New Chanel Stylo Fresh Effect Eyeshadows and La Palette Sourcils de Chanel Brow Powder Duos

April 20, 2016

Chanel launched some new shades of their Stylo Eyeshadows ($34 each) and two new brow palettes called La Palette Sourcils de Chanel ($50 each) both part of the Eyes Speak Volumes Collection which focuses on adding some color and definition to the eyes in an almost minimal way. I ordered three of the five Stylo Eyeshadow Fresh Effect Shadow Sticks in Brun Châtain, Beige Doré, Rose Pétale (all limited-edition, all shimmery) and Chanel sent the two Brow Powder Duos in Naturel and Brun for me to try out.

Up first are the two new La Palette Sourcils de Chanel.
I’ve never tried the brow compacts from Chanel before or actually any
brow compact in general. I’m more of a pencil or tinted brow gel kind of
girl and when it comes to grooming or technique my brow game is super
weak. I usually brush them with the By Terry Brow Mascara or use the Diorshow Brow Styler
because even a brow novice like myself can’t mess them up. I have
tested a number of brow powders, pencils, waxes – so many artists have
shown me how to use them and even though I try at home, I keep going
back to my two basics. I have dark hair which is almost black but does
have quite a bit of natural red undertone. My brows are a lot lighter in
color so powders often either look too grey, too red or too black.

the new Brow Powder Duos arrived for me to play with I did not know
what to expect but was pleasantly surprised. There are two options
Naturel 40 is the lighter version and Brun 50 is the deeper duo. Each
one comes cased in the lacquered black mirrored compact with the most
adorable tools I have ever seen. They are miniature and very tiny but
not so tiny they slip out of the hands. 

Both duos come
with a lighter color and one slightly deeper to customize the color.
The texture of the powders is very hard and stiff so you need a stiff
dense brush for application. The tiny one that comes in the compact is
one of the stiffest brushes I have ever tried and it worked quite well
to pick up product and apply to the brows. I tested both duos – Naturel
40 is better for me for everyday but lighter brow colors often don’t
show up well on camera. Brun 50 is the deeper option and matches my hair
more closely but I found it a bit too deep. I think I could have gone
with either one – it’s just a matter of preference that I prefer more
natural brows.

The powder adhered really well to the
brows and stayed put all day. The whole compact is perfect for quick and
easy application for a natural look to add noticeable but soft
definition. The tools are tiny and while they aren’t the same as a full-sized angled brush or regular set of tweezers, perform well enough for quick fixes and grooming.

Up next are three Stylo Eyeshadows in Brun Châtain, Beige Doré, Rose Pétale. I ordered these sight unseen and picked out the shades I thought I would reach for the most. I’ve been a fan of the Fresh Effect Eyeshadow Sticks in other colors. They offer a really pretty shimmer and have a unique smooth cooling effect when you apply them to the lids. I also find they stay on for a long time.

Brun Châtain is a shimmering neutral-cool brown. Beige Doré is a pale shimmering yellow gold. When I saw this one I thought it would be too yellow but it’s actually my favorite of the three. It’s pale enough to add a bit of highlight on the lids with the perfect mix of yellow/gold/white shimmers to give the eyes a natural glow. Rose Pétale is such a pretty pale pink in the tube, unfortunately, like many Chanel pinks, it gives me the pink-eye kind of look when worn alone. It is workable if mixed with other colors, but had I seen or tested it first I probably would have skipped.

Quick eye swatches, these were taken with a flash to show the sheen/shimmer. As a result the colors are a bit washed out and I don’t know if you can even tell there is brow product, but hopefully this will give you an idea of what they look like.

The Brow Duos exceeded my expecations. As one who is really timid when it comes to applying product on my brows both duos are great for the person who wants definition in a natural soft kind of way. The colors are easy to apply and also easy to build and impossible to overdo. If you like a strong brow you may find these are too soft for you, but I give them a thumbs up. For the Stylo Eyeshadows I think Beige Dore is the best color out of the ones I tried. Brun Chatain is a nice neutral that I thought I would really love – I do think it’s a great everyday kind of color but feel previously launched colors like Caroube were a bit more special.

The Stylo Eyeshadows and La Palette Sourcils de Chanel are both available at and all Chanel retailers. As of right now the eyeshadow sticks are all listed as limited-edition shades.

Have you tried anything from this collection yet? If not what’s your favorite brow product?

Brow Duos sent courtesy of Chanel for review consideration. Eyeshadows purchased by me from Nordstrom.

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