharon and Jolly Good/Kelly ($33 each, limited-edition). Each collection also features a Satin Blush in Peaches & Cream/Sharon and Cheeky Bugger/Kelly ($22 each, limited-edition). If you’re contemplating any of these, act fast. Both of the blushes sold out online super quickly. My sweet husband bought the Satin Blushes for me from a MAC store the day the collection launched in stores. The Mineralize Skinfinish Duos are easier to find but are going fast online. I found the cheek items to be really pretty and naturally flattering to complement bolder eyes/lips.

Sharon’s collection is warmer in tone while Kelly’s is cooler and lighter. I found they both worked for my olive medium skin, I have a slight preference for the items from Sharon’s collection. My thoughts on each item for the cheeks:
  • Refresh Mineralize Skinfinish Duo has a satiny warm bronze and a shimmering champagne peachy pink. The pigment on this one is really good and it shows up well on the skin by itself.
  • Jolly Good Mineralize Skinfinish Duo is more satiny in texture. It has a shimmery finish but not as frosty or shimmery as other MSFs. The color is on the nude side so on my skin it is very sheer similar to Hourglass Ambient Lighting powders. If you’re in want of a more contrasted highlighter you may not like this one.
  • Peaches & Cream is a rose pink satiny texture blush. It has a bit of shimmer in it but on the cheeks it isn’t overly frosty. Even though it has the word “peaches” in the name, it’s not really peachy or warm, it’s definitely more rose.
  • Cheeky Bugger is a cool toned lighter pink. It’s also a satin finish. On me it shows up even though it’s pale in the pan. It gives a natural pink glow.

Jolly Good/Kelly

Peaches & Cream/Sharon

Jolly Good/Kelly

Here they are swatched on my Chanel B20/30 arm:

Close ups of the Blushes side by side:

Close ups of the Mineralize Skinfinish Duos side by side:

Overall thumbs up. The pigment and texture of these are really good and easy to apply. I like how the Mineralize Skinfinish Duos look naturally flattering on the skin. The Jolly Good/Kelly MSF duo is sheerer and is good as a subtle softening powder. Refresh/Sharon MSF Duo is better in color and pigment to show up on its own. Both Peaches & Cream and Cheeky Bugger blushes are stunning and I wish they hadn’t sold out so quickly but I am happy that I was able to get them. If you can get to a counter or store soon, I highly recommend it. They are both worth the extra work to track down.

Sharon’s Refresh Mineralize Skinfinish Duo is still available online at Nordstrom, Macy’s and Bloomingdales.

Kelly’s Jolly Good Mineralize Skinfinish Duo is available online at Nordstrom.

Both blushes Sharon’s Peaches & Cream and Kelly’s Cheeky Bugger have sold out online but you may still be able to track them down in stores and counters.

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  • Hi Sabrina,

    I love the shades in this collection! Not sure how I feel about the purple packaging, but the actual colors in the Kelly collection are so pretty. I think Jolly Good is my favorite here — looks like a delicate duo that would work well for those who can't wear overtly warm summery tones πŸ™‚

  • I'm loving the skin finishes – I got both. Although, as a pale face, Kelly's is much easier and gives a nice glow, the peachy pink in Sharon's mineralise is to die for and I am just about making the slightly orangey bronze part work with a light hand as contour. Susan, London

  • I love this collection. Jolly Good is gorgeous. x


  • Refresh looks amazing! And I need peaches and cream. Beautiful collection.


  • Ellen

    The peachy pink in Refresh is to die for!! I'd love to find a whole pan of it!! I didn't get the Jolly Good because other reviewers swatches looked too sheer or too cool for my complexion, but your swatches look like they both would be good highlighter colors, and since Refresh is only like one quarter highlighter, and the rest bronzer (I don't know why they did that, bronzers are very easy to find, an amazing highlighter is not!), maybe Jolly Good would make a good highlighter collection. The Refresh highlighter is the first one I've ever used that actually make a difference in how I looked, and the description was "amazing"! What should I do.. I hate this pressure to grab a LE item, I wind up spending way too much on makeup as it is!

  • I'm obsessed with the peaches and cream color! Will definitely have to purchase! πŸ™‚

    Chloe – A Latte Lipstick

  • Ah that Cheeky Bugger looks divine! They all look perfectly suited to my fair complexion, which can be rare in MAC collections. Can't wait till they get released in Australia πŸ™‚

    Ellen Rozalia | http://ellen-rozalia.blogspot.com.au/

  • wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww wanna get both refresh and jolly good

  • Ellen

    Got Jolly Good as well. It was worth it. The cool brown is a light contour on my fair skin, and the pink is not too cool! Still would like to have a pan full of the highighter from Refresh! Now I need to decide if I am going to get back ups on this, the first MAC limited edition collection that I have loved!! Good work MAC, colors that work for regular people on regular days!