Look of the Day Inspired By My Daily Reads & Readers

June 20, 2010
Today’s look is inspired from a few of my favorite daily reads and readers. The bits of inspiration include the following:

Today’s Look: Summer Casual

Top: J.Crew Perfect-Fit Stripe Boatneck (S)
Shorts: J.Crew
Sandals: Tory Burch
Purse: Chanel
Guest Puppy Appearance: Mr. Jake

Makeup of The Day:

Face: Chanel Sunkissed Illuminator
MAC Refined Golden Bronzer
MAC Dollymix Blush

Eyes: Paul & Joe Eye Gloss 05
Bobbi Brown Seashell Shimmerwash
MAC Naked Dark Pigment (swatches here)
Bobbi Brown Java Metallic Eyeshadow
(Java comparisons)

Lips: MAC Dervish
Paul & Joe Liplacquer 06

Brushes Used:

Eye look was a smokey taupe, here’s how:

  • Step 1: Apply Paul & Joe Eye Gloss in Murmur 05 on lids (for asian eyes, 1/2 way up eye from lash to middle of eye, heavier near lash line)
  • Step 2: Apply Bobbi Brown Java Metallic from lash to 1/2 way up lid for a smokey eye, also heavier near lash line
  • Step 3: Apply MAC Naked Dark Pigment over center of eye to blend out any harsh lines from the darker shades
  • Step 4: Apply Bobbi Brown Seashell Shimmerwash from brow downwards softly to create a subtle highlight
  • Step 5: Curl lashes and apply mascara

Nails of the Day: Chanel Django & Nouvelle Vague

The mani/pedi combo:

I’m surprised that I’m liking the blue nail polish! FYI – the Jcrew top seems to run a bit small. I’m normally an XS in their shirts but found it to be a bit too snug. Or perhaps I just have been having too many sugary drinks and gained weight.

Feedback appreciated! Too much info in one post? Is the look too casual to write about? Would you style the top differently? I like that it can be dressed up a little with a nice skirt or dress pants. But it’s nice as a loungy-carefree-top too. Being in Southern California – my daily style is pretty casual.

I already did a lip swatch and EOTD attempt – neither turned out decent this morning. I’ll try and feature the Paul & Joe Lip Lacquer by itself in another post in the near future.

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  • I love the shell color on your nails, so subtle and pretty. It really blens into your outfit also. ^0^

  • Z'

    The casual look is prevalent in the summer and it's so important that everything looks pulled together and neat. A great post with all the details!

  • ahhh i'm dying for my own bottle of nouvelle vague.. pretty much my favourite colour! x

  • 1) You look great, as usual!

    2) No, this is not too casual a look to post. any look is a good look to post! IMHO πŸ™‚

    3) So happy I made Nouvelle Vague a must have! I can see why you are liking it. It looks fantastic! I haven't used mine yet, but you have inspired my next manicure/pedicure. Thank you!

    4) And most important of all….can I have Mr. Jake? What a cutie!!!!

  • love the look, love the info, please share how you use your MAC naked dark?

  • Crystal – I really love Django too! It's creamy perfection πŸ™‚

    Stephanie – Nouvelle Vague is amazing. I am not a blue-type of girl and I actually like this one a lot.

    Z&#39 – Thanks for the feedback!

    Lori – TY πŸ™‚ Yes you can have Jake. He's a bad dog. He bites, marks, has destroyed 2 couches, our leather ottoman, and goes rabid when the mail/fedex/UPS trucks come.

    Jbrobeck – Just updated the post for you on how I used the MAC pigment. HTH some!

  • love the striped shirt, so cute. and nauvelle vague is gorgeous!

  • I love the Chanel shade on your toes! So pretty against your skin tone.

  • Gorgeous combination of colours, I thin the blue Chanel polish is such a perfect summer choice!

  • Anonymous

    These are my favorite kind of posts. Thank you SO much! –Nina

  • wow those nail polishes are incredible! how exactly do you wear the chanel illuminator?

  • I love the blue nail color, I'm wearing a similar one also, it's POI "For Audry".

  • I am undeterred! I still want Jake! ; )

  • The outfit is perfect for summer…Its simple and cool!
    Again I have the same comment:Everything is so well co-ordinated. (EISWC)

  • Anh

    Love it!!!! xoxo

  • Sabrina,
    I am loving this complete look. You also turned me on to the 9-5 Chic blog. Ugh I don't if I should be mad or thank you! It is a nice break from all the beauty blogs – don't worry yours is still in my current rotation!

    I love your striped top – if I could wear stripes everyday I so would!!

  • I love your makeup reviews! That cream chanel polish is gorgeous! Also must pick up the mac pigment! gorgeous! xoxo


  • I absolutely adore that nail polish, it looks great with your coloring and your outfit. Well done!

  • love the nail colors!!! I'm now sad I missed out on this collection =(


  • Both nail polishes look amazing!!!

  • LOVING Chanel's Nouvelle Vague – both Chanel shades make your fingers & toes look HOT!

  • Love your outfit!Great casual style.
    And I like the dog on the photo πŸ™‚