Eyeshadow Comparisons For Marina, Lakshmi & Josie

January 5, 2010

I have been procrastinating on a few comparison requests and thought I’d post this in case anyone else had the same questions. I plan to be a better blogger this upcoming year and be more on top of things!

Comparison Project #1: How does Edward Bess Intimate compare to other shades, particularly Chantecaille Pyrite & Benefit Fawn Over Me?

Chantecaille Pyrite has more gold while Edward Bess is definitely more taupe/brown. Benefit Fawn Over Me might look like a close dupe at first glance, but looking more closely will show that it’s more of a paler sandy champagne compared to the Edward Bess. Here it is compared to similar shades.

Top: Chantecaille Pyrite, Edward Bess Intimate, Laura Mercier Bamboo
Middle: Scott Barnes Sable, Benefit Fawn Over Me, Guerlain Sable Blonde
Bottom: Becca Mermaid, Nars Cyprus, Benefit Fawn Over Me

1) Chantecaille Pyrite
2) Edward Bess Intimate
3) Laura Mercier Bamboo
4) Scott Barnes Sable
5) Benefit Birthday Suit
6) Guerlain Sable Blonde
7) Becca Mermaid
8) Nars Cyprus
9) Benefit Fawn Over Me

Bottom line: In my opinion, there is nothing like Edward Bess Intimate and I find it different enough to justify owning even if you have any of the above shades. This post will be updated later this afternoon with swatches.


Comparison Project #2: Is Bobbi Brown Java Metallic similar to the brown shade in Nars Brousse?

Bobbi Brown Java is a cooler mouse-grey when compared to Nars Brousse which seems to have a tinge of red. By itself you would barely be able to detect any red tones to Nars Brousse. I’ve also compared it to a few other medium-dark cool-toned browns.

Top: Edward Bess Mystery, Bobbi Brown Java Metallic, Nars Brousse
Bottom: Cle de Peau Satin 106, MAC Magnetic Fields, Jouer Espresso

1) Edward Bess Mystery
2) Bobbi Brown Java Metallic
3) Nars Brousse
4) CdP 106
5) MAC Magnetic Fields
6) Jouer Espresso

What’s the verdict? Are these different enough to justify owning all? Probably not unless you are a brown eyeshadow fanatic like me. This section will also be updated with swatches if my camera will cooperate with me later today. While I love the Cle de Peau 106, it can look a bit bruisey on my Chanel Shell (equals MAC NC30-35) skin and it’s the least shimmery.

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  • Thanks a ton Lina!! I knew you hadn't forgotten!! As always the comparison pictures are beautiful and helpful! πŸ™‚

  • I love you for doing this! I am excited to get BB Java soon – it is different enough from the brown in Brousse (which bizarrely pulls purple-y on me). Thanks so much!! xoxo

  • Anonymous

    Lina, Thanks to your wonderful blog, I am now the happy owner of 4 Edward Bess eyeshadows (Intimate & Mystery being 2 of them) along with 2 lipsticks and 2 lipglosses. Oh and let's not forget the concealor and highlighter. LOL!! I really love it all!! Thanks for your dedication.

  • I love posts like this since this prevents me going from counter to counter and doing a comparison myself. It also eliminates 'SA' bias since you can easily forget what a color looks like by the time you get to the next counter. It narrows is down for me a lot, so good on you!

  • The large Edward Bess Intimate comparisons picture is just gorrrrrgeous! I love your comparison posts!

  • I only picked up Dusk at the Edward Bess counter and now I'm sad that I didn't buy Intimate along with it!

  • Very nice comparisons! I am also a fan of brown shadows, sometimes I but it seems that I am using the same shades all the time πŸ™‚

  • Thanks for the swatch lineup – once again I am sad I didn't pick up Intimate when I had the chance

    Very Big SAD FACE =(

  • Anonymous

    Thank you so much Lina. Of all of your fantastic posts, my favorites are are the shade comparisons.