Chanel Les Impressions de Chanel Nail Polishes & Eyeshadows for Spring 2010

December 16, 2009

So I’m supposed to be studying Securities Law & Business Associations for finals right now but I couldn’t contain my excitement for the new Chanel Spring 2010 line. The spring collection has been trickling instores and my local Saks just got them in yesterday and my favorite SA pulled the testers from the back even though the Chanel rep was off for the day and didn’t have the unit set up.

For official promotional photos, check out Marina’s blog Makeup4All!

A more comprehensive post will be coming soon, but I wanted to show you the three new nail polishes that came out:

  • #503 Inattendu – neutral light peach
  • #505 Particuliere – grey taupe
  • #507 Tendresse – soft pink cream

All three are cream and have no shimmer. Those who love neutrals will like these, although I must admit they are very dupe-able (more dupe swatches to come soon). My biggest weakness is for Chanel – when I got home, I had slight buyer’s remorse feeling that “why did I buy these nail polishes?” when I already have similar colors. But when I put them on, I found they have just the right amount of pigment so that they aren’t too yellowy or white. Often times, peachy colors end up looking yellowy on my skin and pinks look whitish once they are on my nails.

The eyeshadow singles and quads are the winners in the collection for me.

Sillage (left) & Trace (right)

Kaska Beige

More descriptions and details to come in the next couple days featuring the highlight powder, new blush, rouge allures and glossimers. Along with comparisons too!

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