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October 31, 2018

Gym Bag Essentials | S'Well Bottles, APL Slides, Kopari Deodorant, Supergoop Sunscreen

This year is the year that I’ve finally been able to commit to a regular fitness routine. Both Andrew and I have been trying to be more active and build our strength to live a healthier life. I’ve wanted to write about fitness and beauty from within for some time but I’ve never been able to follow through with any kind of exercise consistently until this year. We’ve mixed things up from running and started weight training and I’m really proud of the progress we’ve made! We still have a long way to go but for me the key is consistency and sticking with it. I’ll be writing more about my fitness routine and progress later, but for now I wanted to share my gym bag essentials. I was overwhelmed (in a good way) with the amount of feedback so many of you gave me on fitness on my Instagram stories over the past few months. Anything and everything from apparel, shoes and water bottles! I think having a good gym bag whether its for the actual gym or for outdoor activities can make a huge difference. It makes the whole workout process (pre and post-workout) a lot better and enjoyable. Here are a few things I’ve enjoyed using and found helpful especially in the intense Florida heat.

Gym Bag Beauty Essentials | The Beauty Look Book

First I don’t have a proper gym bag but really any tote can work. I like open roomy totes to hold everything from water bottles, extra set of clean clothes, beauty bag, etc. For the most part I use my Goyard St. Louis PM – it’s lightweight and just the right size to hold everything. When I first moved to Florida a number of you gave me recommendations and tips on dealing with the heat and said to get a S’well Bottle ASAP. These are indeed as amazing as everyone says because they are insulated, keep your drinks cold and they are condensation-free. Bkr makes really fun ones too. They’re glass with a silicone exterior. The only issue for me is they’re a bit difficult to clean and they don’t keep water cold as long as the S’well but I really like that it is glass and not plastic. Shown below is a Bkr 500 ml Bottle, S’well Traveler Bottle 16 oz (like this for the wider lid, exterior is also slightly textured), S’well Stainless Steel Water Bottle 17 oz (this is nice because it fits in standard car cup holders).

BKR Bottle, S'well Traveler Moonstone and S'well Stainless Steel Water Bottle | The Beauty Look Book

For my beauty essentials I keep makeup to a minimum as I’m an afternoon kind of person for workouts. If you’re one who works out in the morning or mid-day you might need your full makeup kit if you’re going straight from the gym to work.  The Daily Edited Transparent Cosmetic Case I reviewed a few months ago here is perfect for holding my fitness beauty essentials. I can fit a pack of face wipes and a tinted moisturizer in the bottom section. In the upper compartment I can fit my face mist, sunscreen bottles, mini brush, hair ties, deodorant and more. It’s perfect for travel but I love it for so many other things. Quick FYI, they’ve since changed the design a little bit but the dimensions and overall look is the same.

Gym Beauty Essentials in The Daily Edited Transparent Cosmetic Case


In general I don’t wear makeup when I’m working out. The heat in Florida makes any hope of having makeup last through even a light workout non-existent. I do love a good tinted balm, deodorant for reapplication and sunscreen is always a must. Wipes are also nice to have for convenience although if possible I’d recommend washing your face first. Things I’ve found useful for fitness beauty pre and post-workouts listed below.

Pre and Post-Workout Beauty Essentials

My favorites:

  • Sunscreen is a must if I’m outdoors. I’ve tried a number and with heat + humidity + sweat it’s hard to find one that doesn’t sting the eyes. On days that are extra hot I skip application on the forehead above the eyes and wear a hat. Ones I like include the Supergoop! Unseen Suncreen for the clear matte finish, Supergoop! Glow Stick for easy application and hydration, Fresh Sugar Sport Stick to apply on cheek bones and nose. For a quick reapplication the Supergoop! Refresh Defense Mist is probably the easiest way to touch up sunscreen throughout the day.
  • Hair musts include a good set of hair ties, brush and dry shampoo. I really like the Invisibobble Spiral Hair Ties because there’s no snagging the hair and I’ve never had one break on me. They come in a lot of fun colors aside from the basic black or white. I’ve carried the Drybar mini brush with me for years now but lately I’ve been more into combs for quick and easy detangling. I ordered one from Gisou and love it! Dry shampoo for a quick post-workout fix is a must. My go to these days is the IGK Jet Lag.
  • Some days a good face mist pre-workout helps calm and refresh the skin. The L’Occitane Aqua Reotier has been a nice affordable option I’ve loved for months now. They have a few other formulas I think are really good for the price.
  • With the humidity and heat here, having an extra deodorant on hand for on-the-go is a must! I always reapply after a workout and my favorite is the Kopari Coconut Deodorant. It’s natural and keeps odor away, I love that it smells like sweet coconuts too. Also available in mini size in the Kopari Beauty Besties set, great for small bags or a makeup bag!
  • I always have at least one Lip Balm on hand. We’re going into the dry season and there’s nothing worse than having dry or cracked lips. The Bite Agave Lip Mask has enough thickness that it sticks to your lips without sliding around even if you sweat. For a bit of color you can’t go wrong with the Dior Addict Lip Glows (I just bought the new Rose Gold color and am so excited to try it!).
  • A few post workout favorites I have are from the CliniqueFIT line. There’s actually a lot more in the collection I haven’t tried but I really like the Post-Workout Mattifying Moisturizer because it really does give the skin a soft matte finish and oil-free. The Post-Workout Face and Body Wipes are super convenient for times you can’t get to a shower right away but need to wipe down. I think body wipes in general have a long way to go, but we’ve tried a number of wipes and these are the best ones I’ve found (although very spendy for how many are in a pack).

Our favorite place to run is along Bayshore Boulevard. We’ve also tried a few runs on some of the long bridges too. We love how much wildlife is here in Tampa – the view of the water is always so nice to look at.

Tampa Bay Bayshore Boulevard

A few extras I like to keep with me (and yes all this fits in one tote!). An extra change of clothes is always a must. Hair perfume is something I discovered last year and absolutely love the ones from Byredo. This season he has two miniature trios, one is Triple Gagnant Fleurs and the other (the one I bought) is Triple Gagnat Bois with Gypsy Water, Bal D’Afrique and Mojave Ghost. They make for nice refreshers. Having a good microfiber towel on hand is essential for me. Andrew and I have been using our Aquis Hair Towels to wipe down and dry off after runs. They’re super absorbent!

Fitness apparel favorites are from Lululemon including the Align Shorts, Align Crop Pants (my favorite workout pants for any kind of activity), Hotty Hot Shorts (2.5 inch) and Swiftly Tech Racerback Tank.


I’ve always been a Nike fan, but earlier this year I asked readers for recommendations on Instagram for favorite running and workout shoes. The top two picks were Saucony and APLs – so I tried both! I’ve really loved running in the Saucony Freedom ISO for the cushion and stability. I just ordered my first pairs of APL Techloom Pro sneakers recently and haven’t run in them yet but think they are great for weight training. The APL Instagram feed is so beautiful to look at, their photography is so crisp and simple. It made me order their new Techloom Slides in Parchment and Black. I never thought about wearing slides after workouts, but they’re really nice to change into post-run. Makes it so your feet don’t stay sweaty in your sneakers! They are also nice to wear around the house. The only downside is they come in whole sizes. I found a perfect fit with the Size 6. For reference I wear a size 7 in Nike and Saucony sneakers. In the APL sneakers I opted for 6 1/2 but could have gone with the 7. In general I’m more of a true 6 1/2 for most shoes.

Post Workout Favorites Aquis Hair Towel, APL Slides, Byredo Hair Perfume

That wraps up my gym bag fitness essentials for beauty and more! I hope you enjoyed this roundup. I’ve received so many recommendations from you about what you feel is the best, I’ve taken your advice and found some favorites. If you’re looking for gifts for fitness fans I hope this gives you some good ideas! I think anyone would love a new pair of APL slides, or a S’well water bottle paired with some other fitness beauty accessories. Now that I have color-treated hair some of you have suggested I add sunscreen to my hair and I have no idea where to start. Any recommendations would be amazing!

What do you have in your fitness or gym bag? Would love to hear what kinds of exercise or workouts you do. I need all the extra inspiration and motivation I can get! More on our fitness journey soon.



Press samples featured include Supergoop! Unseen, Kopari Deodorant, L’Occitane Face Mist. All other items purchased by me.


Natural Non-Toxic Deodorant from Kopari

October 15, 2018

Kopari Coconut Deodorant Review | The Beauty Look Book

Using natural deodorants is an essential part of my daily beauty routine and one of my favorites is the Kopari Coconut Deodorant. Since exploring clean beauty this year so many of you have expressed interest in me reviewing more in natural beauty products. As a huge fan of Kopari I’m thrilled to partner with them to share more about their Coconut Deodorant – it’s already a favorite and it’s been featured in a number of favorites and shopping recommendation posts along with their Coconut Melt. This particular deodorant is one of three formulas that I’m very loyal to. As I’ve tested some natural beauty products I’ve found that some formulas can be hit or miss performance-wise, but Kopari products have never let me down. I love this deodorant is aluminum- and baking soda-free, keeps odor away and doesn’t dry out. It’s no surprise so many other people love it as well because it really does work!

I’ve always avoided antiperspirants because of their ingredients. From a young age my mother and aunts always told me not to use them. For those not familiar, note that there is a difference between deodorants and antiperspirants. Antiperspirants are products with ingredients such as aluminum, baking soda and added fragrance to prevent sweating while blocking odor. These include chemicals that block pores to prevent the releasing of sweat. This in turn also prevents you from sweating out the toxins while absorbing aluminum into the body. There have been studies that link these issues to causing breast cancer and while there is a lot of debate about these claims and correlations, it’s a risk I don’t want to take. Deodorants on the other hand have ingredients that block odor but still allow you to sweat out the toxins.

Kopari Coconut Deodorant Review | The Beauty Look Book

Aside from being natural and non-toxic, the main benefit of using the Kopari Coconut Deodorant for me is that it really does work to keep odor away the entire day. It goes on the skin 100% clear and doesn’t stain white clothes or tees. It has an emollient texture that glides on but doesn’t feel sticky afterwards. It won’t have a powdery or matte dry down because of the formula, but it doesn’t feel thick or greasy. Since it doesn’t contain sweat blocking chemicals I still find that I sweat during a workout but it keeps the odor away even after runs or bike rides in the Florida humidity. For other regular day to day indoor activities it does minimize sweating for me.

Kopari Coconut Oil Deodorant - Best Natural Deodorant

It smells like sweet coconuts when you first apply it. The scent is strong but doesn’t interfere with perfume or lotion. I also like that I’ve had a Kopari tube for several months and it has never shown any signs of drying out like some of my other deodorants did way before they were even 1/2 used up. It’s maintained the same consistency and freshness since the day I opened it up.

Kopari Natural Coconut Deodorant Review | The Beauty Look Book

Kopari Coconut Deodorant | The Beauty Look Book

I’ve been focusing on being more healthy and working on building my strength this past year. Steps have been taken to change our diets to live healthier. I’ve also increased activity with more exercise and weight training to build strength. I’ve taken more care of my body to help cope with stress. Having a more active life style combined with the Florida heat makes me prone to sweating more so having a good deodorant that works is absolutely essential.

Kopari Coconut Deodorant Review | The Beauty Look Book

I particularly love the fact that there is now a mini version available in the Beauty Besties Set at Sephora. The full size is 2 oz/ 57 g while the mini is 0.9 oz/ 26 g. I had been carrying the full-size around with me from home to my bag to places like the beach or in a bag when we go to the bay to run. The mini size is super convenient to have an extra around to keep in a gym bag or beach bag. So far even in outdoor for extended periods of time heat the stick hasn’t melted in my bag!

Kopari Coconut Deodorant Full Size vs Mini

I’ve used this Kopari Coconut Deodorant formula for months and like it enough to keep using it consistently. There have been a number of formulas I’ve bought in the past that didn’t work and I tossed after a few tries. I’m really happy with this one. Love that it’s non-toxic, vegan, cruelty-free, and formulated without aluminum, baking soda, and silicone.

As always I’d love to hear your thoughts about natural deodorants that you’ve tried. Let me know what worked or what didn’t for you! If there are any other things in natural beauty you’d like to see reviewed please let me know in the comments! You can watch their #TheTruthStinks Video for more information about this new launch. Kopari Coconut Deodorant is available at Sephora and other Kopari retailers. It’s one I highly recommend.

Many thanks to Kopari for partnering to sponsor this post. As always all opinions are my own.


Beauty Skincare

Coconut Love with Kopari Hydrating Multitaskers

August 23, 2017

Kopari Coconut Melt, Milk, Oil and Scrub | The Beauty Look Book

I first discovered the Kopari Coconut Melt earlier this spring and as the ultimate coconut lover I feel like it was made for me. It’s a simple multitasking product you can use in a number of ways on the face, hair and body and it has been a skin savior for me since relocating to the east coast with the Florida. The water, heat, ocean and pools have all contributed to drying out my skin. Regular use of the Coconut Melt helps restore my skin to a better hydrated state and keeps it looking smooth and glowing without being greasy. I’ve teamed up with Kopari to try and review some of their other body products.

Kopari Beauty Coconut Melt and Body Line | The Beauty Look Book

Kopari Coconut | The Beauty Look Book

Up first is the Coconut Melt which I’ve already been using and love. It’s not your standard grocery store grade coconut oil – yes, coconut oil is coconut oil, but according to Kopari there is a difference between oils depending on where they are sourced and how they are harvested. There’s also a difference in how the melt is made with the straining process. The Coconut Melt is free of silicones, sulfates, parabens and GMOs. It’s also cased in a sturdy glass jar. A little goes a long way and I usually need to give it around 5 to 10 minutes to let it soak in with the amount I use. For day I use a little less but I also like to use it at night before I go to sleep. It has worked wonders to restore moisture to my skin and keep it from drying out with the Florida heat.

Other recommended ways to use this coconut oil:

  • Hair Mask – recommended you leave it on for 40 minutes or sleep on it overnight, I’ve tried it as a mask and it does hydrate the hair
  • Body Moisturizer – they recommend you apply on damp skin to lock in moisture, I find it works on both damp and dry skin
  • Makeup remover – I did not know you could use this to remove eye makeup and it works! I apply a little on a q-tip and it helps remove stubborn waterproof eye makeup
  • Dry shave oil
  • Bath boost
  • Under eye moisturizer
  • Baby butter
  • Belly balm

Kopari Coconut Melt Review | The Beauty Look Book

The full size comes with a scooper. Consistency can change with temperature so if you’re in a hot humid area like me it can liquefy. It will go back to a harder state once it reaches room temperature.

Kopari Coconut Melt Review | The Beauty Look Book

It also comes in a mini with their cute Coconut Multitasking Kit. A quick look at the full size Coconut Melt compared to the Multitasking Kit minis which are super cute and a nice way to try multiple items.

Kopari Coconut Melt Full Size vs Set Minis

The Coconut Crush Scrub is a super hydrating body scrub with brown sugar and Tahitian coconut shells to buff all the dead dry skin off. This is also silicone-free, sulfate-free, paraben-free and GMO free. It has a very sweet coconut vanilla milk kind of scent. It’s one of those oil-infused scrubs that leave the skin coated with a layer of moisture that you can feel in the shower. I love body scrubs and use this one about once a week – it’s definitely one of the most hydrating ones. They recommend you buff it onto dry skin and rinse but I’ve used it on both dry and wet skin and it works well either way.

Kopari Coconut Crush Scrub Review | The Beauty Look Book

Kopari Coconut Crush Scrub Review | The Beauty Look Book

Kopari Coconut | The Beauty Look Book

The Coconut Body Milk and Coconut Body Oil both have a sweeter scent to them while the Coconut Melt has the most natural coconut scent. These are other ways to incorporate coconut oil into your body routine in case the melt isn’t quite your thing formula-wise. The Body Milk is a creamy lotion that in a milk-lotion format. It’s rich in hydration but not greasy. It smells like a sugar, coconut and vanilla blend. There is a nice velvety dry down to it.

The Body Oil is a spray and it’s a dry oil that is a more lightweight option for those who just want a little bit of hydration. It has a sweet gardenia scent to it that transports me to a vacation state of mind. This leaves the skin smooth and naturally glowy.

Coconut Body Milk and Body Oil

A look at the body milk texture straight out of the bottle. Oil not shown because it’s clear.

Coconut Body Milk

Kopari Beauty Coconut Melt and Body Line | The Beauty Look Book

Bottom line wonderful. I’m a huge fan of the Coconut Melt and it continues to be my personal favorite from the Kopari items I’ve tried. The scrub is a wonderful discovery with the hydrating element. The oil is a nice lightweight and less messy alternative as it comes with a spray. The milk is the more traditional moisturizer formula which is best if you want a nice velvety dry down.

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Have you tried anything from Kopari before? What did you think? Any favorites? If not what is your current go-to body moisturizer or oil?

Sponsored by Kopari.