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Holiday Gift Guide: Best Gifts for the Guys

December 10, 2018

Best Gifts for Guys Holiday 2018

Happy Monday! I have a roundup of gift ideas for the guys in your life including some of Andrew’s favorite things I’ve gifted him. We’re in the process of putting together our best of skincare posts which I hope to have up soon, but for now here are some things we both think would make great gifts for any of the guys in your life.

1 Body Spray / 2 Best Body Wash / 3 Best Face Cleanser + Mask in one / 4 Travel Atomizer / 5 Best Wireless Earphones for Running / 6 Roll-on Deodorant / 7 Yeti Tumbler / 8 Creed Aventus Flacon / 9 Best Sunscreen / 10 Shave Tonic / 11 Best Body Scrub / 12 Everyday Moisturizer / 13 Apple Watch / 14 Classic Sunglasses / 15 Best Exfoliating Soap / 16 Best Compact Speakers (ours are the old version, current one here) / 17 Shaving Brush / 18 Best Hand Cream / 19 Best Starter Skincare Set

Jack Black makes some of the best skincare options and sets for guys. I think these are no-fail sets for anyone regardless of age. I even borrow some of the products from the line as well. Andrew thinks it’s best to buy individual items to pick and choose the best, but since everyone has different skin types I think the sampler sets are the nice way to start. His top picks are the Turbo Wash (only body wash he swears by), Deep Dive Glycolic Facial Cleanser (leave it on a few minutes and it doubles as a mask), Face Buff (is his go-to face scrub).



He’s been trying some other things in skincare and has been really impressed with the Drunk Elephant Polypeptide Cream and Baby Facial. He also uses the Kate Somerville Eradikate line almost as religiously as I do. We both think those are no-fail options for a wide range of skin types. I think everyone we know has to deal with breakouts every now and then, the Eradikate Cleanser is one of the best ones to help with preventing acne.



For body care, aside from almost exclusively using the Jack Black Turbo Wash, Andrew also swears by the Aesop Redemption Body Scrub and their hand washes. There are a number of Aesop Gift Sets that are great unisex gifts regardless of age and skin type. After trying my Aquis Hair Towels he looked more into the line and found some things on Amazon. He bought the Aquis Exfoliating Back Scrubber and says it’s one of the best ones he’s tried.

Fragrance is something I think can be tricky and very personal, but the best scent we’ve ever smelled for men is Creed Aventus. After going through several bottles very quickly I bought him one of the Flacons last year. It was such a splurge but buying it saved me so much money as it lasted him an entire year (it’s down to the last drop now). If you’re unsure of what scent to buy you can always opt for a refillable atomizer. I’ve gifted Andrew a couple and he uses them all the time. Other nice options include Chanel Bleu de Chanel or Dior Sauvage which are nice, fresh and modern.



Shaving gifts are always great. The Art of Shaving makes some of the best gift sets at all price points. Andrew’s Safety Razor Stand is from their line along with his favorite Shaving Brush.



For the sporty guy in your life you truly cannot go wrong with an Apple Watch, sport headphones or anything from Yeti. Andrew’s two “can’t live without” things are his Yeti Tumbler and his Jaybird True Wireless Headphones. The headphones are the one item he bought himself after doing a lot of research. They’re small enough that they fit inside the ear, they’re truly wireless and work best even through a sweaty run.



Since Andrew already owns everything here I’m putting together my gift list for him. Apple came out with a new version of the Nike Watch and we plan on trading his current one in for a newer one (love how they will give you some store credit for trade ins!). Louis Vuitton’s L’Immensite has been on my list for a few months after smelling it in store, but he would probably be happy with another bottle of Creed Aventus. He’s a big fan of Cole Haan shoes and Nike running shoes too so I’m browsing through the newer options this season. Since we’re more active with weight lifting and running he’s been more into active wear so Lululemon is also something on his wishlist.

Hope you found this men’s gift guide helpful! One of my girl friends was telling me her hubby seriously needed to up his grooming game and she couldn’t convince him to use better skincare. When it comes to the guys in my life I think the best way to have them try new things is to buy it for them and put it on their counter or send it in a cool looking package. So if the guys in your life need some help in the grooming or skin care department, I hope this gives you some ideas!

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