MAC Peachy Love: Ripe Peach, Marine Life & My Paradise

May 29, 2011
I have a soft spot for peachy blushes and highlighters, especially for the limited edition creations by MAC like Ripe Peach and Marine Life. I haven’t craved anything from MAC for quite some time, but this all changed as soon as sneak previews popped up for the new My Paradise Surf, Baby! Cheek Powder. The packaging and embossed chunky gold flower design on the surface is to die for. I could not resist.

Here are all three limited-edition peachy blush and highlighter powders next together (note, the marine life with the gold overspray is an untouched back-up).

Left to right: Ripe Peach Blush Ombre (spring 2010)
Marine Life High-Light Powder (summer 2010)
My Paradise Surf, Baby! Cheek Powder (summer 2011)

Close up of Ripe Peach – the softest finish out of the 3 peaches. Rich ripe peach with a satiny shimmer. Gradient from light peach to coral. Super soft shimmer throughout.

Close up of my backup of Marine Life. The gold is overspray on the surface and disappears. This one is the most pigmented and most shimmery out of the three. Application must be with a super light hand for me to avoid clown-cheeks. This one is the most coral with hints of red/pink.

Close up of My Paradise. The gold is embossed and raised from the peach powder. I suspect it’s only on the surface. The shimmer in the gold is very chunky but rich in pigment. The peach is very similar to Ripe Peach, but more slightly more reddish.

Left to right: Ripe Peach, Marine Life, My Paradise

Unfortunately, Ripe Peach and Marine life are no longer for sale as they were both limited edition. I suspect My Paradise will be sold out soon as well, but the good thing about MAC is that chances are with the frequent releases they will come up with something similar in the near future. Right now my holy-grail peach blushes are Chanel Espiรจgle (see it here), MAC Fleur Power (see it here) and MAC Style (see it here) – all of which are still easy to find right now.

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  • i LOVE those swatches and really wish i could have all three, especially Marine Life (sigh). i'm totally jealous about how amazing all three look on you! gorgeous.

  • So pretty! I missed out on Marine Life :/ I think I need MAC Style in my life–it looks lovely! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • These are all gorgeous, but I think I like Mac Fleur Power on you the best – and thank goodness that one is permanent!

  • I never tire of pretty overlays and peachy blushes! I could never buy one of these overlay blushes because I'd be so sad if the pattern disappeared! I've wanted Espiegle ever since the promo photos came out. I've been dragging my feet due to the price tag, but it seems like it might be worth it, judging from your comments!

  • Rei

    Ripe Peach still looks the best out of the 3. I am so sad I missed out on it. Thanks for the review, Mac hasn't excited me for a long time, looking forward to see the new collection.

  • Heh, we have the same love for peach blushes, for me, it's more the orange ones that I love. I didn't get marine life or ripe peach, they both sold out quickly, but I did get My paradise and was disappointed how reddish it looked on my skin. I wish I could still get ripe peach, that one looks the best from the three in swatches!

  • I love how Marine Life looks like, really beautiful. The other two are just too peachy for my taste ๐Ÿ™‚

  • These are so cute, knowing me I wouldn't even use them because I wouldn't want to disrupt the oversplay. I still have not touched my Chantecaile Turtles palette because of that reason alone! You are making me want these so badly!

  • Beautiful colors!:)

  • i do love peach blushes!

  • I haven't been touching MAC collections for most of this year now, but I did have my eye on My Paradise. Of course, it was sold out before I could even swatch it. I regret not just buying it online as I'm looking at your swatches lol. I have to say.. Ripe Peach is a really cute color. I think I like it more than the others! It's too bad I can't get that one now either. I did take a look at your other suggestions though, and I'm loving MAC Style. It's on my list now! Thanks!

  • I looove the new my paradise blush but sadly sold out everywhere by me already!

  • My Paradise looks gorgeous!

  • Such gorgeous colors! Did it break your heart a little when you first swatched My Paradise? ๐Ÿ™‚

  • MAC did such a great job with the design of Marine Life. It's gorgeous! I remember it was sold out the day of the launch at my local Nordstrom. I never even go to swatch it! lol

  • I am dying for Ripe Peach! Thanks for the swatches.. it just made me want it even more!! lol but also thanks for offering alternatives (Espiรจgle is gorgeous!!)


  • i die for peachy blushes! I really wish i had picked up Ripe Peach…*tear*….I'll have to leave with Peaches from the permanent collection

  • Just picked up Chanel Espiegle after reading your post. I love it! Thanks!

  • Wow, how did I miss the ombre blush?! I love every shade in that beautiful creation.

    As pretty as some of the limited editions are though, I am hesitant to use them. They're so pretty untouched!

  • I love ripe peach, I just bought a few of their creme blushes so may have to purchase this next payday! Lovely swatches. The gold feels a little to shimmery for the face!

  • That's a lovely collection you've got there!!!
    I've never realised how pretty My Paradise looked until now, definitely one to inspect more closely on my next MAC visit (hopefully it's still there)!