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Charlotte Tilbury Pinkgasm + Pinkgasm Sunset

May 25, 2023

Charlotte Tilbury Pinkgasm + Pinkgasm Sunset

Charlotte Tilbury added some new items in the Summer of Lovegasm Collection with new shades of Jewel Lips lip gloss and a new shade of the Beauty Light Wand. The team also brought back the Glowgasm Face Palette in Lovegasm.

I have a look at both Jewel Lips and Beauty Light Wands today. I passed on repurchasing the highlighter contour palette since I already own the original and found the shades a bit frosty for my taste. (If you search videos on YouTube you will see there are slight variations in color and undertone between the original and newly re-released version.)

I have all 4 items applied in action from Instagram which I’ll link below. For more thoughts, keep reading.


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Beauty Light Wands

Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Light Wands Pinkgasm and Pinkgasm Sunset

I really love the Pinkgasm Beauty Light Wand. It’s been one of my favorite shimmery pinks since it originally launched. I often top it with the Dior Rosy Glow Blush for a bit more of a pink pop.

The new Pinkgasm Sunset is a shimmery deeper reddish pink. I really like it because not too deep or dramatic and it’s also not as shimmery/frosty.

Both have a noticeable shimmer finish but blend out easily on the skin. On my skintone (Charlotte Tilbury Beautiful Skin Foundation in Shade 6N) these work as a blush with a highlighter sheen.

Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Light Wands Pinkgasm and Pinkgasm Sunset

Jewel Lips

Charlotte Tilbury Jewel Lips Pinkgasm and Pinkgasm Sunset

There are two new shades of Jewel Lips lip gloss and as a gloss lover, I really love these. Pinkgasm is a pretty baby pink with subtle shimmer and Pinkgasm Sunset is a sheer jelly red. They both have a sheer finish – to me they apply a lot sheerer than what I see on the models. I love both colors as they are but kinda wish they had the pigmentation you see on the stock swatches and on the model lips. Even with layering I cannot get the level of brightness or vibrancy as what I see online, but both are still stunning.

They both have some level of shimmer in the tubes but on my lips I don’t really notice any shimmer. Texture is smooth and glossy. Lasting power is pretty good for a gloss. They’re supposed to be plumping but I really didn’t notice any plumping effect or sensation.

They have a soft sweet vanilla-like scent to them. It’s pleasant and not overpowering.

Charlotte Tilbury Jewel Lips Pinkgasm and Pinkgasm Sunset

Below looks wearing:

Pinkgasm below

Charlotte Tilbury Pinkgasm Beauty Look

Pinkgasm Sunset below

Charlotte Tilbury Pinkgasm Sunset Beauty Look

Overall love the new additions. I think they’re pretty shades I’ll reach for often. I don’t usually wear reds but I love a good jelly red gloss for some color, especially during the summer months.

The shades appear to be exclusive to Charlotte Tilbury’s website for now. I’m not sure if we will see them at other retailers at a later date.




Have you tried these yet? What did you think?

Chanel Nail Polish

New Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colors

May 22, 2023

New Chanel Le Vernis Shades

I’m back! We’ve been away on a two-week vacation in Miami. We had so much fun with Ollie. He was such a good boy! I’ll be sharing more on the blog soon but if you want to see more from our trip, you can find more on my Instagram Miami Vacay highlights. I’ll share more soon but first wanted to share a look at the new Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colors.

Chanel revamped their Le Vernis Nail Colors ($32 each) with an updated brush and new colors. Some of the classics are still in the collection but there are lots of new shades. There are 24 total. The Chanel PR team sent a handful of beautiful colors for me to try. While in Miami I stopped by one of the beauty boutiques to check out the rest of the shades and picked up the new La Base Camelia and Le Gel Coat to try.

New Chanel Le Vernis launch Spring Summer 2023

Also tried on these sunglasses and was tempted but did not pick them up this trip.

Chanel Pantos Sunglasses Try On

The new Le Vernis formula has definitely improved with better pigment, coverage and application. I think it’s actually just as good as the original version but the new brush makes application much easier with just a few brush strokes. According to Chanel they’ve made the pigment more concentrated. I wore my favorite shade Premiere Dame while we were on our trip and it lasted nearly a full seven days on the tips and on my toes they look fresh like the day I applied.

Chanel Le Vernis Original vs New Brush

Normally on trips my nail polish is destroyed within a couple of days because of all the sunscreen I apply. It doesn’t seem to matter what kind of formula I use, sunscreen can be fairly destructive to clothes, polish, the car seat etc. The gel coat and new nail polish formula combination held up remarkably well for me this trip though!

I did quick swatches in this video linked here (in case you want to see them in different lighting or in action). Each one applies with full perfect smooth coverage with two coats. Ballerina has significantly improved this round but for me still requires 3 coats.

101 Insomniaque is a pure neutral white

Chanel Le Vernis 101 Insomniaque

111 Ballerina is a beautiful sheer milky pink

Chanel Le Vernis 111 Ballerina

103 Legende is a pale beige brown

Chanel Le Vernis 103 Legende

113 Faussaire is a neutral creamy nude pink

Chanel Le Vernis 113 Faussaire

121 Premiere Dame is a pink coral

Chanel Le Vernis 121 Premiere Dame

125 Muse is a cool toned sky blue

Chanel Le Vernis 125 Muse

135 Immortelle is a stunning lilac

Chanel Le Vernis 135 Immortelle

137 Sorciere is a beautiful purple

Chanel Le Vernis 137 Sorciere

139 Activiste is a plum mauve

Chanel Le Vernis 139 Activiste

147 Incendiaire is a warm red

Chanel Le Vernis 147 Incendiaire

155 Rouge Noir is a blackened plum (new version seems a little bit deeper in the base color)

Chanel Le Vernis 155 Rouge Noir

131 Cavalier Seul is a beautiful soft sage green

Chanel Le Vernis 131 Cavalier Seul

So many of you wanted to know how Faussaire compares to Organdi so I’ve swatched it on a nail wheel below. They are similar but on my fingers Organdi is lighter in color while the new Faussaire matches my skintone more. I pulled what I could find in my stash to compare below.

Chanel Le Vernis comparisons

I’ve been such a long time fan of Chanel nail polishes. I know they can be hit or miss for some of you, but I’m really loving the new formula and brush. The base and top coat are listed as “new” but I’m not sure I can tell the difference from the previous formulas. They do have the newer wider brush. I really like how they perform.

Overall lots of pretty colors to choose from. A few of you commented on my video you’re happy to see more bright colors in this launch and I agree! It’s nice to see some brighter shades especially for summer. I still have my eye on a few more shades but I have so many to play with I think I’ll be set until the next seasonal launch.

Out of all the ones I tried I’d say my top 5 favorites are Premiere Dame, Muse, Cavalier Seul, Immortelle and Incendiaire.

You can find the shades out now at Have you tried any of these new colors yet? What did you think?

Chanel Le Vernis nail colors gifted from Chanel for review. A few select shades purchased by me as well.

Pat McGrath Labs

Pat McGrath Labs Divine Bronze Collection

May 5, 2023

Pat McGrath Labs Divine Bronze Collection

Pat McGrath launched new bronzers in her Divine Bronze Collection and everything is stunning. I ordered these sometime last month but there was a delay in shipment of some pieces. I just finally received everything and am happy to report the collection is beautiful.

There are some discounted bundles available online at the Pat McGrath website so if you’re shopping multiple pieces I highly recommend checking those out. A few pieces are available at Sephora as well but the full range seems to be exclusive to her website for now. A lot of her products are also on sale.

Skin Fetish Divine Bronzer

Pat McGrath Skin Fetish Divine Bronzer

Above: Bronze Dawn, Bronze Nirvana and Desert Glow

I picked up a few shades of the Skin Fetish Divine Bronzer ($39 each or $70 for a duo) and they’re ultra smooth. It looks like most of them are soft mattes, one has a tiny bit of shimmer. At first glance the shades I ordered looked really light in color in the pan. They apply a little darker on the skin but have a very natural look.

For my skin tone I like both Bronze Dawn and Desert Glow. Bronze Nirvana pulls a little too red/warm on me right now. For skintone reference I’m a Light Medium 14 in her foundation (review here).

Initially I wasn’t planning to try or swatch the lighter shade in Nude Honey because it looked so light in the pan I didn’t think it would show up. But based on how tan Bronze Dawn looked on my skin I decided to add it to the swatch mix. It’s a cooler tone and still shows up but looks more natural.

Overall formula is smooth, soft, easy to blend and matte. The shimmer in Desert Glow is very subtle. I really like these!

Pat McGrath Divine Bronzer swatches Bronze Dawn, Bronze Nirvana and Desert Glow

Pat McGrath Divine Pat McGrath Bronzer swatches Bronze Dawn, Bronze Nirvana and Desert Glow

Skin Fetish Divine Blush

Pat McGrath Skin Fetish Divine Blush in Divine Rose and Divine Rose III

above: top Divine Rose, bottom Divine Rose III

There’s a new shade of the Skin Fetish Divine Blush ($39) in Divine Rose III. I added a swatch of Divine Rose to the mix. The new one Divine Rose III is a warm rose with almost coral tones. If you like a soft wash of color Pat McGrath makes some great blushes. They’re almost a little too sheer/soft for me but I think they’re easy to build, have a nice demi-matte finish and look very natural.

Pat McGrath Skin Fetish Divine Blush ($39) in Divine Rose III

Divine Bronze Luxe Quad

Pat McGrath Divine Bronze Luxe Quad In Venusian Sunrise

I’m completely obsessed with the Divine Bronze Luxe Quad in Venusian Sunrise ($62). This palette has all the tones I gravitate towards with a shimmery champagne, two matte browns and a gold glitter topper. You can also see the application in action in a look here.

Pat McGrath Divine Bronze Luxe Quad In Venusian Sunrise

Pat McGrath Divine Bronze Luxe Quad In Venusian Sunrise

Nude Venus Lips

Pat McGrath Nude Venus Lips

Last we have a look at her Nude Venus lip lineup. She added a MatteTrance Lipstick ($39), LUST Gloss ($29) and Permagel Ultra Lip Pencil ($29). (I purchased the Lip Trio Bundle.) All three have that peachy nude vibe.

A number of you asked for comparison swatches of the MatteTrance Nude Venus to 1995 and Christy. The undertones are different – the Nude Venus Lipstick is warmer. Coverage is full, smooth and creamy. They do have that slight vanilla like scent to them but it’s not overpowering.

Pat McGrath Nude Venus Lips

I love her LUST Gloss so the new Nude Venus shade was a definite must for me. I love the color. It has sheer medium coverage. To get a color true to tube it’s best when layered over the lip pencil.

Pat McGrath Nude Venus Lips swatches

As a huge fan of her Permagel Ultra Lip Pencil I added a bunch of comparisons. I love that peachy pink nude shade and I own so many. There are a number of similar color options.

Pat McGrath Lip Pencil swatches

Overall a beautiful launch with colors I can see myself wearing everyday. I like that you can dress up the quad with the glitter, although I know glitter on the eyes isn’t everyone’s thing. I’m really happy with everything I purchased.

One last quick mention, I ordered the Blush Brush ($39) which is nice and well made, but not a must-have if you already own a good blush brush you love.

You can find everything available now at Pat McGrath Labs.



Did you check out anything from this collection? What did you think?

Bobbi Brown By Terry Eye Makeup Hourglass Cosmetics

New Cream Shadows from Hourglass, Bobbi Brown and Victoria Beckham Beauty

April 28, 2023

New Cream Shadows from Hourglass, Bobbi Brown and Victoria Beckham Beauty

There are some new cream shadows that have launched from a few brands I really love and I have a quick roundup review. There are new shades from Bobbi Brown and new formulas from Hourglass and Victoria Beckham Beauty.

New Bobbi Brown Shades

Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Cream Shadow Sticks

I’ve been a long-time lover of the Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Cream Shadow Sticks in the shimmer and matte formulas. The pigment is great, easy to layer and once they set and dry they are pretty much budge-proof. I saw some new limited-edition shades pop up online in Sun Pearl, Bronze, Soft Bronze and Sunlight Gold and ordered two.

Bronze is more of a neutral taupe shimmer while Soft Bronze is a slightly lighter neutral (both listed on-sale at Both shades are really pretty and slightly different variations of their Golden Bronze (which isn’t really golden or bronze on me but still stunning).

I added a swatch of Smoky Topaz (cooler taupe shimmer) to compare. Also had to give Peach Mimosa a shoutout because when it launched last year it was a bit hard to find but it’s back in stock at Nordstrom and Ulta Beauty.

They also added some new variations of the Dual-Ended Long-Wear Cream Shadow Stick at Sephora and I have one in Cashew/Pink Copper which I’ve been really loving. I hope they make Pink Copper in the full size eventually.

Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Cream Shadow Sticks swatches

Hourglass Voyeur Eyeshadow Stick

Hourglass Voyeur Eyeshadow Stick

Top to bottom: Equinox, Prism, Phoenix and Solstice

So many of you expressed interest in the new Hourglass Voyeur Eyeshadow sticks and the shades looked so beautiful I had high hopes. After testing these for a few weeks now I feel I am among the very few that did not like these.

I found the color payoff and formula very disappointing. They swatch beautifully on the hand. The colors, shimmer and texture are just beautiful. However, on the eyes the color does not show up. The formula feels dry so if I pack it on to get the color payoff I want it looks very creased and caked.

A few things to note: I have dry eyelids and I think these were formulated for more oily lids. Also I think I may just be the skintone that the shades blend in – if you have lighter skin or deeper skin the colors may contrast more and show up better. Last – I’ve received a number of messages from new followers who found my account and like to wear foundation/blush but don’t wear a lot of eye makeup and have asked for a recommendation on a light eyeshadow they can swipe on without a lot of effort.

Hourglass Voyeur Eyeshadow Stick swatches

If you’re one who wants a more minimalist wash of color I think these will be right up your alley. I found these missed the mark and still 100% prefer the Scattered Light Eyeshadows.

Available at Nordstrom, Sephora, Ulta Beauty and all other Hourglass retailers.

Victoria Beckham Beauty Eye Wear

Victoria Beckham Beauty Eye Wear

Last is a look at two of the new Victoria Beckham Beauty Eye Wear Cream Shadow ($34 each) and these are pure love. I think the formula is really nice for a cream shadow. I wish there were more shades to pick from in the initial launch but I’m happy with both.

Formula is creamy but long-wearing, easy to blend and work with. I like layering on Pecan (matte brown) first as a base and blending it out they adding Caramel (shimmery bronze) on top. I can’t wait to see more colors in this formula.

Available at Victoria Beckham Beauty and Violet Grey.

Victoria Beckham Beauty Eye Wear swatches

I swatched some other browns I own including her Lid Lustre in Mink. Also included the Charlotte Tilbury Eyes to Mesmerize in Chocolate Brown, Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Cream Shadows in Cinnamon and Espresso, Laura Mercier Caviar Eye Stick in Cocoa, the creams from the Patrick Ta Major Dimension Palette and By Terry Ombre Blackstar in Bronze Moon.

New Cream Shadows from Hourglass, Bobbi Brown and Victoria Beckham Beauty

Overall my favorite cream shadow stick formulas are still Bobbi Brown and Laura Mercier. They’re easy to work with, they have the right amount of color payoff for me, they set well and they have a good range of colors + finishes to work with.

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Have you tried these new colors or formulas? What did you think?


Diptyque City Candles

April 23, 2023

Diptyque City Candles Seoul and Tokyo

The Diptyque City Candles are back again for a limited time and I’m excited to share they’ve added Seoul to the mix for us this year! Each city candle is typically only available in the city they are named after but a few times a year you can purchase any city online at Diptyque or in their boutiques. Each city candle retails for $84 each and they’re available now through 4/26.

I’ve tried every city now and while I think each one is special in their own unique way. I’ve ranked my top 5. First a quick look at Seoul and Pekin, both of which I haven’t reviewed before.

Seoul City Candle

Diptyque City Candles Seoul

Notes include: hibiscus, jasmine, incense

The Seoul City Candle is a pretty floral. It almost has a cherry blossom vibe to me in the sense that it’s fresh and floral, but with hibiscus and jasmine instead. Seoul has a mix of some musk and woody notes. I think it smells better when burned than straight from the jar, but it’s definitely love for me.

Pekin City Candle

Diptyque Pekin City Candle
Notes include: Sandalwood, Magnolia, Green Tea

The Pekin City Candle is a woody candle with a mix of sandalwood and green tea. It also has a slight floral vibe with magnolia. It has a relaxing spa like feel to it. I love the bright orange and gold design.

Now onto my top 5!

Beverly Hills City Candle

Diptyque City Candle Beverly Hills

Notes include: Freesia, Mint, Lemon

The Beverly Hills City Candle was my first one, I think this was the first city candle made exclusive to the stores in LA. It’s easily my favorite with the fresh green almost tropical vibe to it. I’ve purchased this the most out of all the city candles, I think it’s unique and uplifting.

Miami City Candle

Diptyque City Candle Miami

Notes include: Magnolia, Lemon, Jasmine

The Miami City Candle comes close second to Beverly Hills. They both have a very similar feel to them with the lemon notes. This one pulls a little more green to me and has a fresh feel to it as well.

Paris City Candle

Diptyque Paris City Candle

Notes include: Bergamot, Lavender, Patchouli

Another favorite and very unique is the Paris City Candle. I feel like this one is the most special out of all the cities. When this was launched it was the second city candle available and only available in Paris. This is one a personal shopper purchased and shipped to me from France. I bought it without being able to smell it in person first and it was 100% pure love. I love anything with bergamot in it and while it also has lavender and patchouli, it still manages to feel light citrusy and floral all at the same time.

Toyko City Candle

Diptyque Tokyo City Candle

Notes include: Cypress, Incense, Ginger

The Toyko City Candle is also beautiful. It’s described as having woody notes, but for some reason when burned it has a more floral vibe to it with some slight woody notes. It smells very clean to me. I think it’s stunning.

New York City Candle

Diptyque New York City Candle

Notes include: Vetiver, Patchouli, Incense

Last in my top 5 is the New York City Candle which has a sophisticated vibe. I love the vetiver mix in it. It’s woody but not too woody.

There are other cities candles available including Shanghai, Hong Kong, London and Berlin. I think they’re beautiful options as well but I gravitate more towards the others I reviewed at the top.

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Available for a limited time at Diptyque. Also don’t forget to check out their Special Offers page for the latest promo they are having!

Seoul, Pekin and Tokyo gifted from Diptyque.


Chanel Delices Pastel de Chanel Collection

April 6, 2023

Chanel Delices Pastel de Chanel Collection

The spring Delices Pastel de Chanel Collection has arrived at and I’m so excited to share a review today. All the items are limited-edition and currently available at, a few pieces like the Baume Essentiel in Dragee and Rouge Coco Baume in Pink Delight are also available at Nordstrom.

In today’s review:

Quick live swatches in action also here on reels:


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Fantaisie de Chanel Illuminating Blush in Pastel Fuschia

Fantaisie de Chanel Illuminating Blush in Pastel Fuschia

I think the Fantaisie de Chanel Illuminating Blush in Pastel Fuschia Is the stand out in the collection. On me it pulls more like a highlighter but I think it’s just beautiful. It’s mix of 2 shades using what they call tie-dye technology to swirl a rose pink and pale rose gold for a beautiful fabric-like pattern. The texture is smooth, easy to blend and layer, doesn’t emphasize pores and is just stunning. It’s so pretty I bought a backup.

Fantaisie de Chanel Illuminating Blush in Pastel Fuschia

Fantaisie de Chanel Illuminating Blush in Pastel Fuschia

Above wearing the Les Beiges Water-Fresh Complexion Tint in B30+B40 mixed, Fantaisie de Chanel Illuminating Blush in Pastel Fuschia, Les 4 Ombres in Delices, Stylo Yeux in Ebene, Le Volume de Chanel Waterproof Mascara in Black. Top from Rails and nail colors are OPI Rosy Future layered on top of I Meta My Soulmate.

Baume Essentiel in Lilas and Dragee

Chanel Baume Essentiel in Lilas and Dragee

There are two new Baume Essentiel Multi-Glow Sticks in Lilas and Dragee, both have already sold out online at Chanel but you can still find Dragee at Nordstrom. These are sheer and glossy with a very slight tint of color. Lilas is a beautiful pale iridescent lilac and Dragee is an iridescent soft pink pearl with a peachish tint.

Lilas is the more unique shade with a lilac tint. Dragee is similar but more pinkish in tone compared to last year’s Ensoleille (more peach).

I’ve been really loving these on the lips as a pretty glossy balm. On my cheeks they have pretty good lasting power as the texture is on the sticky side, but they are really sheer and give more of a dewy glow versus color.

Chanel Baume Essentiel in Lilas and Dragee swatches

Chanel Baume Essentiel in Dragee

Les 4 Ombres in Delices

There’s one new eyeshadow quad in the Les 4 Ombres format called Delices. The colors include a lilac satin/shimmer, matte warm clay pink, satiny brownish red and pale sparkling yellow. The colors surprised me! I normally don’t gravitate towards these kinds of shades but with some layering they give a really pretty spring look. I start with the clay pink as a base, layer on the brown on the lids and then tap on the lilac and yellow on top.

Pigment is soft medium but buildable and easy to layer. Lasting power on me is very good but you do need to use some kind of base/primer.

Chanel Les 4 Ombres in Delices

Chanel Les 4 Ombres in Delices

Chanel Les 4 Ombres in Delices

Delices Pastel de Chanel Lips

Chanel Les Delices Rouge Coco Baume and Rouge Allure Ink

There are four lip products in this launch. The two Rouge Coco Baumes are really pretty. Pink Delight is a sheer neutral peach pink with shimmer. This pulls very sheer alone but if I layer on top of a lip liner like their Beige Naturel or Rose Naturel it shows up better on my lips by adhering to the liner. Sweet Treat is a really pretty brownish plum kind of shade.

The two Rouge Allure Inks have incredible color payoff with one swipe. Both look very similar on my skin tone/lips Gourmandise has a more blueish pink undertone and Tentation is more of a true classic bold red. They stay on the lips an exceptionally long time and feel weightless.

Chanel Les Delices Rouge Coco Baume and Rouge Allure Ink

Chanel Delices Rouge Coco Baume and Rouge Allure Ink

Chanel Delices Pastel de Chanel Collection

Overall a beautiful collection that surpassed my expectations. I knew I would love the pink highlighter but I didn’t expect to love everything else as much. If you’re a Chanel lover or looking for a fresh pretty color palette for spring that isn’t red or orange, this is one to check out.

Available now at

Collection gifted from Chanel for review. Both Rouge Coco Baumes purchased by me.

Base Makeup Tom Ford Beauty

Tom Ford Traceless Soft Matte Concealer

March 29, 2023

Tom Ford Traceless Soft Matte Concealer

Tom Ford Beauty launched a new concealer called the Traceless Soft Matte Concealer ($60) and I really like it! The formula is in a twist up stick format with a very soft texture. The word “traceless” in the name is perfect because once you blend this, it really is traceless in a natural looking kind of way. It’s long-wearing on me, didn’t crease, blended beautifully and looks natural.

I picked up the shade 3W1 Golden based on their Foundation + Concealer shade conversion chart. In the Traceless Soft Matte Foundation I wear 6.0 Natural and in the Traceless Foundation Stick I have both 6.0 Natural and 6.5 Sable. After testing this I think the shade choice for concealer is a good one that I will be able to use even throughout summer.

Tom Ford Traceless Soft Matte Concealer 3W1 Golden

The Traceless Soft Matte formula is soft and glides on the skin. It feels weightless once blended. Coverage is on the sheer-medium side. I don’t need a lot of coverage under the eyes so this is perfect for me. If you need a minimum of medium coverage or even full I would say skip this and go for the Shade and Illuminate formula if you want to stick with Tom Ford. Other great medium-full coverage concealers I like also include the Tarte Shape Tape Ultra Creamy, Charlotte Tilbury Beautiful Skin Concealer, Dior Forever or the Urban Decay Quickie Concealer.

Below before and after concealer, applying it on top of the Traceless Soft Matte Foundation. Blending with one of my favorite brushes the Hourglass Vanish Concealer Brush.

Tom Ford Traceless Soft Matte Concealer 3W1 Golden

Tom Ford Traceless Soft Matte Concealer 3W1 Golden

The question everyone has been asking me is “how does this compare to the Cle de Peau Concealer?” The Traceless Soft Matte Concealer is quite a bit softer in texture and more natural in finish. The Cle de Peau Concealer is stiffer and dryer in the feel. It’s one of the best opaque concealers that I use for spot concealing. It seems to be popular for under eyes as well but can be a bit too opaque/thick for that area if you have dry skin or texture.

Cle de Peau Concealer in Buff vs Tom Ford Concealer in 3W1 Golden

I think the Tom Ford option is great for the under eye for me and I will use it up entirely. I’m not sure that it’s one I will repurchase though because of the price and amount of product. Since the texture is soft a lot of product has already been used up with just a few uses and I feel like this is one that will be used up fairly quickly.

That being said it’s been a while since I’ve used my Tom Ford foundations and after using them recently, I have to say I don’t know why I stopped. I think I just fell in love with other formulas like Chanel, Westman Atelier and Charlotte Tilbury that I neglected some of my favorites from Tom Ford.

Here are a few swatch comparisons to the Tom Ford Shade and Illuminate Concealer, Cle de Peau Concealer and Tom Ford Traceless Foundation Stick. My concealer and foundation shades are mixed. Based on the Buff shade you can see how much lighter my skin is right now (Buff usually matches my arm exactly).

Concealer Swatches Tom Ford 3W1 Golden

I also wanted to add a swatch of the Shade and Illuminate Highlighting Duo in Peachlight. This is one of several new highlighter duos they added last year. I love Moodlight and still think it’s the best classic highlighter duo. Peachlight is a really pretty mix of a pearly light pink and rose gold peach. The darker shade almost looks bronzey on my skin right now. I like that it has a nice glow without looking too sharp.

Tom Ford Shade and Illuminate Highlighting Duo in Peachlight

Tom Ford Shade and Illuminate Highlighting Duo in Peachlight

Tom Ford Shade and Illuminate Highlighting Duo in Peachlight

I shopped my stash and pulled out the Lip Color in Pink Dusk and topped it with the Gloss Luxe in Ravish. Eye colors are the Eyeshadow Quads in Honeymoon and Golden Mink mixed together. Top from Reformation (wearing a Medium).

Overall I’m really happy with the new concealer although I don’t think it’s for everyone. I bought mine from Nordstrom. Also available at Sephora and Saks Fifth Avenue.



Have you tried this yet? What are your favorite concealers? Do you prefer sheer, medium or full coverage?


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