Love Dior Set by Tyen

April 2, 2010
I am so excited to tell you all I have found the Limited Edition Love Dior Set by Tyen! For this purchase, I have Marina from Makeup4All to thank for writing about the set back last October in her Tyen: 30 Years of Creation Love Dior Palette and also my fellow makeup guru Parsi who told me she spotted it at the Dior Boutique in Las Vegas and immediately sent me a rave review knowing this would be something I would be interested in learning more about. The Dior Boutique in the Forum Shops did have a few left in stock and I was ecstatic!

The set is called Love Dior which retails for $80 US. It comes with an Eyeshadow Palette that is called Love Dior, but can also be used on cheeks as a highlighter. There is also a gorgeous nail polish that has complex shimmers of burgandy-wine-purple-fuschia which I am absolutely in love with.

One more shot, natural light:

I haven’t had a chance to play with the palette yet. It’s too pretty, I don’t know that I want to touch it. The “i” in the Dior arrived crumbled, but no biggie. I will try to pull some similar nail polish shades to do a comparison post soon!

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  • What a funky palette – very different for Dior! Love the polish colour too

  • em

    how fun! excited for you getting your hands on it πŸ˜€

  • Gorgeous polish, and a really fun palette.

  • perfect!!!!!!!!!! πŸ™‚

  • Funny this is still available, was told it was limited to 500 editions. I got this off eBay last year and bizarrly the "i" was broken in mine too. I haven't actually used mine yet, I don't really know what to do with it to be honest. Any ideas?

  • Hi Anitacska – you know, I'm not really sure. The colors don't seem really easy to use for eyes. I think I'm going to try and use this as an all over highlighter. Odd that your "i" was shattered too. Wonder why that happened!

  • Hi Sabrina, Thnx for your reply. It just seems a bit too dark for a highlighter – but blush maybe? I'm also a bit scared to ruin it, I do that all the time, buy pretty things and don't use them, lol. I really enjoy your blog btw, keep up the good work. x

  • gorgeous! I had to get one of my own after seeing it. I have been loving Dior lately! I'd love to see how you use this. =)

  • Ohhh, so pretty!

  • now this is a funky and beautiful palette frm Dior. I have lost my interests in this brand for some time and now it finally says I AM HERE to me! love it!

    you really have the best stuff. i would kill to play with your stash.

  • I am happy to hear that you got this palette!