Chanel Fall Winter 2021 Makeup Collection

September 22, 2021

Chanel Fall Winter 2021 Makeup Collection Review

I have a look at the Chanel Fall-Winter 2021 Makeup Collection today! There are a few items I’m missing but I have most of the colors swatched and tested.

The overall look and vibe is dramatic eyes and lips with a neutral muted blush. I was pleasantly surprised at how much I ended up liking the fall Le Vernis Nail Colors since they run very deep in color. Swatch comparisons added for the blush + lips per request too!

Joues Contraste Blush

Chanel Joues Contraste Blush 608 Ombre

The Joues Contraste Blush ($45) in 608 Ombre is a neutral matte light tan brown. This kind of color seems hard to come by and I wish Chanel had kept this as a permanent item. On my medium tan skin (Chanel B40/BD41) this gives me a barely there neutral hint of color. If you’re light to fair it will show up better on your skin. Pigment is pretty good, it just matches my skin tone very closely so you might not be able to see it in photos.

If you’re my skin tone or deeper, Ombre will most likely not show up well on your skin. A few others I wear that show up better include Chanel Alezane or Jersey. Laura Mercier Ginger is similar but a bit warmer.

Neutral Blush Swatches Chanel Ombre, Hourglass Brillant Nude, Charlotte Tilbury First Love, Laura Mercier Fresco

Stylo Ombre Et Contour

There are four new Stylo Ombre Et Contour ($34 each). I have three of them in 19 Contour Beige, 15 Contour Marron, 13 Contour Kaki. You’ll either love or hate this format. It comes in a twist up pencil style. I love these creamy sticks to swipe and blend for pigmented color. Since it’s semi-chubby you won’t get a super precise line once the tip wears down. I like to swipe and blend. Or for the darker colors I’ll use a detail eyeshadow brush to apply color to the tip and then smudge on the eyes.

Chanel Stylo Ombre Et Contour 19 Contour Beige, 15 Contour Marron, 13 Contour Kaki

19 Contour Beige is a warm brown beige (if you blend it makes for a good contour color), 15 Contour Marron is a deep plum, 13 Contour Kaki is a blackened deep khaki green. Texture is smooth, pigmented but blendable to sheer out, lasting power is very good on my eyes.

Ombre Premiere Laque

I loved the Ombre Premiere Laque ($36 each) from a few years ago so I was excited to see new shades for fall. Three of the four new shades include 39 Lame Ivoire (pale gold), 35 Lame Pourpre (shimmery red), 37 Lame Acier (metallic grey olive khaki). Application is tricky with these. If I apply in a traditional swipe on the lid and blend with a finger, the color blends out so sheer it’s barely noticeable. For me the best way to get these to show up is to apply with a separate eyeshadow brush (like the MAC 242) and layer/dab on the lids. I have Lame Pourpre layered on top of Contour Beige + Contour Marron blended.

Chanel Ombre Premiere Laque 39 Lame Ivoire, 35 Lame Pourpre, 37 Lame Acier

Chanel Fall Winter 2021 Eye Makeup swatches

Chanel Fall-Winter 2021 Makeup

Le Vernis

The four new Le Vernis ($28 each) shades are perfect for fall. These are opaque creams, they apply nicely with 2 coats for full coverage. 909 Beige Cendre is a pale warm grey, 905 Brun Fume us a deep khaki, 907 Rouge Brun is a deep plum and 911 Terre Brulee is a deep red.

Chanel Fall 2021 Le Vernis

Chanel Fall 2021 Le Vernis swatches

Rouge Allure Velvet

Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet in Low Key and Mode

Last is a look at the two new Rouge Allure Velvets ($40 each). Shade 74 Low Key is a warm pink (similar warmer/deeper option to Charlotte Tilbury Super Cindy) and 75 Mode is a classic bold warm red. This is a “velvet” formula but it’s a luminous matte with smooth flawless coverage. A few swatch comparisons below.

Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet Low Key and Mode swatch comparisons



Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet Low Key, Blush in Ombre

Same items above, wearing Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet in Mode

Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet Mode, Blush in Ombre

Overall everything performs well quality wise. I think the nail colors are the stand outs for me for fall. I love the Rouge Allure Velvet in Low Key but it does seem similar to other shades I own. I’m currently testing the new Ultra Le Teint Foundation and Concealer! Review coming soon.

You can find the Fall-Winter Makeup Collection at

Have you tried anything yet? What did you think?

Chanel Fall-Winter collection provided for review.

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