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Weekend Fun | Beauty, Fashion and Good Eats

May 18, 2014

This weekend one of my besties and I had spent the day in Venice/Beverly Hills. We are both May babies so we celebrated our birthdays with good food, shopping and pedicures. Our girl’s day out included breakfast at Gjelina, pedicures at Olive and June, coffee at the Nespresso Boutique, a quick trip to Barneys New York beauty floor, a stop at Sprinkles, tons of window shopping and people watching. I brought my new Fuji Film Instax Mini 25 for some fun instant print pictures (pink, blue, black, and yellow versions available in the Mini 8 version). If you’re looking for a gift for someone I highly recommend considering the instant print cameras. They are so much fun.

Birthday fun below:

Gjelina on Abbot Kinney is an ultra hip restaurant. It was perfect for breakfast (the bacon is to die for). We went right when they opened so we didn’t have to wait for a table. I can’t wait to try this place for lunch or their takeaway side. If you have recommendations I’m all ears for my next trip. As a bonus for beauty lovers, Caudalie and Aesop are on the same street nearby along with lots of vintage stores.

If you’re looking for an ultra luxurious nail treatment, Olive and June has a multitude of color options from Deborah Lippmann, NARS, OPI, Essie, RGB, Julep and many other brands. We both opted for pink on our toes. I went with a color from NARS. It’s best if you make an appointment in advance. I’ve seen so many fun pictures of this place on Instagram but have never been to it. Many thanks to my friend for picking this out and for making reservations.

I’m a die-hard Nespresso fan. I’ve owned the Pixie and Aeroccino milk frother for several years now and it’s one thing in my kitchen that I cannot live without it. For coffee drinkers Nespresso just released a new coffee Vertuoline machine that you may want to check out. If I had a bigger kitchen I would buy it but our counter space is limited. If you can get to a boutique I highly recommend it. They offer free tastings and demos. The boutiques with cafes have amazing drinks and equally incredible food. My husband happened to be at the Nespresso Boutique in San Francisco at the same time I was at Nespresso in Beverly Hills (what are the odds?) and we found the window displays were the same in each city.

Left: Nespresso San Francisco (hubby) , Right: Nespresso Beverly Hills (me), photos taken at the same time while in different cities (not planned)

We made a quick stop at Barneys (quick so we didn’t do too much damage). I stopped by Surratt Beauty, Make, Chanel and By Terry to check out a few things. More details soon. I also drooled at all the Serge Lutens and L’Artisan fragrances but managed to restrain myself.

One last picture of window shopping at Saint Laurent, Hermes, Celine and Sprinkles fun:

Hope you enjoyed this little snippet from my weekend! If you’re in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills or Santa Monica, I’d love to hear about your favorite hot spots to visit.


Jo Malone Wild Bluebell

August 21, 2011

Jo Malone has introduced a new fragrance collection called Wild Bluebell available in four different pieces: cologne, body & hand wash, body creme and home candle. The collection has arrived at Neiman Marcus and I have fallen in love with every piece in the line. It’s a light and fresh floral that smells like a spring garden with top notes of fresh bluebell (engineered equivalent) and clove combined with hints of lily of the valley, eglantine, jasmine, white amber and musk. The theme is more whimsical and fairy-tale like with the focus on a nymph-like character and white rabbits rather than the actual product.

My local Neimans Jo Malone rep called me the minute it arrived. I asked for her thoughts over the phone and she felt it was a nice light scent but very different for Jo Malone. Her impression was that it would be a wonderful layering piece. A few customers who came in reported they smelled watermelon before it dried down. Although some have not been thrilled with departure of recent releases (Tea Collection & Cherry Blossom) from traditional Jo Malone scents, I have been ecstatic with all recent collections this year These are lighter, fresher, less complex scents that are great for the no-perfume kind of woman like myself. To me, the recent releases feel more youthful and energizing. I love the variety and feel the new releases this year layer well with the other scents in the line.

I went with an open mind not knowing what to expect. I cannot put my nose exactly on what it is I smell except that it’s refreshing and light, just like spring. It’s clearly floral, but the hints of clove and musk prevent it from being overly floral. When I first sprayed it on my wrist, I smelled a slight hint of watermelon, but not in the fruity sense. At first spritz I noticed a fresh wave of fragrance similar to a fresh watermelon but this dries down to a floral. Best Things in Beauty has a wonderful detailed review and Lipglossipping has more information and beautiful preview photos from an event earlier this year. I highly recommend you read their reviews to learn more.

I splurged on the cologne & candle online and the body wash instore. Over the past week I’ve found everything very calming and refreshing. I don’t recommend ordering the candles online during the summer – the heat can be damaging as it will melt the product causing a mess. Mine, thankfully, arrived in perfect condition due to a rush shipment.

The lasting power on the cologne and shower gel is light to medium. I find most fragrances tend to fade quickly on me but I am one that prefers lighter scents that aren’t overpowering. The candles are to die for and Wild Bluebell has been burning in my home the past week. I can easily see myself stocking up on a few during September’s Beauty Event. I love everything about this fragrance and am testing out the body creme right now.

Neiman Marcus Beverly Hills has all the items except the candle which they expect to be receiving soon. The official release is scheduled for September and they are expecting new displays in the Wild Bluebell theme with blue ribbons and little bells for their bags. They have one of the most beautiful Jo Malone displays I’ve ever seen (front and in the corner of the store). If you happen to be in LA, I highly recommend you visit them. This past weekend I met the team at Neiman Marcus Beverly Hills for the first time: Navid, Bryan and Henga. All extremely knowledgeable, helpful and wonderful. I highly recommend you visit their store to experience Jo Malone first hand.

The price points and offerings for the Wild Bluebell Collection:

  • Cologne 30 ml $55
  • Cologne 100 ml $110
  • Body & Handwash 250 ml $50
  • Body Creme 175 ml $75
  • Home Candle 200g/45 hours burn time $65

PS – On an unrelated note, Edward Bess will be in-store at Neiman Marcus Beverly Hills until Wednesday!

Have you tried this? What are your thoughts? What are your favorite Jo Malone items?


Edward Bess at Neiman Marcus Beverly Hills: Thursday and Friday, July 28th & 29th

July 28, 2011
I just received news that Edward Bess will be making a personal appearance at the Neiman Marcus Beverly Hills store this Thursday and Friday, July 28th & 29th. He plans to be at the store both days from around noon to 6 pm. You can call the counter for more details and information (310) 550-5900, ask for Leah or Jaime (the lovely girls who manage the counter).

I’ve reviewed quite a few items (refer to the EB tag at the bottom), but if you want to know what are my top 5 picks for right now, be sure to check out the following:

  1. Sheer Satin Foundation $60 – I wear Beige and unfortunately used mine up before I had time to do a proper review on this. Beige is the equivalent of in between MAC NC30-35 or a Chanel Shell. If you remember Shu Uemura’s Nobara Cream foundation – EB’s is 100 times better (in my opinion). I’ve been told it has a built-in primer. I need to replenish as soon as I use up a few of my others.
  2. Daydream Bronzer $48 – This is summer perfection. It’s the bronzer of all bronzers which gives the most beautiful natural healthy glow. There is a subtle shimmer in this that adds dimension to the skin. Daydream is the lighter shade which I prefer. It’s the bronzer for both bronzer-fanatics (like me) and also perfect for the woman who is scared of bronzer. (See reviews here and also at Cafe Makeup.)
  3. Sunlight All Over Seduction $38 – While this may seem pricey for the tiny compact, a little goes a long way and it gives a luminous natural glow without getting greasy (even though it’s cream). I saw this applied on women of different ages and skin/hair colors when at Beverly Hills, it’s magical. (See reviews here and also comparisons at Cafe Makeup.)
  4. Compact Rouge in Island Rose $38 – Natural healthy pink flush that’s a life-saver in times when I’m super rushed because it has a suitable texture for both lips and cheeks. Works on both warm and cool skintones. Jaime applied this on my friend who is fair with pinkish tones (think Liv Tyler’s skin coloring) and she glowed. See my reviews here, but I really recommend you try it out yourself.
  5. Luxury Eye Brush $40 – This review says it all here. It’s the most dense of it’s kind compared to other brands. Also check out The Non-Blonde’s review.
I can’t emphasize enough how lovely the EB team is. Edward did an amazing job in picking the most lovely artists and has trained them well. Every woman at the counter looked amazing and glowing whether it was Edward, Jaime or Leah who did their makeup. If you can’t make it in the next few days, don’t fret. I hear there will be more appearances in the future and I will do my best to keep you updated.

P.S. For those who haven’t been to the Beverly Hills Neimans before, if you enter the store from the Jo Malone entrance, walk straight to the back toward the right and you’ll see Edward’s counter.


Bits of Saturday in Beverly Hills

July 24, 2011
I spent the day in Beverly Hills yesterday. It was beautiful and sunny but extremely crowded with tourists & shoppers. One day was not enough and I only lasted about 4.5 hours before deciding it was time to go home. I had planned to take so many photographs but the streets were crowded and it was impossible to get shots of the store fronts without people walking in front. Note to self: next time go early in the morning and make sure the trip is more than 1 day. The must-sees for me: Neimans, Saks, Barneys and the Chanel Boutique.


Meeting Edward Bess

April 21, 2011

I’ve been enamored with Edward Bess since 2009 (first posts here and here) but I had never met Edward Bess or seen any of his products in person at Bergdorf Goodman. Everything I’ve fallen in love with has been ordered sight-unseen. From my first phone call (long before they knew I had a blog), I’ve been thoroughly impressed by their excellent customer service, spot-on descriptions and never ending patience with my questions about the colors, depth, pigment and texture of their products.

I’ve been dying to go to NY to see everything in person but my school and work schedules have not allowed me much travel freedom in the past 3 years. I have relied heavily on Susan from Bergdorf Goodman and Krista (no longer at BG) with their over-the-phone descriptions. They have always given me a good idea of what to expect and the products usually exceed my expectations. I was thrilled to learn that his brand recently expanded to a new location at Neiman Marcus Beverly Hills and was ecstatic to learn he would be making an appearance the same weekend I had planned to be in LA.

Meeting Edward Bess was surreal. Those who have had the pleasure of working with him know how wonderful, charming and beautiful he is both over the phone and in person. My friend of Jonesy and I were delighted to meet two of his artists, Leah and Jaime – both insanely gorgeous (inside and out) and talented makeup artists (trained from the best)! While I was at the counter, I observed at least 5 other women of all different ages and skintone who had their makeup done with Edward Bess products – each left glowing. The products enhanced their natural beauty in a way that was nothing short of radiant perfection.

Even though I was captivated by Edward, I tried to take note of what was being used on others. A darker skinned woman looked glowing with Deep Lust lipstick and Night Eyeshadow. A fairer skinned girl looked gorgeous with Blush Allure Lipstick topped with Sweet Dreams Gloss combined with Island Rose Compact Rouge on the cheeks. Another was wearing what I assume had to be his Midnight Bloom lipstick, a touch of bronzer and a classic simple eyeliner. All gorgeous!

Edward Bess:

I could go on and on gushing but I know everyone has been dying to know what Edward used when he did my makeup (yes, the highlight of my day!!). I was so caught up chatting with him I barely noticed he was applying my makeup. His makeup skills are phenomenal – have you checked out his video tutorials yet? (See them on What he used on me:

Sheer Satin Foundation in Beige
All Over Seduction in Sunlight to highlight here
Ultra Luminous Bronzer in Daydream here, here
(everyone wanted this applied on them!)
Blush Imperiale in Soft Orchid here and here

Eyebase in the lightest shade (not yet released, to be named soon)
Ultra Luminous Eyeshadow in Storm on lids here
Ultra Luminous Eyeshadow in Mirage to highlight here
Defining Eyeliner in Deep Black (not shown)
Bess-Lash Mascara in Deep Black (not shown)

Deep Shine Lip Gloss in Nude Satin here

I believe I’ve reviewed most of the listed items before – it will require a bit of searching through the archives if you want more details but below are pictures and swatches of the items that he used on me – only of the items I own. Disclosure: all items have been purchased by me. Brushes and foundation are new, they will be reviewed at a later date. I do not have the eye base, black eyeliner or black mascara so I supplemented the swatch with Urban Decay’s Zero. The foundation has been swatched in the corner to show you it’s not quite as dark as an untouched compact looks.

Three views of the swatches:

I left with great ideas on how to coordinate his products in ways I hadn’t thought of before. Hours later when I arrived back at home, my husband said he loved the makeup Edward used on me – a huge compliment as he typically says “they used too much” after most makeovers. The look was husband-approved all the way 🙂

Having his entire line in front of me for the first time, I should have played with more but in my excitement I forgot to try his concealer and the lipsticks and glosses I do not own. I will have to save them for my next visit, hopefully at the Bergdorfs counter in NYC. Women were swooning over the counter and all his products eager to try each and every item and his bronzer was selling like crazy. I believe it has reached holy grail status for more than just myself – and rightly so.

I had so many questions I wanted to ask Edward – unfortunately they all went right out the window. I was simply too caught up in the excitement speaking with him and his staff, seeing his line in person for the first time was overwhelmingly fun. I forgot all the things I wanted to ask him. I was floored when he told me practically everyone who visits his counter in NY mentions my blog and that even UK bloggers at his Zuneta launch event were buzzing about my small Beauty Look Book blog. Thank you to my readers for your support!

To Edward, Leah and Jaime – thank you so much for your kindness and help! Laura and I were thrilled to meet each of you and were happily noted your counter was the busiest at Neimans! It’s fabulous the Edward Bess brand is doing so well in Beverly Hills and we wish you all the best and are eagerly looking for your eye bases to be released very soon 🙂

Have you met Edward Bess? Please share!

Today Was Epic

April 17, 2011

Today was an amazing girls’ day out in Beverly Hills packed with of all sorts of goodness. We hit up the Dry Bar, Lucky Scent, Barneys, Saks, Neimans and fit in a delicious lunch in between. LA can be very interesting and as many have noted, it is its own universe. I’m deliriously exhausted, but in a good way. Definitely glad to be back home but already looking forward to my next trip 🙂

Today’s highlight: I met my idol, THE Mr. Edward Bess today and he did my makeup! More to come soon. {Photo above should be labeled “The Beauty Look Book was here”, they wanted to put my Miu Miu in Edward’s display case, lol!}