Color Focus: Dove Grey Eyeshadows

March 30, 2010
I find it incredible how many different variations of grey there are. One particular color I don’t come across very often is dove-grey for eyeshadows, but perhaps this is because I don’t look for it very often. I personally define dove-grey as a blueish grey, but even the ones I pull out are probably subject to interpretation. I didn’t think I had many dove-grey shadows, but I managed to pull out a number of barely used dove-grey shadows from my stash. I need to use these more often. Even for something I would define as “dove-grey” there are quite a few variations. Some of them look more blue than grey. And I was surprised how neutral/warm Apres Ski looks on my skin compared to what I see in the container.

Armani Cream #2 (LE from Spring 2005), NARS Notorious (discontinued), Jouer Truffle, MAC Scene, Becca Chinchilla, Laura Mercier Stone Suede Satinee, Stila Shore, Laura Mercier Sable, Laura Mercier Twilight Grey, MAC Copperplate, MAC Apres Ski

Some of these you might even describe as taupe. I don’t use these a lot, but I think pairing these with a soft pearl shimmer would be pretty.

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  • OMG I love them all I am so in love with Grey/Taupe stuff at the moment and Notorious from NARS is a beautiful color…


  • Oh my GOD – NARS Notorious! I am so jealous that you own that eyeshadow; it was one of my lust items when I was younger but I never got a chance to buy it.

    Also, MAC Apres Ski is unbelievably warm on me: it's a taupe! And not only that, it's warmer than Copperplate on my skin. So bizarre.

  • Ohh, I think I need LM Twilight Grey!

    As always, love your comparison pics!

  • Thank you very much for this post!Right now I love grey and plan to get some new shades.

  • em

    NARS notorious- wow what an awesome shade! grey is my fave colour for eyeshadow, so of course I love this post. I'm more like you, I don't usually reach for the blue toned greys but I bet I have a heap too!

  • Genius! I'm having a grey moment, also!

    Haven't been around for a while and have missed your posts! Good to be back! : )

  • Beautiful!! My favorite gray is Make Up For Ever 145–it's the shade Meryl Streep wore in a few scenes in The Devil Wears Prada, but it more light in tone than some of these. Nars Notorious looks awesome–So pretty! Thanks for another beautiful comparison post!

  • Love the comparisons! I need to buy the Becca Chinchilla, just because I have a real one, a real chinchilla I mean, that is the color!
    Love the Armani Cream 2 too!

  • I love grey shadow, but somehow i dont really have many… i thing i should get some

  • Jackie L.

    My favorite dove grey shadow is Bobbie Brown Iron which was a limited edition in the Holiday Chrome Palette. I have hit the pan and am praying they make it in a single shadow soon. I receive so many compliments about my eyes when I wear it.

  • I love grey/taupe eyeshadows !
    Thanks a lot for these swatches, it's very helpful πŸ™‚
    I'm so in love with Nars Notorious… so pretty. too bad that this is discontinued !!

  • That Armani creme one is beautiful, I have never tried their line before! Just what I need – more makeup! πŸ˜‰

    Best, Lisamarie

  • Eileen

    Oh! How I love a slightly blue tinged, light dove gray! Tarina Tarantino makes a beauty called "Trinket". It's mat with a bit of fairy sparkle. You young gals can rock that, but being a woman "of a certain age", I lightly tap my brush before applying which removes most of the sparkle without losing the color. If any of you try it, be sure you press the color on with a brush (Tarantino's instructions) rather than the normal way of sweeping it on. It really does make a difference.

  • I actually had to return Apres Ski back to MAC because it didn't do a damn thing for me. I LOVE copperplate – next to Soba it is my favorite crease color (wearing it now case in point). I do love me some dove grey shadows!

  • Have you tried MAC Dove Feather? (It is a discontinued veluxe shade, but its great!)

  • garnetstorm

    Great post. I love MAC Apres Ski. I find it somewhat warm, in fact I would say it has a greenish undertone to it, which makes it pretty unique among grays.