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Urban Decay Naked3 Palette

December 11, 2013

Urban Decay’s latest addition to the Naked family is the Naked3 Palette ($52 for 12 shades, 1.3g each). The theme of Naked3 is rose-gold. It’s a warmer palette compared to Naked and Naked2, but still neutral. I’m a huge fan of the other versions. Urban Decay makes amazing shadows with impressive pigment and wear. Naked3 comes with a double-sided brush and a sample packet of their primers. The brush is very well made however I prefer softer hair brushes for powder shadows (versus synthetic material) mainly because it’s what I’m used to.

The colors in the palette vary from matte to shimmer to sparkle and tiny micro-glitters. I’m on the conservative side when it comes to glitters and find each and every shade in this palette wearable and suitable for everyday. The pigment on all the shades is really incredible. The only color I had issues with is the Blackheart which applied a bit chalky alone but works well when applied over a creamy liner with a tiny detail brush. There was no fallout with any of the glittery colors. Most of the shades in this palette appear to be new colors:
  • Strange is a soft matte ivory pink
  • Dust is a glittery light pink
  • Burnout is a warmer pink shimmer
  • Limit is a matte mauve-pink
  • Buzz is a pink mauve shimmer
  • Trick is a coppery pink glitter
  • Nooner is a matte mauve
  • Liar is a warm taupe
  • Factory is a darker brownish taupe shimmer
  • Mugshot is a neutral taupe shimmer
  • Darkside is a satiny purple brown
  • Blackheart is a dark black with red shimmer
Close ups plus swatches:

After my Instagram picture a few weeks ago many emailed me asking for comparisons to Naked and Naked2. I do think Naked3 is different enough to justify owning if you have either of the other two. Naked3 is the warmest and pinkest of the three options but has the most universally flattering colors. Here are the palettes photographed and swatched:


I really love the Naked3 palette. The color options are simply stunning and combinations endless. It’s priced well for the size and quality. The packaging is well designed and sturdy. I think it’s a definite must-have and will make an amazing holiday gift for beauty lovers.

Naked3 was a quick sellout online at a many locations but keep checking back – they are restocking frequently. You can find it online at Macy’s, Sephora, and Urban Decay.

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  • I really love that they made Naked 3 different enough. It's definitely very pink toned compared with the other two. I really think that these shades look surprisingly well on your warmer skintone, it was the one thing I was unsure about. I esecially love the second half of the palette, it looks lovely!

  • It's really pretty and I want it.

  • Great swatches and comparison of the three palettes. Seeing N3 now with the others I think I can live without it. The shadows are still very pretty.

  • I do like this palette but I'm still debating on whether I want it or not =(

    tzeyien89.blogspot.co.uk xxx

  • Urban Decay Naked is my favorite ever. The best palette. Will have to try Naked 3 πŸ˜‰ xox


  • This palette is so pretty! I'm addicted to rose gold. I can't wait to get this!

  • Oh gosh, I'm craving this in a huge way. Thanks for the swatches! xo

  • Linda

    Wow! Thanks for this in-depth comparison! I can clearly see which palette to choose from your photos and swatches! Great post!

  • Awesome swatches! It's a shame there aren't enough matte shades in the NAKED Palette sets.

  • This palette is something I really want for the Holidays, it's so beautiful!

  • I can't wait to get mine on friday, looking forward to playing with it and posting about it on saturday, aiming to do 3/4 looks with it! EXCITED! πŸ˜‰

    Cornelia – Ineffable Beauty

  • Anonymous

    Question: If my complexion is "cool", do I want to wear warm or cool shadows?

    • Hi Anonymous,

      It depends on the color of your hair and eyes as well with your eye color being the ultimate deciding factor. A color can look gorgeous on your skin, but if it makes your eyes look drab, muddied, or lifeless, you're not going to want to wear it. Although most people can actually wear a spectrum of colors which include both warm and cool tones, a general guideline is warm enhances warm and cool enhances cool, but that's not an absolute. For example, I have a fair complexion with peach undertones and warm mossy green eyes with black lashes. Warm, right? And, in general, I do look better in warm shades, but one of the most flattering colors I can wear is misty blue grey. Cool, yes? But that color makes my eyes sparkle and look like emeralds. Who'da thunk it! LOL But, getting back to the Naked3 palette, it contains colors that would work with cool or warm coloring. It's more a question of how you feel about pink.

  • Although I've seen pictures of Naked3 elsewhere, your pictures really capture the different finishes and I thank you for that. I think many of us are just as interested in the finishes as we are in the colors and so your pictures are very helpful. I also love the side by side comparison with the other two palettes. Great job!

  • I lOVE this palette! so so pretty!

  • I just got this and trying it today… totally loving it, seems more wearable for me than the other 2 Nakeds, since I feel less overwhelmed by so many options. I feel it has to do that I'm more about rose golds than beiges

  • Definetely agree! I love this palette too! Great article + amazing real swatches!!

  • hi i want naked3 )))ccccoooollllll

  • of all the naked palettes out in the market which among the 3 do you recommend for a first time user?

    • Hi Anne – I would say it's a tie pick between Naked2 or 3, if you want something more neutral go with the #2 πŸ™‚

  • Freaking Gorg! I'm so jelly of all the ladies who own the Naked 2 and 3, they are the ones I'd love to get soon! I hope to buy them at the start of next year! Thanks for the amazing swatches!

  • Anonymous

    I have blue/green eyes, dark brown hair and a warm olive complexion… which palette would suit my coloring best do you think? I am struggling to decide and you seem to know what you are talking about! x

    • I definately think that Naked 3 palette would suit you best because orange/pink contradicts and compliments green/ blue eyes, the pink will also stand out against your dark hair!
      (I have green eyes and blonde hair with a neutral complexion)

  • Anonymous

    I love your comparison! I am currently trying to decide between all three. I have blue/grey eyes, light brown hair, and pale to medium skin with yellow undertones. Which would you think would look best? I am leaning towards the 2 because I love the mattes and the black, but I'm not sure all of the shades would be wearable for me. Any advice would be appreciated πŸ™‚