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Four Ways to Follow The Beauty Look Book

March 5, 2014

In case you are new to my blog, here are four more ways to follow The Beauty Look Book 🙂

1 / Instagram @beautylookbook
Follow me on Instagram to see sneak peeks of what is coming soon, what makeup I’m obsessed with at the moment or snapshots of my non-beauty life (home, travel, kitty and accessories)

2 / Twitter @beautylookbook

3 / Bloglovin – The Beauty Look Book
I love to use Bloglovin to keep up with the latest from all my favorite reads

4 / Pinterest sabrinaTBLB
Yes, I’m on Pinterest! I won’t be pinning any of my items and you won’t see me using any pins on my blog, but I do think it’s fun for inspiration and dreaming
Happy reading and following!


Are You Following Me on Twitter? @BeautyLookBook

November 5, 2011
I consider myself a late adopter of Twitter, and even after joining, I’m still more of a passive user. You can follow me @BeautyLookBook 🙂 I follow people, brands and retailers for good info on the latest. I can retweet interesting articles to my followers and likewise, I love the retweets from the people I follow. The upside for following me is you get sneak-peek previews of upcoming new items many times before they are reviewed. Sometimes it takes me ages to get everything photographed, swatched, tested, reviewed etc. so tweeting can help give some quick previews for those who do not want to wait. (It took me about a month to get the D&G lipstick duos up on review because I could not get home in time before the sun went down for weeks, I needed good light for the pictures!)

The latest includes some shots from Edward Bess, Dolce & Gabbana and Le Métier de Beauté (yes, more). If you get tired of my tweets (or lack of) you can always unfollow me, no hurt feelings or grudges. But I just wanted to give a little nudge to those who haven’t tried Twitter yet. Here is a gallery of recent images I’ve uploaded and tweeted. Most beauty related, but not all.

If you’re on Twitter, it’s fun to browse even if you don’t end up following people, brands, stores, companies etc. Have a happy Friday! I will be busy writing more reviews this weekend so stay tuned.


Are You On Twitter?

August 8, 2011
Good morning readers!  After a few recent e-mails from readers discussing something that was soon to be released, I realized not all of my readers are social media users. I had assumed one of my readers had seen news of upcoming releases because the info had been tweeted by others. After a few discussions, I then realized not everyone is on Twitter. Oops! So I want to ask my readers, are you on Twitter? I am and my twitter account is @BeautyLookBook which you can see below (my most recent Tweet is actually a re-tweet of Paul & Joe Beaute’s picture of their new Autumn Collection at Bergdorfs).

For the longest time, I had an inactive Twitter account because I did not know how to use it. I had to ask Josie and Karla for Tweet help because I didn’t know what all these acronyms stood for. I had resisted for a long time for a slew of reasons: I don’t have time, I can’t figure out what Tweets are, how will I manage all this noise?

It’s all still a learning process. As many have noted, the biggest challenge is how to scan for the relevant information. I’m more of a passive follower than active Tweeter. I check my blog reads and Twitter feed via my iPhone every few hours while at work during the week and given my schedule I just can’t always manage it during the day during a busy work week. Here are some of the reasons why you should join Twitter!
  • You discover new things: I’ve discovered new blogs and vlogs. People I follow will often re-tweet content they find interesting to spread the word. I find these extremely helpful (most of the time). I’ve also discovered new blogs from people following me and tweeting interesting news.
  • You can keep track of what’s up and coming: I’ve learned new things from various store or brand Tweets such as upcoming releases, events and apperances.
  • Meet new people: There are brand managers, editors, artists, designers, company founders on Twitter. It’s interesting to read what they are loving right now!
  • Track the brands you love: If you are a Sprinkles Cupcakes fan like me, you can find out where their SprinklesMobile is headed next by following them on Twitter @sprinklesmobile!
  • Get advice fast: Several months ago, my dog ate my NARS Angelika Multiple and I freaked (after all, a NARS multiple is like the equivalent of maybe 4 full sized lipsticks?). I called the vet who assured me it was ok as long as she didn’t eat any of the plastic. Still in major panic mode while on the phone, I tweeted this to see if anyone else had a dog who ate their makeup. Sure enough people tweeted me back to reassure me I had no need to worry. 
A few favorite recent tweets (and people you should follow!):

@NathanBranch of Nathan Branch gives us the latest news on the luxury markets & is my go-to source on fragrance news alerts
5 Aug – Luxury & Fashion Biz News: – Luxury is back in the black, Annick Goutal changes hands, and the emergence of the DIY.

@PerilouslyPale of Perilously Pale has the funniest tweets
30 July – Well it’s official. Hubby now knows I have a blog.

@the_non_blonde of The Non-Blonde has tweets just as wonderful as her blog posts (yes for me on this!)
4 Aug – All the naps I resisted and fought as a little girl? I’ll take them now, please and thank you.

@CafeMakeup of Cafe Makeup’s tweeted what she’s loving/wearing right now (love her updates)
3 Aug – Loving Chanel Quartz for Fall–a metallic fawn–very complex and pretty

@KarlaSugar Karla Sugar tweets new beauty news and shows pics (love her extra tidbits of news)
2 Aug – AND is coming out w/ a slew of nail polishes at as holiday stockingstuffers. Hope Chrome Passion is one of them!

@naturalNchicmak snapped a photo of Armani Fall 2011 at the counters (instant gratification for me while I wait for it to arrive in Southern California)
6 Aug – Armani fall collection:

@BTiBeauty lets us know as soon as the newest items arrive instore!
3 Aug – Actually, all of the Aquarelles de Chanel Collection collection arrived Tysons Galleria today. Located all of it in shipment.

Also courtesy of Nathan Branch, here’s an interesting article on Twitter and Brands (see it here).

If you want to share why or why not or other thoughts, please do so in the comments, thanks!