Chanel Les Impressions De Chanel for Spring 2010

December 18, 2009

After a few iffy collection releases, I am happy to say that Chanel has gotten back on their gorgeousness track with the release of their Les Impressions de Chanel collection for spring (which seems more like summer, but still stunning).

Here is my “omg, I can’t believe I spent so much, but I’m so happy” haul:

* Empreinte de Chanel Poudre Eclat Illuminatrice
* Joues Contraste #59 Imprevu
* Les 4 Ombres #18 Kaska Beige
* Eyeshadow Single #85 Sillage, #86 Trace
* Nail Polishes #503 Inattendu, #505 Particuliere, #507 Tendresse
* Rouge Allure #79 Impertinente, #80 Delicieuse, #81 Insouciante, #82 Incognito
* Glossimer #139 Futile, #141 Maline

Part 1: Face and Cheeks

It seems like the star product of the collection is their compact highlighter Empreinte de Chanel Poudre Eclat Illuminatrice – this has a multi-colored base powder with an embossed crossing C logo on top in a gold shimmer powder. The shimmer goes all the way through, the Cs are definitely more pigmented, the base powder shows up, but is more sheer.

The new blush #59 Imprevu is probably the most shimmery Chanel blush I’ve seen. It’s a peachy-tawny-nude that will probably be too dark for fair skins. Right now, I have medium skin (check My Foundation Shades Here) and it gave me a bronzey-peach look. It doesn’t go on as shimmery as it looks in the compact and is just a tad lighter than Fandango but very similar.

Part 2: Eyes

These are definitely my favorite pieces. See MORE VIEWS HERE. The eyeshadow quad #18 Kaska Beige is very natural with a unique combination of colors: pale cream, medium pink-brown-beige, shimmery dusty plum, shimmery beige-gold.

Equally stunning are the new eyeshadow singles #85 Sillage (shimmery pinky shell) & #86 Trace (sparkley warm bronze). Sillage is more pink and less pale than Lotus and Island. Trace is warmer and more sparkley than Le Bronze and Cinnamon with the gold shimmers being more visible.

Part 3: Lips

The lipsticks come in the Rouge Allure formula. The colors, L to R are #79 Impertinente (dusty rose pink), #80 Delicieuse (soft coral), #81 Insouciante (nude beige-grey), #82 Incognito (neutral nude pink).

The glossimers in this collection are both sparkley and sheer but still really pretty. #139 Futile is a super pale pink and #141 Maline is a pale gold. If you have colors like Rose Sand, Seashell, Pink Crystal, or Bronze Crystal, you probably won’t need to get these unless you’re a die hard Chanel fan. I believe both are Limited Editions.

Part 4: Nail Polishes

I posted pictures and swatches of the nail polishes already a couple days ago here, so today I’ll do comparisons to other similar shades I have.

#503 Inattendu comparisons
L to R: Chanel Jasmine, Chanel Inattendu, OPI Coney Island Cotton Candy

#505 Particuliere comparisons
L to R: OPI You Don’t Know Jacques, Chanel Particuliere, OPI Over the Taupe

#507 Tendresse comparisons
L to R: Paul & Joe #10, Chanel Tendresse, Chanel Rose Satin, Zoya Jessika

Also in the collection (not purchased):
* #68 Khaki Dore Le Crayon Yeux (olivey-gold shimmery eyeliner)
* #100 Ombre D’eau (a khaki-greenish fluid eyeshadow)
* #36 Beige Le Crayon Levres (pale beige lipliner)
* #110 Beige Claire Poudre Universelle (a luminous setting powder)
* #68 Sand Eyeshadow Single (repromote)
* Soleil Tan de Chanel (Sunkissed – reformulated version of their Brilliance Pur)
along with a few other items I didn’t catch since everything was still in boxes.

Overall thoughts . . .
Winners = Eyes: To me, the must haves are the Kaska Beige Eyeshadow Quad and Sillage/Trace Singles.
Face/cheek: While I love all the Chanel JC blushes, the new Imprevu didn’t wow me as much after I saw how it compared to my other Chanel colors (if you have Fandango or Enchantresse I don’t think you need this new one). I must admit the store lighting made me gasp when I saw the new blush though. The highlighter powder is really nice, but I think YMMV on this one. It shows up on me, but I was a bit disappointed that multi-colored base is sheerer than the rest of the powder.
Nails: The nail polishes are amazing in the formula, but not so unique with the colors. I really wish they had some pearl or shimmer to them to give them that extra unique Chanel-touch. Particuliere (the grey/taupe) can be easily duped with OPI Over the Taupe – the only difference is that OPI OTT is more warm/brown where Chanel Particuliere is a tad more greyish/cool. If you like grey/taupes but want something lighter with a pearl finish, check out Zoya Pasha.
Lips: These are great if you like natural wearable colors. I think Chanel always does a great job with their lipsticks and glosses.

*Commentary deleted*

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  • Is it on sale already?
    I am huge fan of Chanel mono shadows, do you know are they LE?
    I respect your position. I don't care about swatches too much, I prefer to see everything myself anyway.
    It's a great pleasure for me to read your notes because being a blogger myself I rarely see such deep knowledge and love to makeup.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, gorgeous haul! Thanks so much for your comparison pictures, very helpful! The Kaska quad is breath taking, how would you compare this to their Mystic Eyes quad. I've always wanted to purchased Mystic Eyes quad but waiting for the next better one, Is Kaska it? TIA Lina πŸ™‚

  • Oh I love your pictures! I can't wait to see this all in person!

    I personally don't like swatch pics too much. People don't realize how misleading they can be. I rather just see true-to-life pictures of the actual product.

  • Hey Sabrina!!
    Gorgeous stuff!! Chanel is just so luxurious and addictive, no? I love the eye shadow quad and am really eager to try the highlight powder. I wonder how it compares to MAC's Refined MSF… it looks like it might not have as much peach but any thoughts? Enjoy your new stuff!! πŸ™‚

  • That is so rude of people to say that. Although swatches are helpful, product photos and reviews are equally helpful, in my opinion. Thanks for all your reviews, photos, AND swatches.
    Amazing how rude people can be online because they can hide behind a computer screen.

  • Anonymous

    Lina, first, thank you for another amazing report, and while you are coping with final exams, no less.
    Your blog is superb because you have an encylopedic makeup collection and a very good and discerning eye. From your early, thorough posts on tools and brushes; to your fascinating color studies with numerous examples, clearly photographed; to your recent efforts to highlight smaller, independent lines; your blog is an original, of very high quality. Kudos, and let the critics go elsewhere.

  • =/ That was quite rude. Swatches are always welcome but it really is a difficult chore, and hey, everyone blogs about what they want. As you say, there are heaps of blogs out there that the person could visit, and maybe criticize aswell.
    Anyway…I die! Everything looks stunning! I need some Chanel in my life. I don't care how, LOL
    Thankyou for these beautiful pictures! XO

  • Wow, this collection is gonna hurt my wallet! Everything looks fab! And I can't believe someone said your blog is "worthless without swatches." That is so rude! I personally like seeing swatches, but I also know how hard it is to take accurate pictures of them, plus, swatches look different on everyone, so it's very YMMV. For the record Lina, you do beautiful swatches. And you take beautiful photos. I read your blog everyday, it has become my favorite! Keep up the good work, and don't let the haters get you down. You rock!

  • The quad is amazing….
    I also liked the OPI nail polish in "over the taupe" shade. so very prettyyy….

  • I love your blog, Lina! (Especially since you share my affinity for all things Chanel. I am positively drooling over Particuliere!)

    Don't change a thing!

  • Thank you so much for sharing your pictures! I always enjoy reading your posts, and I love how cute your nails look on NP swatches πŸ™‚

    #18 Kaska Beige quad look gorgeous! I have been thinking about buying Demure (#85?) quad, but now I am not sure.. May I ask which one you like better? How would you create the whole look with #18 Kaska Beige?

  • milkyway from mua

    I have to have Particuliere! It looks amazing. Thanks so much for all the pics and the helpful comparisons πŸ˜€

  • great haul. If i have fandango, do i need to get the new jc? and is imprevu an LE item?

    thanks again.

  • Woooooow, everything looks so gorgeous! I love the look of Tendresse on your nails especially! I have been looking for the perfect pink like that one!

  • Lina, I'm not sure what I missed, but never doubt for a second that your pics are simply TDF. The lighting is perfect, shows the products/colors incredibly accurately, and dammit, they make me want every stupid thing LOL. And I can't HAVE every stupid thing ;-)!

    I had one of the same hauls tonight, but I didn't get to see the new golden Glossimer you picked up (it was shoplifted from the display *rolls eyes*). Is it similar at all to Beige Guitare, if you have that one?

    Keep on keepin' on, Lina … I'm always so excited when I find a new post of yours! πŸ™‚

  • Love the swatch comparisons, now I feel a need to buy Chanel Particuliere, I liked You Don't Know Jacques but I felt that it was too dark for me. The quad and lipsticks look absolutely gorgeous too. Thanks for the eye candy and the swatches!

  • i love the way you positioned the items. very classic and tasteful. your knowlege of makeup is top of the world. i just love coming to your blog to look at all the beautiful stuff and learn about makeup the way i will never know. thank you!

    spring joues contrast is too dark for me. but thank God for that or else it's one more in my collection. ha

  • Seems, I'll splurge this collection! Hehe… πŸ˜‰

    Thanks for the great post!

  • If I cared about my wallet, I would ban myself from your blog πŸ˜‰

    I need the quad, Impertinente lipstick, and Particuliere. I think the blush is going to be too dark for me.

    I totally agree that Chanel has gotten back on track after some not-so-great collections. I loved the Venise collection this autumn, beautiful stuff.

    Your comparison pictures are so helpful.

  • R

    I love Zoya Jessika! It's going to be my Christmas Day shade πŸ™‚ Love ya blog!

  • Anonymous

    I might skip this collection. Everything looks lovely, but the single shadows look boring, and the blush too shimmery. I like the eye shadow quad, but no matter how pretty, many neutrals look the same on me Will have to see in person.

  • Katia – I'm not sure if the singles are LE or not, I am always hesitant to ask the SAs b/c I know 90% of the time they will say "yes" just to close the sale or try and make me buy a backup.

    Anonymous – I will do a comparison to Mystic Eyes for you soon. I think it's different enough to have both. Mystic Eyes has a more cool-toned finish, Kaska Beige looks warmer on me.

    Joey, Ariana, Marce, Evelynn, Milkyway, Catherine, Julia, Resham, LipstickChic, R, Grace, Jess, Jojoba, Blinkydaisy – thank you for your kind comments and support πŸ™‚

    Lakshmi – I will send you an email later today, I still have to check on Nars Brousse v BB Java for you!

    Sophia – Demure is more neutral, Kaska Beige is a bit more dramatic, I'll do a Chanel quads post for you too very soon.

    Evelyn – I'm not sure if Imprevu is LE.

    Jojoba – yes, I think the new blush might be too dark for you.

    Sorry if I missed anyone!

  • Thank you so much for the nail comparisons between You Don't know Jacques and Over the Taupe with Particuliere. I might pass on that and go directly to the glosses.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you Lina! Love your blog and I get excited everytime you have new post too. You take gorgeous pictures of products. Keep doing what you do and don't mind the nonsense comment. There're always biotches and mean girls. Hope you did well on final and can't wait on pictures of Mystic Eyes, Kaska Beige, and Demure side by side.

  • I totally agree with what's said before me, "Keep doing what you do and don't mind the nonsense comment. There're always biotches and mean girls."

    i had some very uncalled for comments every now and then too but i just delete them or laugh at them with all my readers (who might appreciate with those ridiculous stuff.) πŸ˜›

    i love your blog and many others do.

  • Thank you for the amazing post!

    #505 Particuliere looks like Metro Chic by Opi for Sephora, too. At least on the photo
    And #141 Maline Glossimer reminds me of my beloved Mica.
    I like #80 Delicieuse lipstick the best. I'll be sure to check it out myself!


  • Anonymous

    Just want to say I LOVE YOUR BLOG, I visit every day, and love the color combinations you post, I have gotten tons of inspiration! You have exquisite taste, and I look forward to your new posts, keep them coming, you're doing an AWESOME job!

  • Your blog is just amazing! I love the pictures, reviews and swatches…

  • DifferentManhattanGirl

    Thanks so much for comparing the Trace to Le Bronze–that was really helpful.I finally got a chance to try this out. I'm still on the borderline on trace. It's pretty but a bit too shimmery.

    Lina, you're right that the eye colors are the best in this collection. Nice to see some warmer stuff after all the cool collections.

  • Those nail polishes are all lovely. I'm especially loving the brown shades. They look sophisticated and perfect for the fall/winter!

    Great blog! πŸ™‚


    Kate Gene