Color Focus | Bronze and Metallic Nail Lacquers

June 16, 2014

This time of year my favorite colors for beauty are the bronzey metallics for well, everything: lips, nails and cheeks. For nails there have been quite a few lovely releases from early spring that I wanted to highlight.

  • Dior Vibrato 618 Gel Shine Nail Lacquer ($25) is a new color that was released with the reformulation of Dior nail polishes. This one is a bit harder to find in the US. You can order it from the Dior Boutiques (I ordered mine from Las Vegas Palazzo) or online at Dior.com or Selfridges. It’s a stunning metallic loaded with tons of different colors of sparkles. It has the complexity of Chanel Graphite but with a gold bronze base and with much better coverage. I found this to be a one-coat wonder but prefer two.
  • Tom Ford Incandescent ($32) was part of the Spring 2014 Collection and was highlighted back in February (here). It’s miraculously still available for purchase. If you haven’t looked at it yet, I highly recommend it. It’s a stunning rose gold bronze nail polish.
  • Bobbi Brown Raw Sugar Nail Lacquer ($15) was released with the Raw Sugar Collection (Shimmer Brick Eye Palette featured here), it’s a beautiful cool bronze metallic. I had to go to several counters before I found one that still had this in stock but it’s definitely still out there for purchase. You can still find it at Bloomingdales, Barneys and Bobbi Brown.
  • Bobbi Brown Bronze Nail Lacquer ($15) was released earlier this spring (swatches here). It’s still available for purchase at Saks and Bobbi Brown. I like that this is a good shimmer that doesn’t show brush strokes.
  • Burberry Metallic Khaki #202 ($21) is a dark bronze khaki gold shimmer. I like this one because it’s dark but not so dark that the shimmer doesn’t show through. In sunlight it’s really pretty. The texture is really smooth with the first coat being slightly transparent/jelly like. The second coat is what makes this one perfect.
  • YSL Bronze Aztec #28 ($25) is a dark metallic deep blackened bronze with gold shimmer. It has really good coverage with two thin coats and dries quickly.

Close ups and swatches, Dior Vibrato and Tom Ford Incandescent:

Bobbi Brown Raw Sugar vs Bronze:


Raw Sugar:

Burberry Metallic Khaki and YSL Bronze Aztec:

Comparison swatches below to some other bronzey metallic nail polishes: Chanel Delight (still at Chanel.com), Chanel Golden Sand (discontinued, similar Gold Shimmer in this Le Vernis Trio), Tom Ford Burnt Topaz (still available at Saks)

My current favorites are tied between Bobbi Brown Raw Sugar and Dior Vibrato. What’s your favorite bronzey metallic nail polish?

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  • After seeing the swatches, I might need Bobby Brown Raw Sugar πŸ™‚ Gorgeous color picks. Thanks.

  • Hi Sabrina,

    These lovely shades certainly channel the warmth of summer! I think Tom Ford Incandescent is my favorite of the bunch πŸ™‚

  • Hmm my favorite bronzy metallic would be Givenchy Bronze Precieux! Too bad it's LE. I think Metallic Khaki might be somehow similar though.

  • ooohh!! I want a bronze nail varnish!! Do you know any drugstore dupes for these high end products?

    Laura xx


  • Cubicledweller

    I love this metallic nail polish study! I never tracked down that Dior and the BB Raw Sugar looks awesome.

  • What a cool nail trend! I wonder if Butter London do a metallic bronze color? Great post!

  • Vibrato is just gorgeous!

  • The Burberry and YSL colors look amazing and super vixen-chic! I am really digging white nail paints right now.. and have postponed using my darker ones for winter! This is making me rethink! πŸ™‚


  • I love bronzes so it's no surprise that I love each and every one of these nail colours! One of my favourites of all time is Revlon's 'Fall Mood'.


  • Orly 'Rage' is very similar to the Tom Ford one!

  • I adore the Burberry Metallic Khaki! I'm wearing Chanel's Gold Shimmer right now on my fingers!

  • Your blog is like opening a present everytime I come here- like a celebration of sorts. Always. Without fail. Thanks for all you do…xo Beth in Pgh

  • I adore Chanel delight, it's my go too when I want to be lazy with painting my nails because it dries quickly and is easy to apply. Win Win. However, I've now just put Bronze Aztec into my must have list!


  • Gosh, all of these are lovely! I love wearing sultry bronze nails for summer. The Bobbi Brown and Burberry options are particularly stunning! xo

  • I kinda need Burberry Bronze Metallic now! I have a real soft spot for shades like this!

  • OMG!!! These nail colors are all so very pretty. I also love this kind of color for I find them classy and so very pretty. Among these brands and colors, I think I will go for Bobbi Brown Raw sugar.