Chanel Le Vernis: Rouge Fatal, Rose Insolent, Rose Confidentiel

August 24, 2010
For the fall collections, Chanel seems to be releasing quite a few more products than usual with a series of mini collections focusing on eyes and lips. Seasonal collections are being released earlier and earlier each year. Perhaps the reason why they have launched a few mini collections to keep us Chanel fanatics satisfied once the real fall season comes around. Chanel had just released their Eyeshadow Duos only a few weeks ago (I ended up with Taupe-Délicat 20, Misty-Soft 40 and Gris 35) and now another collection has been released called Rouge Allure Extrait de Gloss which has a new lipgloss, new rouge allure lipsticks, rouge allure laque repromotes and three new nail polishes.

Amy from Café Makeup has done an amazing series of reviews on the Extrait de Gloss shades she picked out. Her reviews helped me immensely and I just received my package today. I have not yet had a chance to try out the glosses but I immediately dove into the new Le Vernis shades: Rouge Fatal 487, Rose Insolent 489 and Rose Confidentiel 491.

All classic colors, cream finish, rich in pigment, insanely gorgeous:

  • Rouge Fatal – dark burgandy red
  • Rose Insolent – vibrant candy pink
  • Rose Confidentiel – nude rose-brown-caramel-like pink

The swatches, descriptions, comparisons, more swatches and thoughts (swatched with 2 coats, no base coat or top coat added):

Rouge Fatal 487
is a deep burgandy vampy wine red. Chanel always does an amazing job with their reds and I was the most curious about this. I pulled out some similar shades and the closest ones I could find were Rescue Beauty Lounge Killa Red, Chanel Lotus Rouge and OPI Chick Flick Cherry. Note it was extremely difficult to capture the difference between these with the camera, so I will supplement with my descriptions. They are all indeed very similar here is how they differ:
  • RBL Killa Red – more of a true red, brighter
  • Chanel Rouge Fatal – most brownish
  • Chanel Lotus Rouge – my Holy Grail burgandy red, this is similar, but has more blue, no brown tones
  • OPI Chick Flick Cherry – brighter, redder, more like a cross between a cherry/red apple

* Please read the descriptions rather than going off my swatches for Rouge Fatal, the swatches are deceivingly similar

Rose Insolent 489
is a bright pink with warm fuschia tones. Those who missed out on Riviera from the summer collection will be happy to know this one is virtually identical to Riviera (see my review on Riviera here and here). I have to say their pick for Rose Insolent is odd for fall, even more odd that they released one so similar to a previous collection. The difference is that Rose Insolent is warmer and a bit deeper – but it’s very very slight.

Rose Confidentiel 491 is a brown rose caramel pink. On the boring side in the bottle, but I think this one is my favorite out of the 3 shades. I don’t have anything like it in my stash – often times these brown-nude-pinks tend to look like mud with my skintone. This one is a pretty neutral which is definitely office/work appropriate. I’m thinking it might be similar to Rescue Beauty Lounge Om (which I don’t have yet) but more pink, perhaps more neutral?

(No dupe from my end)

Other thoughts: Someone e-mailed me asking if I noticed a difference in the formula for Chanel’s darker newer shades. She had mentioned that hers seemed goopy and thick which did not apply well. She thought it might be her base coat. I did not have a good answer for her because I have not noticed a difference, but then I usually don’t do my own manicures. Today with the swatching, I noticed a few goopy-clumping issues with all my reds (Chanel, RBL and OPI) which I attribute to the following (after a few tries):
  • One is that you might not have enough varnish on your brush, if you have too little, you won’t get a good coat, but then you don’t want too much
  • The other is that, it’s possible you’re not letting your first coat dry long enough
The formula is definitely still superb. If you’re having application troubles, it might be your application technique. If the first coat isn’t perfect, it’s ok, the second coat should smooth things out as long as the first coat is dry enough and you have enough product on your brush. (Disclaimer – I’m not an expert at application, this is just what I noticed while swatching my nail polishes today.)

Overall thoughts: The formula and application of these are typical of Chanel in my opinion. The shades aren’t the most unique and I know there are definitely dupes in other lines in addition to what I have posted. If you missed out on Riviera you will be excited about Rose Insolent. Unless you’re a die-hard Chanel fan or don’t have a lot of nail polishes in your stash, you might be left wanting more with these. I personally would have loved some shimmer, a little more kick, or something more unique – but I have 3 more weeks of freedom until it’s back to the grind, so at least I know I have some non-nude colors that I can wear to work and not feel self-conscious or out of place. On another note, Chanel does a wonderful job on the classic shades – these are perfect in true Chanel style (even if I was hoping for something a bit more unique).

I think they are worth every penny.

I don’t think these have hit stores or counters yet since the duos were just launched. I ordered mine from Chanel.com. These currently retail for $23 each in the US.

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  • Great swatches Sabrina. I love Rouge Fatal – such a beautiful red.

  • Thank you for the great swatches. I've been pondering these, and I'm going to go ahead and pull the trigger. 🙂


  • Chanel has really hit the nail on it's head this fall. I love Rose Fatal and Rose Insolent. Thank you for the great description too.

  • My SA hasn't called me about Rouge Fatal, yet! I had her put one aside for me. I love it on you!

    Also, I'm sure you've seen the three khaki shades Peter Phillips dreamed up for Fashions Night Out, what did you think? I LOVED them all! I've got to have all three!
    Will you be picking any of them up?

  • I got Rose Confidentiel recently, but passed on Rose Insolent. Looking at your pictures now, I wish I didn't. 🙁 Now I'm thinking of going back to pick it up! Although, I agree that color for fall is strange. Similar to how Dior's Cherry Blossom polish is strange for fall. Thanks for the post!

  • O!Love those shades…Chanel nail polishes are great…

  • I love Rose confidentiel, and Rose insolent is so pretty as well.

    To be honest – I'm suckered in by anything with the name Rose in it's name LOL!

    I will have to stop by my Chanel counter when these come out – maybe these 2 will come home with me!

    Thanks for the great swatches!

  • Rose insolent is such a lovely color!

  • Rouge Fatal instantly reminded me of Lotus Rouge (one of my favourite reds)!!!
    And I can totally see Rose Confidentiel as a great nail polish for pre-fall!

    I couldn't agree more with u on brands releasing their new collections earlier each time… you hear abt a fall collection being released in September and chances are it's probably out sometime in August (not to mention that it won't be fall until October, lol)! It's getting so out of hand lately!!!


  • Anonymous

    Hey Lina,

    I am so glad that you told us that Rose Insolent is so similar to Riviera. This is exactly the kind of thing I love about your posts.I have Riviera and think it is a great color (although I agree an odd choice for the reasons in your post), but don't need a dupe. I really like the Fatal & Confidential, though. Fatal looks awesome and Confidential a very wearable color, no matter what your plans.



  • Hehe.. beautiful, but… my heart is already taken by Chanel Les Khakis!

  • Hey Sabrina,
    I never thought I would say this but I think I NEED all three shades!

  • Lisa

    Thank you so much for another terrific post! I bought Rouge Fatal and Rose Confidentiel last week, so maybe they're trickling into stores now? After seeing your post, I wish I had picked up Rose Insolent though, having passed on Riviera and subsequently regretting it. I may have to go back for it. 🙂

    I almost passed on Rouge Fatal because I thought it might be too similar to my beloved Lotus Rouge, but it turns out they're completely different and your descriptions are spot on.

    As for Rose Confidentiel, I know some people will think its sort of boring, but I really do love this shade–very elegant, refined and always appropriate. Thanks again!

  • Gorgeous swatches, as always! I love the Rose Confidentiel – do you happen to have OPI Kreme de la Kremlin or Yucatan if U Want? Wondering if they might be dupes…

  • Z'

    Just got RF and RI today from Chanel.com. Rose Insolent looks so great in the bottle, I might have to do my nails tonight. Thanks for the swatches. Can't wait to see the Khakis and Soho colors!

  • em

    you make me want to paint my nails. which I never do because I'm so unskilled. but your nails always look so good. I'm loving all those pinks x

  • Kristie – Rouge Fatal is the best deep red ever 🙂 But then I say that about a lot of my reds. I think red is my favorite for nails.

    Swatchcat – Yay! Hope you end up liking the ones you get 🙂

    Pinkribbons – Chanel is really outdoing themselves this fall. So many great releases. Almost too much.

    Lori – I think this collection is released early from Saks only. Should be instores soon for other department stores. Of course I've been tracking the info on the chanels – stay tuned for the details and swatches!

    Reene – Rose Confidentiel is a classic. Rose Insolent not so much, it's more of a summery color. Dior Cherry Blossom was so odd – I agree. I didn't like it at all.

    Ella Pretty – "rose" anything is indeed lovely.

    Tina_MBC – Releases are getting out of hand. Williams Sonoma already had their Halloween stuff out a week ago.

    Leslieal – Fatal is amazing 🙂

    Milktea – I'm excited about the Khakis too! I keep wondering what they will look like in real life. I've seen different variations online so far.

  • Lexi – how have you been? Yes, you need all 3 🙂

    Lisa – I think they should finally be trickling in. I got mine online which is why many haven't seen it instore yet. Definitely go back for Rose Insolent if you're still yearning Riviera. I agree Rose Confidential is elegant 🙂

    Valerie – I don't have either of those shades so I can't compare them. Sorry!

    Z&#39 – I can't wait for Khakis and Soho either!

    Em – LOL – I am unskilled too, most of the time they are professionally done.

  • I have rouge fatal and although it's beautiful on, it's a real pain to remove, and stains my nails. have you ever tried Desert Rose? I'm wearing that now, it's in the pink family and is beautiful…I don't know if you can still get it though.