Burberry Beauty Trench Kiss Lip Mist and Lip Glow

December 2, 2013
Burberry Beauty has some beautiful new nudes and golds for the holiday. There are a couple packaging variations for the Trench Kiss Lip Mist, Trench Kiss Lip Glow and Nude Radiance Face Glow. These are available in regular packaging and a special limited gold packaging. In addition there is a new Gold Light Nail Polish available in the gold packaging.

I ordered the new Trench Kiss No. 216 Lip Mist ($30) and Trench Kiss No. 24 Lip Glow ($27) in the regular packaging from Nordstrom (however it seems only the gold packaging is available now online).


Trench Kiss #216 Lip Mist is a sheer flesh colored beige with a hint of peach. On the lips it applies very pale – almost corpse like upon first swipe. After letting it set for a minute I found it adjusted better to my natural lip color and warmed up a little. It’s still very pale (similar to Nude Honey #211 reviewed here, but the Trench Kiss is just a tad warmer and more beige).


Trench Kiss #24 Lip Glow is a shimmery sheer gold. It looks more golden and sparkly in the tube compared to the Nude Gold #15, but when swatched they look almost identical.

Here are the Trench Kiss Lip Mist and Lip Glow items swatched side by side:

Lip items swatched layered together:


Comparisons below to:


I’m overall pleased with the two items once layered together. However they are really similar to previously released items which I already owned. I ordered sight unseen since I do not have a Burberry Beauty counter near me. I hope the comparison swatches above help. If you’re unsure about how these would be on you, I would suggest trying in person before buying. I do really like the Trench Kiss Lip Glow – it has such a lovely sparkle and sheen even if it is similar to other golds. 
The Burberry Beauty Trench Kiss items are available at online at Nordstrom, Saks and Burberry. You can refer to this list for Nordstrom Store Locations that have Burberry Beauty. If you know of others I’d love it if you could add it in the comments below.

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