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Burberry Beauty Trench Kiss Lip Mist and Lip Glow

December 2, 2013
Burberry Beauty has some beautiful new nudes and golds for the holiday. There are a couple packaging variations for the Trench Kiss Lip Mist, Trench Kiss Lip Glow and Nude Radiance Face Glow. These are available in regular packaging and a special limited gold packaging. In addition there is a new Gold Light Nail Polish available in the gold packaging.

I ordered the new Trench Kiss No. 216 Lip Mist ($30) and Trench Kiss No. 24 Lip Glow ($27) in the regular packaging from Nordstrom (however it seems only the gold packaging is available now online).


Trench Kiss #216 Lip Mist is a sheer flesh colored beige with a hint of peach. On the lips it applies very pale – almost corpse like upon first swipe. After letting it set for a minute I found it adjusted better to my natural lip color and warmed up a little. It’s still very pale (similar to Nude Honey #211 reviewed here, but the Trench Kiss is just a tad warmer and more beige).


Trench Kiss #24 Lip Glow is a shimmery sheer gold. It looks more golden and sparkly in the tube compared to the Nude Gold #15, but when swatched they look almost identical.

Here are the Trench Kiss Lip Mist and Lip Glow items swatched side by side:

Lip items swatched layered together:


Comparisons below to:


I’m overall pleased with the two items once layered together. However they are really similar to previously released items which I already owned. I ordered sight unseen since I do not have a Burberry Beauty counter near me. I hope the comparison swatches above help. If you’re unsure about how these would be on you, I would suggest trying in person before buying. I do really like the Trench Kiss Lip Glow – it has such a lovely sparkle and sheen even if it is similar to other golds. 
The Burberry Beauty Trench Kiss items are available at online at Nordstrom, Saks and Burberry. You can refer to this list for Nordstrom Store Locations that have Burberry Beauty. If you know of others I’d love it if you could add it in the comments below.


Bobbi Brown Sequin Shimmer Brick Eye Palette | Holiday 2013

December 1, 2013
This holiday Bobbi Brown has introduced a new version of her Shimmer Brick Eye Palette in Sequin ($48.50 for .14oz/4g, limited-edition). This palette packs in 10 different high shimmers in pale colors. It’s probably the smallest palette I own at a little over 4 inches long. The pigment is excellent for these shades similar to her regular-sized shimmer bricks. I never purchased her prior shimmer brick palettes for eyes since they either sold out instantly or were a bit heavy on the aqua colors (light greens tend to make my olive skin look too yellow). I was happy to find this holiday’s version contained more neutral colors better suited or my skintone.

The colors apply quite shimmery on the lids. I usually don’t like frosts but find Bobbi Brown shimmers, metallics and sparkles are very wearable for everyday (sparkles are ok for me with a very light hand). Shades from left to right include a pale cool pink, a tan gold brown, bright baby pink, soft mauve, golden oyster, mauve pink rose, platinum blue, mauve purple, silver taupe and cool silver beige. Close ups of each side.
Left side:

Right side:

Application tips I’ve received include swiping your fingers or brush over multiple colors and blending over the lid or picking 2-3 individual shades and layer them one by one. Since each bar of shimmer is very tiny (brushes shown below for size comparison) I find it hard to take a regular sized fluffy brush and only get one color on. I’ve been experimenting with this for a few weeks now and love using 1-2 shades individually or mixing any number of colors. Since most of the colors are neutral you really can’t go wrong with any combination.
 On the nails, Tom Ford Black Sugar (reviewed here)

For size reference to brushes you can see that some of my smaller brushes can barely fit into each block of shimmer. MAC #219 is a pencil defining brush which I usually like to use for smudging darker colors. You can use this one to highlight corners as well. MAC #239 is one of my holy grail basic shadow brushes. The width is bigger than the blocks but you can still fit into one color by tipping it to the side or at an angle. Trish McEvoy’s Smudge Brush is another one of my tiny brushes (shown for size reference).

Swatches below. Note the combination of sunlight with flash and shimmer highlights the frost.

This one shows the color a bit better:

Overall a huge thumbs up. It’s such a pretty petite palette. Although pricey I love the combinations of colors in this set. It’s small but once you open the compact you can’t help but gasp at all the gorgeous sparkles. It’s neutral enough for everyday wear or to add a bit of shimmer to your look.
I bought mine in store at a recent trend show – it should be available at all Bobbi Brown locations now (while supplies last since it’s limited-edition). You can also find it online at Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, Neiman Marcus and Sephora.

Diptyque Nordstrom

Diptyque Candle Set x10 | Nordstrom Exclusive

November 23, 2013

Diptyque has some wonderful holiday offerings this year. There are a number of gorgeous sets along with three new holiday scents (review to come soon). This year Nordstrom has an impressive exclusive 10 Piece Set ($130 for 10 candles). The set contains Diptyque’s iconic scents from the line’s 50-year history that includes two signature scents created each decade. Each candle is in the set comes in the baby size usually only found in gift-with-purchase events (I’ve never seen the baby sizes sold for sale individually). The candles are 1.2 oz each with approximately 12 hour burn time. While the set is expensive, it makes a stunning luxurious gift for the holidays. Sometimes you can’t really tell if you’ll like a scent until you burn it. This set offers a way to sample a wide range of scents without having to buy the full sizes.

The ten scents in the set include: Thé, Cannelle, Roses, Jasmin, Baies, Tubereuse, Figuier, Feu de Bois, Ambre and Patchouli.

There is a beautiful handout included with a timeline highlighting each scent featured in the set.

I haven’t had a chance to try each candle yet (I’ve been busy burning the three holiday ones). It will most likely take me weeks to try each one to see if I like them enough to buy individually. I will however provide an overview of the scents.

I’ve purchased all the floral scents individually in the past.

  • Baies is a floral scent (one of their best sellers) which is a mixed bouquet of roses and blackcurrant leaves
  • Jasmin is a soft jasmin scent (smells like the real thing)
  • Roses smells like soft roses without being too harsh or floral
  • Tubereuse smells like the tubereuse flower
  • Patchouli is the best Patchouli scent I’ve smelled, it’s not too herbal or woody, it’s a warm earthy scent that seems to have a slight hint of soft vanilla
  • Figuier is a warm fig-wood scent, it’s a fresh fig and one of my favorites in the line
  • Feu de Bois is a smoky firewood scent with a hint (very slight) of blackberry
  • Ambre is a warm incense-like scent with a mix of wvetiver and patchouli,
    enhanced with radiant anise seed, insolent spices, mysterious incense,
    cistus and tonka bean, it’s not my favorite but I will have to burn to really tell
  • Cannelle has a mix of warm, dry, spicy, and aromatic bark from the East, it has a fresh scent
  • Thé is a dark strong tea smelling scent with a herbal feel

Overall a lovely and impressive set. It would make the ultimate gift for fragrance aficionados. You can always break down the set and use the baby candles as add-ons or stocking stuffers for the holiday as well. I’m enamored with the whole boxes set and can’t wait to try each in the upcoming months. Diptyque candles are among my favorite, although priced at the high end for scented candles worth every penny. It’s something you have to try to really see what the fuss is about. Once you try these there is no going back to other brands (although I still adore lower priced candles from Henri Bendel and still love Jo Malone and Fresh for higher end candles).

Here’s a quick comparison of the sizes of the candles in this set. (I’ll call them the baby size.) The baby sizes in this set are also sometimes found in gift with purchases which is the 1.2 oz size. The small size is the 2.4 oz ($28 each). Regular sized candles are 6.5 oz ($60 each). More detailed comparison to come in a follow up post.

The 10 piece set is exclusive to Nordstrom and (limited for the holidays). You can’t beat free shipping and beautiful packaging. If you have a Nordstrom near you with Diptyque, you may want to call the fragrance department to check if they have any upcoming events. I received a mailer for their yearly customer appreciation night. There are usually events in early December at stores and they often have gift with purchases so it will be a good time to take advantage of the gift offerings if you have a list of items you’ve been saving up for. In my experience minimum buys tend to be around $100 to $150ish.

Have you purchased any Diptyque sets this year? Diptyque fans – what are your favorite scents?


Dior Enchanted Rose #451 Addict Gloss | Holiday 2013

November 19, 2013

Dior Enchanted Rose #451 Addict Gloss ($29.50 for 6.5 ml) is a new sheer shimmery peach gloss for holiday. It has a soft peachy pink base with gold and peach shimmers. It was love at first sight since I have a major weakness for peachy lipglosses. The color is on the sheer side so you may find it similar to many other peaches that provide a soft transparent peach tint.


For skintone reference I’m wearing NARS Tinted Moisturizer in Groenland mixed with Edward Bess Dewy Complexion Perfector in Medium (see swatches here):


I pulled a few peachy glosses to compare. For reference I’ll list prices and weight in case you want to compare brands. Left to right is Burberry Cameo #8 ($27 for 6 ml), Giorgio Armani Flash Lacquer #501 ($29 for 6.5 ml), MAC Imperial Light ($20 for 2.4 ml), MAC Dynasty at Dusk ($20 for 2.4 ml), Dior Enchanted Rose #451 ($29.50 for 6.5 ml) and Dior Spring Ball #343 ($29.50 for 6.5 ml, reviewed here too).

Dior Enchanted Rose looks most similar to MAC Dynasty at Dusk.

Dior Enchanted Rose is a beautiful easy to wear sheer gloss. It adds just the right amount of sheen to any lipstick. If you already have a lot of sheer peachy glosses you may want to skip, but it’s definitely worth checking out at your nearest Dior counter. I bought mine online at


Dior Golden Snow #644 and Golden Flower #634 Eyeshadow Palettes | Holiday 2013

November 14, 2013

Dior has released two new quints for the Golden Winter Holiday collection in Golden Snow #644 and Golden Flower #634 ($60 each for 6g/0.21 oz, limited-edition, Both contain a mix of shimmers and sparkly metallics. The colors in each palette are soft, smooth and easy to blend. Pigment level with the shimmery colors is medium but easily layerable. The sparkly shades in gold and silver are sheerer with a slight transparent-like base but they give a healthy dose of sparkle that applies evenly over the lids. I prefer to skip the sparkly shades for every-day wear, but when I tested them I found they worked best layered and pressed over the other colors to add glitz and shine. Pressing lightly helps minimize fallout.

Swatched side by side:

Golden Snow #644 is a cool-toned palette. It has a shimmery cool opal pink, a glitzy gold sparkle, a white sparkle, a light shimmery purple and a dark blackened-navy shimmer. It goes on very cool on my olive skin, but is still wearable by itself without having to mix in other shades. I do prefer something that is a bit warmer with less contrast but the colors are quite lovely on. It has a similar feel to last year’s Fairy Golds but Golden Snow is much cooler-toned (comparisons below).


Golden Flower #634 is my favorite of the two palettes. It has a warm golden peach-pink shimmer, a soft champagne sparkle, a bronze metallic and a warm coppery brown along with a glitzy gold sparkle shade in the middle. This applies very natural on my eyes. It has a similar feel to many other warm neutrals but most other palettes do not have the same combination of colors in one compact. You can get the same effect combining Dior’s old Couture Golds (from a few holidays ago) with Chanel Spices. I do find the bronzey colors in Golden Flower unique and very pretty. This was enough for me to justify this palette.


Two comparisons below to last year’s Dior Fairy Golds (more nude/mauve) and Chanel Spices (sheerer and less sparkly).

At first glance I thought Golden Snow might be similar to Le Metier’s Saint-Domingue (Saks Exclusive, reviewed here) but swatching side by side shows they are quite different.

Overall Golden Snow and Golden Flower are beautiful holiday palettes. You may want to try recreating the palettes with singles or mixing palettes you already own. I personally prefer the Golden Flower even though it has a similar vibe to past holiday Armani and Dior palettes. The colors are stunning for the holiday with the added sparkle shades which are beautiful to layer.
Both palettes retail for $60 each and are limited-edition. I bought mine from Nordstrom. You can find them now at Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Saks and all Dior beauty counters.


Diorific Nail Lacquer Frimas #318 | Holiday 2013

November 11, 2013

Diorific Nail Lacquer Frimas #318 ($26 for 12 ml/0.40 fl oz, limited-edition) is a new shade for the holiday. It’s a cocoa-mauve nude-pink infused with gold and silver shimmers making it somewhat complex and a bit difficult to photograph. In the bottle it appears to be a light mauve pink. On my olive skin it turns more cocoa and darkens. From what I’ve seen, it looks different on everyone making it unique.

The complex shimmers glow in the sun:

Dior Frimas is a pigmented shade. The shimmers/tiny glitters apply smoothly and evenly although they are on the large side making the contrast with the gold and the mauve visible. I applied it with two coats:

More swatches show how it looks mauve in some photos but brown in others:

I couldn’t find anything quite like it. I envisioned it being similar to Rescue Beauty Lounge Grunge, but it turned out to be very different. Here it is compared to RBL Grunge, Chanel Rose Cache, Deborah Lippmann Modern Love and Guerlain La Petite Robe Noire:

Overall Dior Frimas is a lovely unique mauve-cocoa. I think it would flatter a number of skintones for those looking for a neutral but different nude-mauve kind of shade. The color is limited-edition. For holidays Dior seems to be releasing certain shades at select counters. I couldn’t find Frimas at many counters so I’m not sure if it’s exclusive to some stores. I bought mine from Nordstrom. You can find it online now at Nordstrom, Neimans and Saks.

GIorgio Armani Eccentrico Face Palette | Holiday 2013

November 8, 2013

Giorgio Armani’s star product for the holiday is the Eccentrico Face Palette ($88 for 8g/0.27) a limited-edition highlighter palette. The palette has one tier of powder with a silvery overspray and small flat face brush underneath. The powder below the overspray is a mix of pinks, orange and a cool white shimmer. Mixed together you get a beautiful pink glow. Although this is called a face palette, I think this is best used as a cheek blush or highlighter. The quality of the powder is excellent – it’s finely milled and the shimmer is very refined and natural making the skin glow. It’s dark enough for me to wear as blush alone. My feelings about this are a bit mixed mainly because of the price. At $88, most other Armani palettes in this range have a cheek product plus three eyeshadows. I do realize this comes with a little brush encased inside, but I still think this one is definitely overpriced. Armani does have discount promotions through their own beauty side occasionally (most I’ve seen is 20%) which could bring the price down to the $70ish range. Still I think this should have been priced in the same range as their eyeshadow quads at $59 (even if it is a luxury holiday and limited-edition product).

The packaging:

With overspray:

Partial overspray:

Most of the overspray removed:


Comparisons show that Eccentrico has a soft quality that makes the skin glow. The shimmer is finely milled versus a high shine frost. Comparisons below to shades that have unfortunately all been limited or discontinued, but I hope this helps to gauge the level of pigment and shimmer:

Overall a lovely blush palette with exquisite packaging. However it’s one I just can’t get really excited about – especially with other palettes this holiday like ones from Hourglass and Chanel which are more affordable and still unique and creative (in my mind). I will get a lot of use out of Armani Eccentrico – it’s a lovely wearable pink that is safe. As usual your mileage may vary with this. I know some who absolutely love it. I agree that it’s lovely – for me at $88 I expected more. I tried tracking this down at counters but couldn’t find it anywhere in store. Others have had better luck though.

Armani Eccentrico is limited-edition. It retails for $88. You can find it online at Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus and

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