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Giorgio Armani: Eye Shadow Quads

November 12, 2009

Back in September, I was planning to do a full series on Giorgio Armani, but have been slacking. I will feature Armani more frequently since I know a lot of you are interested in the line, although I can’t promise to get fully back on track since there are so many other brands that I want to write about.

Giorgio Armani released 4 eyeshadow quads (Numbers 01, 02, 03, 04) in 2005 back when Armani hard to find since it was only available at a few Saks locations and various Giorgio Armani Boutiques. They have since reformulated the quads in their Maestro Eye Shadow Formula and the pigment is much better.

In addition to the original 4, they have released a number of limited edition eyeshadow palettes with various seasonal collection. The two newer colors 05 Desert and 06 Mineral were released as part of the regular line.

The quads I still have with swatches:

Top: 02 Floral (original formula) , 03 Earth (original formula)
Bottom: 04 Stone (original formula), 05 Desert (new formula)

#02 Original Formula:

#03 Original Formula:

#04 Original Formula:

#05 New Maestro Formula:

Limited Edition Quads, L to R: Midnight Eye Mania, #10 Leather, Pink Light

Midnight Eye Mania:

#10 Leather Collection:

Pink Light:

All of mine were purchased at Saks over the years. Today, they retail for $58 US each which I feel is fairly steep. I tend to wait for Saks events when they have GWPs or Triple Points. I believe Armani recently did a 20% discount online, perhaps they will do another promotion soon.

I have not repurchased the shades I already own in the new formula because I am happy with the consistency, although I have tried the newer formula instore and can confirm it is much better than the original.

The newest eyeshadow palettes they released were the Eyes to Kill & the holiday double-tiered palette. Check out Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill Palettes 1, 2 & 3 and also Giorgio Armani Holiday 2009 for more pictures.

For more Armani photos and swatches, click on this Giorgio Armani label. I’ve done a full feature on the New Maestro Eyeshadows and Blushes and Bronzers. There are bits and pieces of other items scattered among other articles.


Giorgio Armani New Maestro Eye Shadows vs. Armani’s Original Eye Shadows

June 25, 2009

This post features a comparison of the new Maestro Eyeshadows that have recently been released with the original versions. There are several new shades in the Maestro Eye Shadow line from #20 to #36, however, many of them are simply re-formulations of original shades.

See the first post here All About Armani: New Maestro Eye Shadows. See yesterday’s updated post with some more additions here Update on New Giorgio Armani Maestro Eye Shadows.

All pictures are clickable!


Update on New Giorgio Armani Maestro Eye Shadows

June 25, 2009

Those who are familiar with Armani are aware of the product revamps of their lipsticks and eyeshadows. When Armani first released their beauty line, there were 3 formulas of lipsticks: Shines, Sheers, Matte Silks. A new line of Mania Lipsticks was introduced several years ago. Now most recently ArmaniSilks and Lip Waxes have been launched. It appears the same revamp process is happening with the Eye Shadows with the Maestro Singles and Maestro Quads.

Many of the older shades have been discontinued, but not to worry – a good number of the shades have been re-introduced with the new-and-improved formulas, however many of them have different numbers.

The first Maestro Eyeshadow release occurred in 2007 with the release of 18 new shades. The next release was Spring 2008 released Maestro #19. Then in Holiday 2008, Armani skipped the numbers in between and released #37 a satin white and #38 a matte dark grey.

Finally within the last month, I found that Armani had released a number of new shades ranging from #20 to #36. See the original post HERE for pictures and descriptions, however, there were still some missing shades that Neimans and Saks had not received in their stock. Also, these have not yet shown up online anywhere. Both the Neimans and Saks stores near me did not yet receive testers, so if you don’t see a new unit out – ask the Armani rep, most likely they have the stock!

Just a week ago, I stopped by Saks and the Armani manager pulled me aside to show me some more new shades.

Maestro #2 – shimmery neutral champagne (not new, but just new f
or me)

* Maestro #21 – shimmery dark blue (when compared to the other existing blues, this one is different from all the other existing shades, see a swatch HERE in the Smokey Eyes Series)

* Maestro #22 – this one has replaced the original #3

* Maestro #23 – this replaced the original #4

* Maestro #36 matte buttercream which is most similar to the original #8, but brighter

Still missing in action: #24, 31 and 33 which I am sure will trickle in very soon. Just to recap – photo from the original post. Click HERE for close ups and more descriptions.

Coming next – comparison photos featuring the new revamped shades to the original formula.


All About Armani: New Maestro Eye Shadows

June 1, 2009

Giorgio Armani has finally released some new maestro single shadows! The shades released are the missing numbers in between 19 and 37, however there are still a few numbers missing and I have not been able to find information online or in store yet. Some shades appear to be reformulations of their original shadows. Below are pictures and descriptions. I highly recommend you visit makeupalley and check out member REPLICA for her fabulous notepad listing descriptions of all the armani products.

As far as I know, there are quite a few stores that do not have these in yet. Some counter managers are unaware of these even coming out, but I assume they should be trickling in very soon. E-mail me if you need a contact to order these. Just a heads up – the 2 stores near me did receive limited stock in their first shipment.

Giorgio Armani describes his Maestro shadows as follows:

“The formula of maestro eye shadow contains pure silk-like powders to create a soft, lightweight texture that glides onto eyelids in a silken veil of colour. Three different finishes replicate the breathtaking effects Giorgio Armani achieves with silk: matte gives smooth, deep colour; satin creates a lustrous sheen; sparkling illuminates with iridescent shimmer.”

Now, onto the new shades photographed with a few already-existing shades:

* Maestro #20 – shimmery warm golden brown, very similar to Maestro #4, but the Maestro #20 is more golden, slightly lighter, also the Maestro #20 could be a more golden/shimmery version of the original 20 (NOTE: Maestro #20 is pictured in one of the Japanese Magazines, posted HERE)

* Maestro #25 – satin yogurt-pink with pale mauve tones (looks like a dupe for the original #6)

* Maestro #26 – satin medium-dark brown, neutral-cool

* Maestro #27 – shimmery warm neutral taupe (looks like a dupe for original #11)

* Maestro #28 – shimmery light yellowy buttercream, paler than the more yellow than the original #9

* Maestro #29 – shimmery pale pink (looks like a dupe for original 12, but more pigmented and more shimmery)

* Maestro #30 – shimmery pale seashell pink, slightly deeper than Maestro #29 (this is a dupe for original 53)

* Maestro #32 – shimmery taupe-grey (cooler than Maestro 27 but not as cool-grey as the original 26)

* Maestro #34 – shimmery baby pink, (seems like a dupe for original 55 with a tad more pink)

* Maestro #36 – a matte buttercream (yellowish cream not pictured)

More close ups . . .

(Maestro 27 is photographed again to compare with Maestro 32)